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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hello Post # 20!

--well 20 blog post now. i know this is very little especially compared to those i follow who seem to have hundreds and even thousands of post. maybe one day as my life becomes more interesting i will become blog post happy.
--overall, i am ok. my folks still get under my skin, on a regular it seem too. i know they care and such, but still, let me be from time to time. i also think i am SO ready to move back out of the house...i i KNOW that will help out a TON.
--i hope to one day be all that i can be. i am still in the process as i am constantly in school all the time it seems. when is it going to end? hmm, since i still have my sites set on medical school...umm...NEVER! i enjoy learning about anything and everything. it is fun to me and there is so much going on out there to not explore. i just hope i can continue to juggle it all when i am a wife and mother...i just can't sit still :)
--recenty i have started a few of things. looking and collecting freebies, reading other people's blogs, working out basically on a daily basis, cooking, couponing, and organizing where i can in the house. i wish i got paid to do these things and basically for now being a "stay at home daughter"
--i will keep my faith and eventually i know i will be successful, become a wife, be a mommy, and save lots of money via couponing and be 100% happy in my life b/c right now, i am 60% :(
--i wonder who reads my blog from time to time? it is okay if you do it in secret, that counts too!

~more to come later...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I wonder...

i do not seem to understand folks, men especially. if there is something wrong, why not just tell what it is and have those who care for you and want to help you do so. if it was something that you did not want to talk about, why update your say...facebook status about it? you know people are going to ask you questions and want to know what is wrong/the matter. maybe it is an attention thing, who knows.

so far a decent day. i did 5 miles today. i ate well. i am reading my fellow students post and commenting and will get back to it... but rather i have been playing around the blog world :) opps :( i now have 40 blogs i follow...yea. this will make for some interesting reading on my free time! you all sure to have some fascinating lives!

Like: chocolate :)
Dislike: sticking my finger 3 or more times a day to check my blood sugar :(

~more to come later...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

These are a few...

You guessed it right...favorite things! i have been MIA in the blog world for a while...sorry. miss me much? i have been wondering what to post about lately and some days it is just hard, well, maybe just too personal to post. so i have decided to begin to post/list a few of my favorite things. the list will go on and on as new things become a favorite and others not so much anymore.

Favorite Things: books, my computer, mac and cheese, sweet tea, and of course my lovely Joshua!
Dislike: roaches!

~more to come later... 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quirky ole Me...

not too much to say today :( on that note however, my do i have a lot of little quirks. i guess that just makes me unique. i just adore the single serve drink packets from crystal light or any sugar free brand really. i went through my purse and found a bunch! looks like i will be drinking more H2O after all :) also, it is amazing what one can find when one cleans out their purse...for you guys i guess it would be cleaning out your wallet, emptying your pockets or better yet... cleaning out your car. i love purses of any kind and i am currently on the hunt for a new one...on sale of course! i also love the Dollar Tree! so many little cute nick-nacks to buy, but i have self control and just look and only buy what is needed :) GO ME!!!

~more to come later...

Saturday, January 1, 2011


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Welcome 2011. What a great year I know this will be! Looking forward to making lots of lasting memories, friendships, learning accomplishments and so much more! We shall see what is in store. 2011, lets get started!

~more to come later...