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Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving all! Lots to be thankful for, I am everyday. I am SO thankful that I got a job and just in time for the Holiday Season ahead of us. I had my interview on Thanksgiving was a hit and my boss and I hit it off from the time we said hello :) Although it is a temp spot, I pray that it will open up into a full-time position and I will have first grabs at it. Enjoy the lovely food and festivities on this Thanksgiving Day and always remember to be thankful each and everyday!

~more to come later...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Post 50!!! and Happy Anniversary

yep, title says it all :) post 50 and Happy Anniversary to me and my sweetheart! it has been 2 years now. we have had ups, down, happy, sad, crying moments, visits, and memories...and... i would do it all over again for him. new goal now is to finish up this Master's Degree so i can move out and well, have more time with him. long distance is hard. however, if you love someone, distance does not matter and you learn to endure and suffer for a while because it is all worth it in the end. i sure hope he still plans and wants to marry me. i miss him, i do, but will continue to be patient and prayerful. any and all advice is welcomed.

~more to come later...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

dose of energy!

today was such a lovely day. i got my does of energy that is supposed to last me until well...the end of the semester maybe, or at least until i see him again! that is right...i got to see my love. it is always such a special treat to see him and he really does give me that boost of energy and hope that all is and will be alright. he is so good to me. he bought me not one or two...but FOUR rings :) they are beautiful. they are my promise rings and well, what he does not know (until he reads this post) is that at least one of them will match my outfit at ALL times. WAHOO! LUCKY ME! he works hard, as do i too, but he works hard with work and being anywhere and everywhere he is needed...i feel that he is like a one man show, yet he does get it all done and still has time to say hello...DAILY :) while i just work hard on well...studies. i sure hope our visit, although short, gives him the dose of energy he needs also to make it through his football broadcasting season. until next time my love. in the mean time I will be "listening" out for you. I love you!

~more to come later...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


life...too much to write in this one post. i was due for an update. thank you to my one follower :) but blogging is for me to get my thoughts out. life is well life. ups and downs. mostly downs, but trying to take them as lessons and learn from them. that is best thing to do with downs right? people in Africa have no food or clean water. when i look at that and then look at why i am upset with things, does not make sense. i should count my blessings, be thankful, learn and continue to improve.

~more to come later...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

a few days in...

so i am a few days into my new year of being 27 and... well...not so bad. job interview on the 18th, i hope we both like each other so i can get the job. at least some gas money. i dabble in this and that :) still searching for a REAL JOB!!! excited about the new camera and train ride i will be taking to New Orleans early next week. Bon Voyage!

~more to come later...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

it is here my friends!

well my friends, it is finally here...another year older and hopefully wiser. cannot wait to see what 27 has in store for me :) making a cheesecake for my b-day cake...yumm-o!

~more to come later...

Thursday, June 30, 2011

All Done!

all done!!! we have moved. we are now in Pensacola, FL...hello beaches and possibly more freedom. now i am on the hunt to do something with my life. what do i mean? ie: school, job, doctoral program. wish me luck! Happy Moving Day :)

~more to come later...

Monday, June 20, 2011


i will be MIA because we (my family and i) are in the process of moving. oh what fun. but i hope this will allow everyone to relax a bit! i hope we like the new place :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Going to...

going to Orlando and I get to see...Mickey Mouse! super excited been a while since my last Disney Trip. you are NEVER to old for Disney World :)

~more to come later...

Monday, June 6, 2011

is it really getting better?

is it really getting better...we shall see. parents are still SUPER mad at me over a boy. there was at least some dialog but still, my own mother does not consider me her daughter anymore. I guess there comes a time where mother and daughter must go there separate ways and only be there for advice for each other and not how to dictate life. This will take time to mend, but I am growing a lot from this and learning to live as if i am by myself. i pray the decision i make are not those that will allow what my mother has been saying to be true...i do not think so, but one cannot see into the future only speculate. keep praying all and thank you!

~more to come later...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

when it looks pretty

when my blog looks pretty...i am inspired to blog more :) still praying and attempting to prove those who doubt me wrong. i still hope some of my family will be on my side.~Prayerful and Hopeful Daughter of Yours Lord.

~more to come later...

Friday, June 3, 2011

what is this???

i know i have not been the best daughter as I have been getting older and thinking that I am much wiser, but seriously, i wish my mother would come back to talking to me. it has been 3 days now. how much longer can this go on? please prayers are needed. thank you al!

~more to come later...

Friday, May 20, 2011

ok seriously....

ok seriously...i want a baby. i am getting baby fever right now. i yearn to be a mommy and one day i will. sometimes i just want that day to be now. all of my wonderful female friends look so adorable with their baby bellies and ultrasound pictures. i want to experience all of that too. Heavenly Fathers time is the best. for now i will continue to be a "mommy in waiting".

~more to come later...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

special day!

FINALLY!!! after 7 days of being late, my cycle aka period showed up. i figured i would document this in my blog as i will admit, i was nervous. i have never been that late in the past 5 years. the power of prayer, trust, technology, loved ones, obedience, and patients. very happy, now i am back to packing! lookout for changes in design to the blog :) exciting!

~more to come later

Friday, May 13, 2011

Where to now???

packing up for a move sure takes a toll on you! who knew there was so much stuff? my goodness. my couponing has not helped much it has brought in more and more things. the break has been nice so far and i am just trying to stay relaxed so my body can get back in order. please fellow readers, pray that my body gets back to normal and normal functions begin to take place again. thank you. i am sure you all are we come!

~more to come later...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Did It!

i did it! i made an A in that class was looking like an A- :) phew. so the 4.0 GPA stays. so happy! rewarded myself with a couple of shirts i bought earlier from Wal-Mart on sale for $1.00 and a Faith Hill perfume on sale as well. i told myself i was not going to take these gifts until i knew I made the A and not the was my mini challenge. with Mother's Day well...tomorrow, i would have given it to my mom on top of her gifts already. ready to move on to the last core class before the internship! if i thought this law class was hard, i am not too sure how this math (biostatistics) class is going to be. good thing it is the only one i will be taking that quarter. i feel very blessed and prayers do work. i fell to my knees and thanked Heavenly Father when i saw the grade :) i guess not all UF Gators are bad (LOL) she had a heart. Yea me :) i patted myself on the back for this one!

ps...who still reads my blog? chime in if you do...thanks! may have to post the link on fb so you all know i have a fun and witty blog with hints of sarcasm thrown in.

~more to come later...

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hello May :)

Wow! what a way to start the month of May. first off for me, i have finished 9 classes in 8 months. it was 2-3 classes straight for 8 weeks it for 8 months. i really pray that I make the 94, A which is what i need and not a 93 point whatever and stuck at an A-....i am so close, i would be really sad not to get it. this is where my faith is going to have kick in :) i am so tired. so ready for this break. so ready for the pool. excited about moving, at least i will be closer to the beach :)

then the news of all times, Osama Bin Landin is dead. our troops did it. it is great for our troops to have such an accomplishment under their belt. can you believe that Osama was only 54 when he died??? wow! i thought he was much older...just did. it is not a matter of politics at this point, though it will be come re-election time, but it loos like Obama killed Osama. i hope the birth certificate issue can be dropped for good now. not only did he show is birth certificate to the Americans, but now he has killed the # 1 most wanted person in America dead or alive. Obama in general has been really lucky with his term in arguing with that.

who would have thought all this would happen in the month of may...just 2 days into it. cannot see what the rest of the month has in store for us all.

~more to come later...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All good things...

come to an end. yes it is so. he has left for now :( i had a lovely time with my sweetheart and now back to work and school for the both of us. counting down the days until i physically see him again. what a nice relaxing and memorable time we had. i am energized for the rest of the week and felt and still feel so loved. thank you for a wonderful time my love and until next time, keep striving for your goals. in the end it will all make a better "us"

~more to come later...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

today is going to be a terrific tuesday! why? well, it is b/c my sweetheart is coming into town to visit. he is so thoughtful. i could write all day about him i really could. it is such a special treat to see him. i am super excited. the morning was not off to a great start, but it will get better and i know he will help :) last week of these 2 eight week classes so i am excited about that as well. okay now, off to be with my sweetie!

~more to come later...

Friday, April 22, 2011

later, i promise!

i will update later with more info i promise. April just seemed so bare right. lots to do this last week then done for about 2 and 1/2 months. YIPPIE!!! Can't wait until tues...special visit from someone special. so till then work, work, and more work!

~more to come later...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

can we speed this up...

i would like to get married too! i know all things in Heavenly Father's time, but can we please speed this process up? i am starting to become jealous....and jealousy does not look good on me or any one for that matter. well, i will continue to be prayerful and follow the words of Heavenly Father and ask that He keep the one that i with safe and always in love with me until our day at the alter and beyond. to all of you who are married and read this blog...congrats and many blessings to you all! i really do love reading about your life and how much love is present each and everyday! i hope for that and much more for myself in the near future.

~more to come later...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh what a...

i wish i could say oh what a night :) but cannot right now. rather oh what a week. i just hate kerfuffles, i am not one that likes drama so it really bothers me. it has been up and down this week with everything. i think that it has died down and lessons have been learned and apologies have been said. i know he loves me with every fiber of my being.
lessons learned:
#1 don't tell anyone anything you do not want to get around.
#2 stop over thinking things. i tend to take a situation and think of the WORST case scenario with it and ASSUME that is what is going to happen in my life with it.
#3 learn to trust, not only by saying "i trust you" but also show it in action, by say not letting lesson # 2 be your train of though.
***it is Friday and i hope the weekend is good a good one. i have been lacking in school work due to my week, gotta catch up now that my mind a heart are beginning to feel a little better!

~more to come later...

Monday, March 7, 2011

list of stills...

still in school...picked up 2 more classes that started today! after these 2...3 more left!!! WooHoo!!! :)
still ALL A's...knock on wood...still wondering why i could not do this before?
still no gift form valentines day :(
still cooking, cleaning, and being a taxi driver :-/
still learning new recipes!  Yummy! :)
still blogging :)
still at home :(
still trying to be the best, kindest, loving, sweetest person i can be :)
still keeping and having faith in my Heavenly Father (Eternally Grateful) :)
still wondering who reads my blog???...hmmm (chime in if you do :)

~more to come later...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Well hello there...

well hello there March! so glad you are here! Although Feb. is a short month, it sure felt long. possibly because i had classes all through it that ended on the 27th of Feb. one week break then back to 3 classes again. i am down to 5 classes left for my masters. i sure hope it will all be worth it in the end. i need a job and to get out of my parents house. any ideas? i can do and learn lots! it is the only way i can see myself having ANY form of freedom. lets us not mistake this with me not being grateful, b/c i am, but i would like the rules to lax a little bit. btw, that gift for valentines day that i was supposed to get on the 14th of Feb. is still not here :( very sad Mr. Postman!
~more to come later...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Super Duper Fast and Quick!

need to hurry with this one! what a day. i have never been so happy to see 10 PAGES!!! finally i hit that magic number. Heavenly Father please see me through the rest of this week and another paper....a WHOPPING 15 PAGER....AHHHH!!! i can and have to do it! still no gift, but at least i know what it is now :) now i am dying to see what it looks like! my hunny is such a sweetheart!

~more to come later...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

still waiting :(

well, i am still waiting on my v-day gift :( now we are hoping it will arrive this week. what is the deal Mr/Ms. Postmand/woman. on a brighter note, there are 3 lovely songs form my love on my fb wall. he makes me very happy and these do not happen often so when they do...i RELISH in them! oh, joined swagbucks too. so far it is really neat!

Love: swagbucks-check out the widget above to find out where codes are
Dislike: not having my v-day gift yet.

~more to come later...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day and...Waiting... guessed it Valentine's Day! how could i end the day with out a post...right? i guess some may call it happy heart day, happy v-day, happy single's awareness day? what ever you choose to call it i hope it a happy one. seriously though, why do we feel the need to shorten everything? examples: merry x-mas, happy v-day, happy b-day, fb etc. way of life now i suppose. single awareness day, i am not a fan of. everyone has a special someone or something that loves and cares for them, it does not have to be a significant other. parents, grandparents, pets, siblings, aunts, uncles...oh yea, your friends, that hidden bag of chocolate (well, you probably love it, not so much it loving you or your hips and thighs) so no one should feel left out on Valentine's Day.

i took my bother for a little lunch on V-day after his class. it was nice and we got a free cookie out of  it! FREE is nice right? so my folks got cards, my bro got a gift in at school, and me what did i get? is the story. my sweet, sweet, sweet, dear love tried his best to make sure his gift got to me today (2/14/2011). no such luck. i am not worried about it though b/c i know he loves me and his words meant and mean more to me than any gift he could buy. he called me as soon as he woke up to wish me a happy v-day and tell me he is thinking about me and loves me...who needs a gift after that right? i do not, but my curiosity is getting the best of me and i would like to know what the gift was :) so with that, i am asking:

**Mr. Postman, please deliver my gift from my love to me so that i can open it like a Christmas present and smile in approval, then head to my phone to call and tell him i love him and the gift. also, if you get it to me soon, i promise my love will not get too upset with you or the company and not have to use his disapproval words with anyone. Thank you kindly!
 --*Still Patiently Waiting Woman*

overall, a good day and now back to the paper, lots left to do to finish out these last 2 weeks. I sure hope everyone's Valentine's Day was special! mine has been because i know i am being thought of and loved!

~more to come later...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

on the hunt...

on the hunt for a good sale on chocolate...DOVE anyone? of course this is for Valentines Day...this is what I am saying so I can get away with eating lots of it for the rest of the week!

~more to come later...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

shameless secret

so here it is, my shameless secret...during the winter months i sometimes buy groceries and leave them in the trunk of my car. everything from soda cases and 2 liters to fruits and lunch meat. i figure with it being cold outside and my car being outside in the cold it is a "free refrigerator" right? please note that i do remember to go in and get my groceries out by the next day or so. i wonder who else does this?

Like: coupons
Dislike: writing papers...simply b/c i am tired and write about 3 500-1000 words papers each week. i usually go past the word count each time...opps ;) it will be over soon until i dabble into getting yet another degree :)

~more to come later...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello there February!

happy February to one and all. it is the month of LOVE, so i hope everyone is showered with lots of it! oh and eat lots of chocolate too :)

Like: Love
Dislike: lack of tolerance

~more to come later...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hello Post # 20!

--well 20 blog post now. i know this is very little especially compared to those i follow who seem to have hundreds and even thousands of post. maybe one day as my life becomes more interesting i will become blog post happy.
--overall, i am ok. my folks still get under my skin, on a regular it seem too. i know they care and such, but still, let me be from time to time. i also think i am SO ready to move back out of the house...i i KNOW that will help out a TON.
--i hope to one day be all that i can be. i am still in the process as i am constantly in school all the time it seems. when is it going to end? hmm, since i still have my sites set on medical school...umm...NEVER! i enjoy learning about anything and everything. it is fun to me and there is so much going on out there to not explore. i just hope i can continue to juggle it all when i am a wife and mother...i just can't sit still :)
--recenty i have started a few of things. looking and collecting freebies, reading other people's blogs, working out basically on a daily basis, cooking, couponing, and organizing where i can in the house. i wish i got paid to do these things and basically for now being a "stay at home daughter"
--i will keep my faith and eventually i know i will be successful, become a wife, be a mommy, and save lots of money via couponing and be 100% happy in my life b/c right now, i am 60% :(
--i wonder who reads my blog from time to time? it is okay if you do it in secret, that counts too!

~more to come later...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I wonder...

i do not seem to understand folks, men especially. if there is something wrong, why not just tell what it is and have those who care for you and want to help you do so. if it was something that you did not want to talk about, why update your say...facebook status about it? you know people are going to ask you questions and want to know what is wrong/the matter. maybe it is an attention thing, who knows.

so far a decent day. i did 5 miles today. i ate well. i am reading my fellow students post and commenting and will get back to it... but rather i have been playing around the blog world :) opps :( i now have 40 blogs i follow...yea. this will make for some interesting reading on my free time! you all sure to have some fascinating lives!

Like: chocolate :)
Dislike: sticking my finger 3 or more times a day to check my blood sugar :(

~more to come later...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

These are a few...

You guessed it right...favorite things! i have been MIA in the blog world for a while...sorry. miss me much? i have been wondering what to post about lately and some days it is just hard, well, maybe just too personal to post. so i have decided to begin to post/list a few of my favorite things. the list will go on and on as new things become a favorite and others not so much anymore.

Favorite Things: books, my computer, mac and cheese, sweet tea, and of course my lovely Joshua!
Dislike: roaches!

~more to come later... 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quirky ole Me...

not too much to say today :( on that note however, my do i have a lot of little quirks. i guess that just makes me unique. i just adore the single serve drink packets from crystal light or any sugar free brand really. i went through my purse and found a bunch! looks like i will be drinking more H2O after all :) also, it is amazing what one can find when one cleans out their purse...for you guys i guess it would be cleaning out your wallet, emptying your pockets or better yet... cleaning out your car. i love purses of any kind and i am currently on the hunt for a new one...on sale of course! i also love the Dollar Tree! so many little cute nick-nacks to buy, but i have self control and just look and only buy what is needed :) GO ME!!!

~more to come later...

Saturday, January 1, 2011


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Welcome 2011. What a great year I know this will be! Looking forward to making lots of lasting memories, friendships, learning accomplishments and so much more! We shall see what is in store. 2011, lets get started!

~more to come later...