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Sunday, March 31, 2013


Happy Easter/Resurrection Day! Hope it is a great day for all! Continued blessings and well wishes to everyone! Enjoy! first Sunday Social with questions from the blog: "A complete Waste of Makeup"

1. Favorite type of workout: good ole fashion walking :) i could walk for miles! 
2. Favorite guilty pleasure candy or sweet: anything chocolate :) i really like heresy kisses hugs best of both kinds of chocolate...white and milk chocolate. 
3. What is one thing you continuously forget to do?: i often forget to take my phone off silent after work/class/meeting. i have missed many calls b/c of it.
4. Post its or Phone reminders? Why?: Phone reminders b/c it beeps/dings at me and i ALWAYS have my phone near me...even if it is on silent. 
5. Favorite picture on your phone that currently makes you smile
she is SO tiny and fits in a popcorn tin bucket...she still does at almost 3. Love my little niece :)
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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fit Saturday

today was a day of pure movement. not only did i work out this morning...3 miles in under 30 min run/walk...go me! mom and i then went to the store and walked some more. it was so pretty outside today a nice comfortable 70 degrees! wahoo! are you ready for Easter? any special traditions you have? not much for us, but i am making a lasagna and looking forward to watching the end of The Bible. this week had some great store sales so i did a little bit of shopping.
sorry, had to use this pic, these men are hot and have nice 6/8 packs! it follows the workout theme right? can't blame a girl! :)
just saw my love via skype. he is announcing for the Jacksonville Breeze which is a Lingerer/Legends  Football League Team. talk about trust...on my end. i have it. he will be fine and call a great game first game for him. good luck love and bring me back a shirt :) is it too much to ask my compensation for allowing him to do this that the team gives me a $50 gift card to Victoria's Secret on a monthly bases and my retail therapy for my emotional struggle that i am going through having my love around these women? LOL...just an idea.  hope your saturday is going well :)
the girls on the field. yes, it is full on tackle football for women
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Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Good Friday!

happy Good Friday to all! busy day today and the stores and even the mall was packed. goodness. had a line at the grocery store that started in the milk/dairy section on :( thank you to all for my new comments and new readers! i hope you stay and i can keep you entertained...:) made it home and now a quick little blog post to wish you all a Good Friday and continued blessings!

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's OK Thursday

it's ok...
--that my room is still in mess. i have areas that i can walk through. it is like a big game of twister.
--that i am looking forward to going back to the office. i am somewhat bored and would love not to hear my name 200 times in an hour
--that i do not have any money left in my account...but the bills are paid.
--that most things and people are annoying the heck out of me today.
--that i have a bag of jellybeans and cadburry chocolate eggs in my is almost Easter right?
--that i am looking for a new job to hopefully be closer to my love.
--that i am now waiting for the nurse to call back about my lab results
--that is ok to have all these things and more going on today :)

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

I am just having all sorts of cravings for everything!!!
**sorry for no Tuesday post :( super busy and still massive headache! feeling a bit better now.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Doctor's Appt.

well, i finally found a doctor and i went to see her today. it was an okay visit. at first she did not talk much or seem very warm, but she opened up later. she had the best ratings on the reviews so i drover over 50 miles to see her. the reviews were right, she is very knowledgeable and gives you a chance to improve yourself before piling on the meds. i was very HUNGRY today. i had been fasting basically ALL DAY in prep and in case they needed blood work, and they did. did not want to have to make that drive twice. i literally could have eater 10, yes TEN burger king whoppers and fries and licked my fingers is how hungry i was. my appt was at 2 pm and well, could not eat until then. i was never so happy to head back to the car and eat my snacks. they tasted SOOO good!  overall, i am doing okay. i could be better and i need to loose about 10 lbs. that may help me get off some meds etc. my bp was really high and i am not sure why? could be the doctors's syndrome you know. overall, not bad and back again in 3 months time.

then mom and i went shopping at the outlet mall for a bit, all the while trying to get over a MASSIVE headache. i got a purse from Wilson's Leather. it is black and i can use it daily with all sorts of things. less than $40.00 and i bought 2 items. i got my mom a purse and wallet too :) my headache is getting better and now that i ate a real meal, may calm down and go away. plan to work on another section of my room tomorrow. goodness, i am craving all sorts of things, i cannot stop eating now :( hope your monday was a great one!

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Workout among other things

just finished doing doing close to an hour of this:  and i am exhausted to say the least. going to clean up another section of my room and then shower and get some protein back in me. ha! getting ready to watch The Bible later on tonight. so far an okay day. just going to take it easy and clean, do laundry and ponder over somethings. getting ready for my doctor's appointment tomorrow. gotta go find the address as it is in a near by state. hope your sunday is going well :)

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Slow Saturday

what are you all doing this saturday? mine seems like it is going SO slow. i worked out for about 45 min and then came back home to shower and finally get some food in my system. i did stop off at the grocery store and prices went up :( i usually go to this particular store b/c they sell things really cheap like lettuce. red leaf lettuce is $0.45 there and now it is $1.04. ok, still not bad for lettuce, but when it was 45 cents and now it is $1.04, that is a big difference...over twice the cost now...WHAT??? i still got it and hopefully will make a yummy salad this evening with it. hope your saturday is going well.
makes a good salad :)
she kind of looks like me right?
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Friday, March 22, 2013

It is almost....

happy friday! and for me this means that is almost time for Spring Break!!! starts on monday; i just hope the weather is warmer :) yea!!! all moved into the office working on files and for lunch me and the co-workers went to a great mexican place. it was yummy and i am SOOO full. the week off it much needed and very thankful it is a week off that is paid! wahooo! hope your friday is going well.


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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Less than 24 hours!!!

in less than 24 hours i have done the following....
--hello post 160 :)
--hello iphone 3GS that i have now FINALLY took the plunge and hooked you up to my apple to update! 2.5 hours later...IOS 6.1.3 :) it was scary and the next update is just going to be a new phone!
--i was at another campus today and had to work from there. it is odd using another person's work desk. i felt like i was being sneaky as i was looking for things so that i could work.
--i found my past taxes, but have yet to file my new ones :( really, what am i waiting on?
--i almost lost my wallet :( i had it in my hands for lunch and then left the office that is not mine to head to CVS and forgot it. luckily i remembered where it was and the police was nice enough to get it. it was on top of the computer hard drive that sits under the desk.
--getting ready for a dr. appointment on monday the start of my spring break. got all the reports from my last visit. i hope it goes well and that there are some improvements in medicine that i can take advantage of.
--NEW APP ALERT!!! found this app called Ride. you get points for going anywhere by car, foot, plane, train, boat...anything that moves and you are in it you get points. today was my first day with it and from my home to work and back and a few stops in btwn it say i did  41 miles..phew. if you like an invite let me know what your Facebook page is and i can send you an invite that way. you also get points for commenting on a picture on their page, sharing a pic from their page to your page. answering a question etc. download the app and get started earning points for traveling and get cool prizes in return! for apple phones IOS 5 or higher only...sorry.

**that is all for now and i can now go back to earning some FREE amazon gift cards from my phone without almost every time seeing the "you need IOS 5 or higher to download this app". my love stayed with me via skype while i was doing it all. i guess if i did lose ALL my contacts, it would not matter b/c all i really need is his contact info right? LOL! hope your thursday is/was a good one!

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Almost" Wordless Wednesday!

happy wednesday! let's make it a good one! :)

this is what i will be doing move!
i have been craving and eating a lot more of this lately :) wish i was at this spot!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wish me luck Tuesday!

wish me luck readers!!! (thank you all kindly in advance!!!) today is the day i go in for my evaluation as an employee. i am all dressed up professional and all. i hope and pray it goes well and it should. my love sent me the sweetest text this morning...and it was a LOOOONNNNGGG one too! after trying to call me a few times...i was with students sorry my love :( i have slight butterflies in my tummy, but i am just attributing it to the fact that i am wearing pantyhose right now and i despise them and they are giving me a wedgie :( (TMI...). at least my heels are comfy! happy tuesday to all!
this is my motto for today!
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i am also linking up with this lovely weekly blog link up here: tuesdayprayersblogbuttonpull

Monday, March 18, 2013


we kind of went through this before but i think i have narrowed my phone choices now to 2 phone either an iphone 5 or samsung galaxy note 2. 4 inch screen with the iphone 5 or 5.5 with the samsung? i currently have an iphone 3GS...old, i know, and my phone is acting funny right now :( so basically apple or android. i am reading here and there with the android. i just know i am going to miss a few apps that i like if i switch to android, but it is doable. which apps for either phone/app system are your favorite? here is my phone dilemma...decisions decisions! happy monday!

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Gym Day!

went to the gym today for the last time they will be opening on sunday. the sequester is really hitting everything and the military hard. from not paying for our troops to go to school anymore and making the civilians who work on base work 4 days a week rather than 5 days a week. 32 hours a week now rather than 40 hours a week. very sad and not sure how many families are going to cope?

The gym was a nice workout and the steam room was needed. also my period is here, so it was nice to move around, but i think i am paying for it now :( the shower was nice and endless and constant hot water for FREE!!! yea! i am eating everything in site right now, i am SO hungry and craving all sorts of things. planning to watch "The Bible" soon and for those that viggle, including me...remember to viggle! if you do not know what Viggle is, find out more about it HERE! fun and easy app. you are watching tv anyway, may as well get some points for prizes for it :). working on work stuff and getting ready to cook dinner for the week. hope your sunday is going well  and of course....Happy St. Patty's Day! wear green, enjoy and stay safe!

we all love and remember a Care Bear right?!?!
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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Community Baby Shower and Old Mentor

today was a good day. it started out with me leaving the house when it was still dark outside on this here saturday, but hey, duty called :) i attended a community baby shower for the city of pensacola. it was nice. and i met some other agencies and we chatted. also, there were really cute babies there and LOTS of pregnant mommies. ahhh, i really am looking forward to when i am pregnant. i think it will be a good experience. i promised my love and co-workers that i would NOT TAKE ANY babies home with me. that is frowned upon, taking other people's children, but i was also assured that my love had bail money ready just in case i did do such a thing...hahahaha! at least they all know the child/children that i may have taken home would have been well cared for :) here i am with the cute little boy with such curly hair feeding him. he was just giggling away and SO precious. it was nice and i felt like a mommy...awww!

after the event, i went to the mall. it was a beautiful day outside and i was in the area. i got some great deals and ran into an old mentor/counselor of mine. we have lost touch since i graduated from the then community college to go on to college in 2007. come to find out, i lost touch b/c she was let go due to downsizing etc. and was no longer at the college. just chalked it up to she sees thousands to students each year so i may have just got lost in the shuffle :( so what a nice surprise to see her and catch up a bit and we both STILL remembered each other!! and get this too....we walked out of the mall together only to find out somehow that we parked right next to each other!!!. TOO ironic and it was meant to be. got her new number now and she was very proud of what i have done since then and i am proud of her for being able to not let a downsize set back keep her down. she is now working on the military base...good for her!!! cannot wait to do lunch with her sometime soon and get back to staying connected. hope your staturday went well!! :)

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Quick Friday/Check out Blog!

will be at an all day meeting for the counselors. so who knows when i will update the blog, so i am doing it now :) did not want to leave my readers with nothing!! i am going to try and not be so down on myself and grumpy. perhaps my period is coming and the stress of the office move. both will soon be here and over. i am going to take notes and really listen and remember your co-workers DO NOT need to be your FRIEND. keep it cordial and move on.

now...curious to know...what topics/ideas/things would you all like for me to write/share my opinion about? i am open to just about anything! i cannot wait to read Jen's @ Adventures of Our Army Life blog soon (as in friday which is today!!!) she is answering some good/unique questions! check her out! happy friday!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

A you need it?

often times i sit back and wonder...was it really worth going through school for 6+ years to get my degrees? why you ask? well, the economy! i feel that sometimes i would have been better starting work when i was 16 at say a fast food place and working my way up. i probably would have been a manger by now and making what i am making now salary wise with no school loans to pay back!?!? could have, should have, would have, moment i guess. it looks like those with a degree no longer have jobs available in their field and/or have to take jobs in a totally different area or are over qualified so can not find a job. sometimes i feel that with a master's degree i work for much less pay than i deserve, but i do it b/c i can and it gives me something to do and i am good at it and in the grand scheme of things...IT IS A JOB! i miss the days while i was going through high school and first few years of college where your "internship" period basically landed you a job if you did well. now your "internship" period is "volunteer work/free labor" no job offer after, but you put in so many hours and did so many projects to prove yourself. oh least I made A's in all of them, so that is something right? something better will come along either before the economy gets back on its feet or after. so... my question to you is: Is a College degree or Higher degree worth it, especially now/today?
pretty much sums it all up!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wed. When's

a list of "when's" here we go!!!

--when will we learn that kindness is golden?
--when will i loose these last stubborn 10 lbs?
--when will i see my love again?
--when will a higher power give me an answer to one of my prayers?
--when will we as Americans feel safe in our own country again?
--when will we learn to tolerate?
--when will i go on with my education?
--when will i move out of the house? will it be a new town?
--when will i save enough money? do we ever really save "enough" money?
--when will i get to those Liebster Awards? i need to answer those great questions...getting to that soon!

these are the things among other that run through my head on a constant basis. it is busy up there! (LOL).

**what are you list of "when's"?

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Shows and Shoes

hahah, new shows and shoes...say that 3 times fast :) so what shows are you all hooked on that i need to look into so i can be hooked on them as well? i am hooked to Law and Order SVU, Real Housewives of ATL and Beverly Hills, Days of Our Lives, the Bible on the History Channel, and i will admit it...Lifetime Movies. thank goodness for Hulu :) ok, hit me with your favorite shows and i could get hooked on them too!

now on to shoes...ohhh shoes, a girl's best friend...after diamonds of course. are you more of heels or flats? i think if i had to pick it would be more of flats since I walk a lot and me and heels with walking and running are a no go. speaking of running...i am thinking of doing a 5K, can i walk it or do i have to run the 5K? just curious. thinking about doing one for Brest Cancer Awareness and then I would like to do a 1/2 marathon...again, walking it. just to do it. i have no personal time i am trying to hit or beat, i just want to say that i did it. 13.1 miles is a lot of miles to walk...i can do it! we will start with a 5K first.

ok, shows and shoes...tell me which ones are the best :) thank you bloggers and wahoo! i have his 30 followers! the BIG 3-0! thank you!

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Blah Monday

well, it is monday. another week another much needed dollar LOL! this daylight savings has me all messed up. it is almost 8:30am right? they are steadily clearing out my building for renovations and hopefully will be able to move to our new location for the time being this week or next. it looks like it is about to storm outside, but hope it does not...i forgot my jacket today :( i have evaluations coming up for work sometime next week. i hope they go well. always hard to hear what your boss really think, hopefully it is all good.i will keep you all posted. i have been watching "The Bible" on History and getting my viggle points too from it. it is rather good and the sound effects/graphics etc. and such are great. looking forward to next sunday's episode. also, my car is back and the mechanic could not find anything wrong with it. i guess it was just a fluke. hey, if you could not find it to fix it, i guess that means i am not being charged for it :) i did get my back breaks changed so that was good.hope your monday goes well!

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Snack Sunday

what are your favorite snacks? mine are beef jerky, juice, apples, cheese, little snack cakes, chips, oranges, wendy's chilli, chicken nuggets, corn nuts, and white cheddar popcorn. can you see i got the sweet and salty mix going on here :) mmm...i do have all of this at my office in my desk and fridge. sometime i do not make it out to lunch. got the windows open this lovely sunday b/c there is some great breeze coming through. happy sunday!!

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spending Saturday!

today was a decent day and money was spent. this could be a good or bad thing :) the day started out at downtown with the farmers market. people are really ingenious and creative. i saw and got the BIGGEST cookies ever and also they were all SO nice in being willing to give out samples. then we walked a bit of downtown so that was our workout for the day. i got to try some hummus. i have had it before but this one was extra fresh and was yummy. may have to get some fresh from the health food store. second that thought...i just made some at the house right now :) took a writing break to do so :) i got some good pictures. 

then i had some coupons for victoria's secret that i needed to use..$40.00 worth to be exact so i got a nice eau de parfume with it...techinically for less than $2.00 due to tax :) then we got a few groceries and headed on back home. i am tired and i need a shower. hope to get a hair trim in the morning. how was your saturday? 


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Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Facts

trying this out to see how it will go. so today is friday facts! i got this little picture chart off of "positive med". are you eating these foods to boost YOUR brain and memory? which one of these are your favorites? i love the fruits and dare i say broccoli and cauliflower too :) enjoy and happy eating and brain/memory boosting!!!

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sometimes I do not want to...

--sometimes i do not want to say hello to folks, not to be mean, but b/c i do not feel like starting conversation.
--sometimes i do not want to eat b/c i am not hungry yet
--sometimes i do not want to go to the office b/c i am tired
--sometimes i want to be left alone, not b/c i do not like you, but b/c i want to think or just veg out in front of the tv.
--sometimes i want to tell folks that there is no need for a meeting and there are other issues that are more pressing than which room we are going to be in and who we are sharing with. i mean a whole building is closing for renovations, they are moving 5 departments into 3 classrooms...guess what...looks like some departments will have to share. i swear, they let anyone become a director/head of something. you have all these degrees, but NO common sense and cannot analyze a situation. tisk tisk.
--sometimes i do not want to take a morning is too early and i just want to stay in bed a little bit longer...please :) this picture below says it all :)


**it is a good thing these happen on some of the time :) happy Thursday!

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Busy Tuesday

--busy x100 today at the office. we are getting ready for a major move and i saw the room i am in and i just hope we can all work together. we are all friends, i just hope that we remember we are at work and keep the breaks to a minimum. my files are getting bigger, but hey, that means that clients are coming in :)

--car is in the shop :( it all started yesterday i would put my foot on the gas to accelerate and it would NOT go past 30 mph-40 mph and the rpm was heading to 4-5 which is close to the red area. at least the car was not overheated. made it to get the bro on time and just parked at the university. we shall see what is wrong. my love was so sweet with it all. he kept calling to make sure i was ok and stayed on the phone with me until the tow truck arrived and my folks pulled up.

--dinner was really good tonight. broccoli and cauliflower with steak. no carbs :) the veggies were really good that i did not need any salad dressing. mmm. i feel healthy. just drinking ice water now :)

--thinking about teaching abroad...thinking. it would be cool and now that i have a digital is on! i am getting hits to send my picture/resume so who know. thinking and praying about it.

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Welcome Back!

today is the day the folks come back. freedom is over :( it was fun and my brother did SO well. proud of him. work is going. i am glad they had a safe trip and looking forward to seeing what they brought back. i stayed up and watched some "Lifetime" channel movies. goodness, those women are ALL psycho. but the plots are interesting and i do like the suspense.

it is a bit quiet today at the office. my co-workers son had a heart attack this morning and so, i am sure she will be out of a while. he seems to be doing better and they have put a stent in. my oh my. what a scary event and he is only in his 40's. makes you stop and count your blessings. i have lots of files to catch up on and man an office on my own. i can do it. i am refreshed and rejuvenated.

have you all tried the iced coffee's at Burger King? they are $0.25 cents for a small, which is around 12 oz of hot or cold coffee until march 10. hurry go snag some. i did my nice deed b/c i can and the rewards you get back are 10 fold and bought 8 for my co-workers and brother. i usually get say 4 (hey it comes out to only $1.00 and fill up my cool gear cup for the day to keep me up and going. but...mmmm, they are good. i think the caramel is the best. you all still have a week to snag some and it looks like you can get them at any time of the day...morning , noon, or night. enjoy! 


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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Goodbyes :(

phew! what a week. it was a great week. my love and i sure did have some much needed quality time and got quite a few things ironed out. i miss him already. long distance is not the best, but it is doable as we are apart to get our careers, school, and finances on track. we cannot wait to be in the same town. i am ready to move/be closer to him or vice versa. i think we are leaning more towards finding a good career that pays us what we are worth and wherever it take us is where it take us and we will figure it out from there. it was very nice and comforting to hear that we are going to be together no matter what. i am seriously on cloud nine. ahhh, back to the work week, but i am refreshed and ready and so is he. this is truly a week that i will never forget. ok bloggers, back to blogging hopefully on a daily basis. we said our goodbyes, the house is clean, laundry is done and copious hours of tv was watched. lot of viggle points!!!

this is basically how i felt as we said our goodbyes until next time: i know he will be back soon!

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hello Saturday!

well, one more day left. so far so good. and it looks like all has worked out well. heading to the movies in a few hours, hope to see Identity Theft. good comedy movie for the weekend :). after this week, i do feel refreshed and more motivated to continue to do well and better. i should be back to blogging on a daily basis. i have been busy in love and catching up. not sure when we will see each other again, but i know it will be soon! possibly May or June. thank goodness for technology...SKYPE is my BFF. not sure what do have for dinner. i think it will be a pizza night. i have made some rather good meals this week. quite proud of myself. what has been going on in your world?

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