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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

last 2010 post!

well, 2010 is almost at an end. it has been a good year. could things have been better, sure, but i am alive and that is what counts. the holidays are always fun, and i just ADORE cooking. i have been cooking up a storm. lots have happened in 2010; many life lessons have been learned and i have fallen flat on my face, but i have gotten up, cleaned up, and seem to be on the right track. i met my love in the year 2010 and that part of my life is terrific and is only getting better. he is so patient, gentle, and kind with me. school is great and it is nice to see good grades again and to understand what i am being taught also. i am hoping and know that 2011 will be great and offer me many more life lessons that will continue to allow me to grow.
**main goals for 2011--keep off my weight loss, continue to do well and finish my degree, see my love more often, and of course...move back out and begin being independent once again! Happy New Year Bloggers!

~more to come later...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

will my prayer be answered?

post from 2010: i promise, one of these days i will have a glowing blog to share and not doom and gloom. i am blessed to be alive and i am doing really well in school this time around. i just wish my parents would accept the person i choose to love and want to spend my life with. i pray that one day they will. i want them present for my happy moment which should be theirs too. i have decided to go ahead with it either way, it is my happiness and my future and i know and hope there is at least one person on my side of the family that will support us. i have to and still am waiting to see what it in store in regards to everything. we are still going strong. a special thank you to all who have and still do love and support me, it means more than i can ever thank you all for!

2013 update: we are still together 3+ years! wahoo! parents still have their view even though i am almost 30 :(  but...what would you do? forgo the parental blessing and marry who you love or fall into the trap that it will not work? hmmm?

~more to come later/eloquently rambling...