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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Happy Memorial Day from Swagbucks!

Hi Readers! Most Memorial Day sales are about saving you money. With Swagbucks, you'll EARN money too! Swagbucks is offering increased cash back (in the form of SB points) at several of your favorite merchants/shops.

If you haven't heard of Swagbucks this is a good way to join and see how it works. Please note, you do not have to buy anything to join Swagbucks. You can also earn from doing your daily online activities like searching the web, watching videos, and playing games. When you shop at the listed stores during this period, you get cash back in the form of SB points for every dollar you spend. Then you redeem those points for gift cards to places like Amazon, PayPal, Starbucks, Walmart, Target, and more! Sign up HERE to get started.  Also, if you've signed up through MY LINK at some point this month (or do it now), you'll get a $2 (200 SB) bonus added to your account when you spend $25 or more through Swagbucks Shop before the first of June!

Remember, you can earn SB in all sorts of ways, including discovering deals and trying new products/services, watching videos, taking surveys, or just searching the web! All for FREE and easy to do Great SUMMER activity for your teenagers too! Get your shopping done early AND get points for it! Offers last through Monday, May 29th, 2017. Enjoy and have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day!


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My Swago Pie Fest!

Hi Readers! Swagbucks is holding their SWAGO promotion on Monday, May 22nd! It's just like bingo, but in this case you're filling out squares as you earn points on their site for doing things you already do online. If you're thinking of trying Swagbucks, this is a great chance to learn all about how the site works and earn bonus points while doing it.

         The best part is that the points you get can be used to get free gift cards to places like Amazon, or PayPal cash! I generally use mine for PayPal Cash. Fill up your board and then submit your pattern to get even more points - if you can fill in the whole board, you get a 500 SB bonus! That is a lot and basically $5 for having your whole board filled. Click HERE to sign up and get started! If you sign up through my link and earn 300 SB before June 1st, you'll get a bonus 300 SB! Enjoy!


Monday, May 22, 2017

Happy Memorial Day from Swagbucks

Hi Readers! MyGiftCardsPlus is celebrating Memorial Day with huge deals! If you're not familiar, MyGiftCardsPlus is a site where you earn cash back (in the form of SB points from Swagbucks) for purchasing gift cards to your favorite retailers. Purchase gift cards now through Monday and you’ll earn an extra 33% cash back on all gift cards! (that’s 33% more SB for your gift card purchases). For example, when you buy a $50 Applebee’s gift card you usually earn 300 SB, but now you’ll earn 399 SB! Use gift cards to stock up on summer essentials, treat your family to dinner, or book flights and hotels for a long weekend getaway. You won’t want to miss these cash back deals, so click HERE to make advantage of this deal while supplies last! 


Saturday, May 20, 2017

My Swagbucks Story!

HI Readers! As you know, I adore Swagbucks. I have been using it for over 4 years now. I found Swagbucks as a random search on "how to earn money at home". Swagbucks was the first result back. It is great and it is FREE and it is really great for pre-teens and teens as well as adults. I have earned quite a bit from it, I would say over $1000 for doing things I would do online like search information, watch short videos, shop, donate to a charity, try a new product, etc. All of these actions give me Swagbucks. Click HERE to join!


I generally redeem my Swagbucks for PayPal cash or Amazon Gift cards. There are many options to choose from and item prizes too. Restaurant gift cards too. I have gotten closer to some folks due to being able to pay for lunch or an early dinner for FREE thanks to Swagbucks. It has gotten me a couple of date too....ohhh lala. Swagbucks for me is mainly a way for me to earn some extra pocket money. I have earned over 90,000 Swagbucks so far which as mentioned before comes out to about $1000 in FREE money. 

I really enjoy the variety of Swagbucks. I need to get back to using it more regularly so that I can earn more. The only downside is that not all countries can experience Swagbucks only those in the US, Canada, and some parts of the UK. I hope this will change soon. 

I will say it again, Swagbucks is a great way to save and earn money with many options to either earn cash or cash back or redeem your Swagbucks for cash etc. It is also great for your kids too. They can do activities, play games, research a topic and have the incentive of earning Swagbucks that they can later trade in for a prize or gift card of their choice. A little fun, easy and SAFE way for kids to earn. Swagbucks is family friendly, fun, easy to use and FREE. If you are not a member of HERE TO JOIN! Enjoy!


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Summer Travel with MyGiftCards

Hi Readers! If you're planning ahead on your summer travel, MyGiftCardsPlus is a great way to plan smart. You buy gift cards there and get cash back (in the form of SB points on Swagbucks) for your purchase! Since Summer Travel season is coming up, they're running a special Summer Travel promotion where you'll get a $1 (100 SB) bonus when you get a gift card for:
--Jiffy Lube

As ANOTHER special bonus, Jiffy Lube is currently offered at 15% cash back for a limited time! Act fast, because this Summer Travel offer is only good from Thursday, May 4th through Sunday, May 7th!  Click HERE to get started! If you're not a Swagbucks member yet, you'll be able to JOIN first so you can get your points from your purchase on MyGiftCardsPlus and then redeem them on Swagbucks for MORE gift cards to places like Amazon, Target, Starbucks, or PayPal cash! Open to US and Canada and UK residents for Swagbucks. Great for your pre-teens and teens too!


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Referal Bonus

Hi Readers! The May flowers are here, and Swagbucks has brought a $5 bonus! Swagbucks is a rewards site where you earn points (called SB) for things you're probably doing online already, like searching, watching videos, discovering deals, and taking surveys. This is open to USA, Canada, and some UK countries. Then you take those points and exchange them for gift cards to places like Amazon, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Target, or PayPal cash (I generally use this for PayPal all the time!).

When you SIGN UP through ME this month, you can earn a $5 bonus! Here's how:                        
1. Sign up using this LINK                        
2. Earn 300 SB total before 6/1/17. You'll get a $3 (300 SB) bonus for it!                      
3. If you spend at least $25 through Swagbucks Shop* you'll get another $2 (200 SB) bonus on top of the cash back you'll get from shopping. If you have some shopping to do online, just go to Swagbucks first and visit the store through them. It doesn't cost you anything extra, but you'll get SB points for every dollar you spend (on top of the bonus)!--basically points for shopping.                  

That's it. It's super easy, and Swagbucks is for REAL. I use it myself, and I've earned hundreds of dollars in PayPal redemption. Helps out a lot with some bills and Swagbucks is great for kids ages 13 and up to earn some cash or giftcards to their favorite stores. Note: You must receive your shopping SB before July 1st. Enjoy and Happy Swagging!


Monday, May 1, 2017

Star/Swag Wars Fans!!

Hi Readers! Do you love Star Wars? Did I get your attention? A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Swagbucks had a fun team challenge to help you earn SB from Swagbucks! For those of you who don't know what Swagbucks is, it's a website where you can earn cash back on everyday tasks you do online like shopping, answering surveys, discovering deals, and watching videos. You can even earn for searching the web! If you've never tried Swagbucks before because you didn't know where to begin, the Team Challenges are a great way to learn the ropes!

Swagbucks latest, the "Swag Wars" Team Challenge, begins Monday, May 1st at 8am PT. Here's how you can join the challenge and the site: 

1. Click here to join the challenge and be assigned to a team.
2. Starting May 1st at 2pm PDT, in addition to earning SB you'll contribute points to your teams total as you complete different activities on Swagbucks.
3. Check back on the page often to see the scores and what you've contribute so far.  

All members who participate and contribute at least 400 points to their team’s total will receive a SB bonus in the form of a SB Swag Up Rebate on their next gift card! Not only that, but if you earn 300 SB before May 1st, you'll get a 300 SB bonus (as long as you've signed up under me)!

Members of the 1st place team will receive a 50 SB Swag Up Rebate, members of the 2nd place team will receive a 35 SB Swag Up Rebate, members of the 3rd place team will receive a 20 SB Swag Up Rebate, members of the 4th place team will receive a 10 SB Swag Up Rebate, and members of the 5th place team will receive a 5 SB Swag Up Rebate. Your SB Swag Up Rebate will be made available on Friday, May 5th and will expire on Wednesday, May 31st at 11:59pm PT.May the Force be with you! Have fun, enjoy, and Swag On!