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Thursday, August 25, 2011

dose of energy!

today was such a lovely day. i got my does of energy that is supposed to last me until well...the end of the semester maybe, or at least until i see him again! that is right...i got to see my love. it is always such a special treat to see him and he really does give me that boost of energy and hope that all is and will be alright. he is so good to me. he bought me not one or two...but FOUR rings :) they are beautiful. they are my promise rings and well, what he does not know (until he reads this post) is that at least one of them will match my outfit at ALL times. WAHOO! LUCKY ME! he works hard, as do i too, but he works hard with work and being anywhere and everywhere he is needed...i feel that he is like a one man show, yet he does get it all done and still has time to say hello...DAILY :) while i just work hard on well...studies. i sure hope our visit, although short, gives him the dose of energy he needs also to make it through his football broadcasting season. until next time my love. in the mean time I will be "listening" out for you. I love you!

~more to come later...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


life...too much to write in this one post. i was due for an update. thank you to my one follower :) but blogging is for me to get my thoughts out. life is well life. ups and downs. mostly downs, but trying to take them as lessons and learn from them. that is best thing to do with downs right? people in Africa have no food or clean water. when i look at that and then look at why i am upset with things, does not make sense. i should count my blessings, be thankful, learn and continue to improve.

~more to come later...