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Monday, March 4, 2013

Welcome Back!

today is the day the folks come back. freedom is over :( it was fun and my brother did SO well. proud of him. work is going. i am glad they had a safe trip and looking forward to seeing what they brought back. i stayed up and watched some "Lifetime" channel movies. goodness, those women are ALL psycho. but the plots are interesting and i do like the suspense.

it is a bit quiet today at the office. my co-workers son had a heart attack this morning and so, i am sure she will be out of a while. he seems to be doing better and they have put a stent in. my oh my. what a scary event and he is only in his 40's. makes you stop and count your blessings. i have lots of files to catch up on and man an office on my own. i can do it. i am refreshed and rejuvenated.

have you all tried the iced coffee's at Burger King? they are $0.25 cents for a small, which is around 12 oz of hot or cold coffee until march 10. hurry go snag some. i did my nice deed b/c i can and the rewards you get back are 10 fold and bought 8 for my co-workers and brother. i usually get say 4 (hey it comes out to only $1.00 and fill up my cool gear cup for the day to keep me up and going. but...mmmm, they are good. i think the caramel is the best. you all still have a week to snag some and it looks like you can get them at any time of the day...morning , noon, or night. enjoy! 


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  1. So sorry about your co-workers son, hope he is ok. Have a good Monday!

    1. me too! have not heard much back so i am guessing things are still well :)


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