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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Randomness....

what do you do when you really do not have anything to write about? you write about random things of course! :) enjoy!
my day in a nutshell:
--meeting with my co-workers...that went well. got a lot done. not sure if i a better prepared now or just more confused. why is it so hard to get people to all be on the same page?
--drank 64 ounces of sweet tea today...yes, that was random. it was really sweet too.
--finally got lunch. if you want to eat super at your desk while trying to work. a sandwich will take 1 hour to eat, i promise.
--project deadline hanging over my head...oh boy. got to get to work on it.
--had nice compliments and someone that i helped with school etc. got me the some beautiful flowers as a thank you. they went all out...goodness. the office is smelling lovely. roses and lilly's my favorite :)
--had to block off some time to work on files...hope wed. can be the day!
--almost at my goal of 200 students. i am getting faster now at the process :) i still loath paperwork.
**ok, enough randomess, what is going on randomly in your life?

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Things that make you go...hmmmm....

--why do hotdogs taste better at a baseball, basketball game or event or when someone else makes them then when you make them yourself? i am the same way about pancakes.
--why do men get so defensive when they claim they did nothing wrong when you ask them a question, they do not like.
--why is it that when i am 15 min late for an appointment at the doctors office i have to rescheduel, but when my doctor is 45 min late, i do not get a discount or refund not even an i am sorry we are running behind?
--why is it that walmart has 35 lanes, but only 3 are ever open? people need jobs wal-mart, you could easily employ 32 people per store. i think this would help our nations unemployment drastically!
--how does subway run out of bread? that is kind of a major part/ingredient for a sandwhich SUBway!

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Social

yea! sunday is here and it is Sunday Social Time with my all the blogs over at "A Complete Waste of Makeup" blog. this is going to be a short and to the point one. i had a good childhood, but at times it was quite boring :( here we go!

1. did you sleepwalk as a child?: No :( when i hit the pillow, i was out.
2. did you ever run away or sneak out of your house?: No :) now i kind of wish i had a few times. i like my parents and family so no need to. now i did stay out and play WAY too long most days.
3.did you have any imaginary friends?: oh Yes i did. they were all girls too and we would play barbies together. then i got a brother so i really had someone to blame things on.
4.did you ever go toilet papering?: Yes! i am a HUGE Auburn Tiger fan and TP-ing Toomer's corner was a must. actually doing it to someone's house or having it done to mine...No!
5. did you ever sneak tv shows you were not allowed to watch:? Yes, and sometimes I still do :( when i was younger, anything that was not PBS had to be sneaked to watch. i liked MTV before when they actually had music videos so i would sneak that in. now, my folks only like the news and hate reality tv shows. so i sneak those in and Law and Order SVU when they are out or at night when i cannot sleep. thank goodness for the internet and right? LOL! happy sunday!
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

My voice...

i think i am loosing my voice. oh no! i kind of need it. i like to talk. i have been to too many events this past week, just got back from one actually. constantly talking and i think it is catching up with me and my poor voice is fading fast. they are fun. i got some goodies. maybe these vendors should start giving out water and cough drops.

i am so sleep now. my body is lacking rest and i am really craving another cheesecake from publix. just one slice that is all and for some reason i would also like some chili flavored frito lays too. strange i know. i guess it is the sweet and salty combo i am going for right now. mmmm! ok. back to the room and changing sheets and laundry. hope to get a good night's sleep this evening. how was your saturday? hope i did not miss a blog hop?? i love those!


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Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Wonders...

i wonder why???....
--i cannot sleep right now. my body is tired, yet my eyes will not stay shut so i can sleep. hence the 3 am blog post.
--anyone would put peanuts in ginger snap like cookies? allergic reaction at work today :( thank goodness for water and benedryl.
--people forget to say please and thank you? btw, thank you for reading my blog :)
--parents feel the need to tell you what you should be, but yet tell others outside how proud they are of you for what you are doing. it confuses me. so you are proud to say i work at the college, but yet when we get home it is well, are you planning to stay there for a long time, move on, go on with school etc.? you just said you were proud of me and telling everyone that?
--men feel the need to hit on a woman that is taken? complete turn off for me. i do not even find it flattering. i guess i see it as, if you can hit on me and you know i am taken, then if we do start dating, you will still hit on another pretty girl even though you are taken...right?
--i can hold my bladder quite well at work, but not so much at home? i guess this is really a good thing.
**what are some things that you wonder??? happy friday!! surprise party for the brother today. i hope it goes well. going after sitting out at a job fair. gotta pick up some candy to give out/incentives :)

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Birthday!

april is just a b-day month for LOTS of important people for me. first it was my future mother in law's b-day a few days ago. now today april 25, 2013 is my...little brother's b-day! we are 7 years apart. oh little brother in deed, but hey he is over 21 now, 22, so we can pop bottles right??? hahah. i am throwing him a surprise b-day party with is college friends tomorrow. my brother is sweet as he can be even though he has Autism. he is high functioning, so his main issue is social communication and awareness and he has a hard time making friends b/c of essentially his social awkwardness. kids are mean :( so i have planned a party with his autism group/club friends and i hope he likes it (at least he knows a those students)...shhhh, do not tell. hope my love can make it too...oh that would be a BIG surprise for the both of especially :0)

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Busy Wednesday, so posting my guest post as a post :)

oh what a busy day today! trying to speak with over 460 seniors today was no joke. glad it is done, i need a break. it will be nice to sit at my desk tomorrow. so since i am SOOOO tired right now, but do not want to leave you all without a blog post, i took my guest post that i did for this blog: Munchkins and the Military and made it my post for the day today. she also found this really cool picture too :) lucky lady who runs the blog is on a cruise. that is where i need to be too. although it was busy...i still love my state of Florida! enjoy the post below!

Ahhh, sunshine, beaches, football, oranges...yes, I am talking about the state of Florida! I love Florida. I was born and basically raised in Florida. The military always moved us, but somehow we always ended up back in Florida. I have lived in Fort Lauderdale, FL. (place of birth), Orlando, FL., Jacksonville, FL. (my love currently lives in this great city), Tallahassee, FL. (for college), and Pensacola, FL. Here are 10 fun facts about Florida. What are some fun facts about your state? If you are from Florida, what is your favorite fun fact?

1. Florida is known as the Sunshine State!
2. The capital of Florida is Tallahassee (Go NOLES!!...had so sneak it in here) NOT Miami folks (LOL!)
3. Gatorade was made/developed at the Univ. of Florida (that was for you Gator Fans ;) !)
4. St. Augustine city in Florida is the oldest European settlement in North America
5. Florida is the 4th most populous state in the USA
6. Florida has over 800 miles of beaches.
7. Juan Ponce De Leon was the person who discovered Florida and named it too in 1513.
8. To get to would leave from Cape Canaveral, Florida. 
9. The largest lake in Florida is Lake Okeechobee
10. Super Cool fact here --->There is a bed & breakfast, WildLife on Easy Street, on the outskirts of Tampa that allows you to cuddle with an endangered cat of your choice for just a $100 donation to the refuge. You can choose baby bobcats, cougars, and leopards...if that is your thing!

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Late Post...Booo!!

oh my goodness. it is so late. it is almost time to post for a new day, but got this one in on time! phew! i am also over here at Munchkins and the Military as a guest post. my first one ever! posted some fun facts about my home state of Florida. what are some fun facts about your state? now for a quick run down of today...
--went to work...was busy, yet i felt lazy :(
--had to run lots of errands during, not much of a lunch
--got to work on eating less fast food...but it is SOOO good.
--found some great sales and dollar general. they have a "last chance" section and i scored some lipstick and lipgloss for 50 cents and some face cleaner and toner for $2.00 and some 12 oz of dove body wash for $1.00. pretty good if you ask me :)
--filled up the gas tank...that never gets old or cheaper
--went to wal-mart...yea, that may be the explanation of this LATE post. i blame wal-mart and its 3 registrars open out of the 35 they have!
--chatted with my love before he called the baseball game. he is in St. Augustine...(oldest city in FL and really in the U.S.). i like St. Augustine.i would not mind having my wedding there...hint hint...wink wink.
--wish me luck with the hs seniors tomorrow.going to try and get over 400 of them interested in college, if they are not already, and have them come in to see me to work on their fafsa forms. it is a free service we provide and we make sure it is as correct as possible. why would you not take advantage of such an offer? any tips on how to get them in to see me??? help!!! hope your tuesday went well!
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Monday, April 22, 2013

MIL happy birthday!

to my future mother in law...
hahah, lucky she is one that can take a joke and dishes them out quite well too :) 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I truly do hope that it is a great one for her and wish her many many more happy, safe, and healthy birthdays to come. as i said, she is my "future" MIL, i plan to marry her son, well, i should say he plans to marry me, so this should become a reality soon. at least she does love me with all her heart! how is your relationship with your mother-in-law (MIL)? hope it is a good one! :)

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

If it is is...

hey there! time for the Sunday Social! Link up with others over at "A complete waste of Makeup" blog and join in on the social event! hope you all are learning a little more about me with each post :) just got in from working out. 1.5 mile walk/run and 30 min on the stationary bike...phew! here we go!!!
Sunday Social

what is your shopping weakness?: any place that has a sale. i really like wal-mart b/c i can find almost anything there and the clearance sections. i just about know where all the clearance sections are located at my wal-mart. i like the mall too, but being on a budget, wal-mart and SALES are the way to go!

food weakness? sweet and or salty. i love a good bag of chips, but if cake is near me, regardless of the diet i am currently on, i will ALWAYS partake on cake! i guess "junk food" in general is a weakness, but i do not eat a lot of it :)

go to movie when nothing is on: sex and the city 1 &2 and also legally blonde, and any move by Tyler Perry/Madea, or you know what, i just get on :)

go to breakfast food: drive through window at mcdonalds, burger king, or dunkin donuts. i am usually not hungry when i get up and out of the house by 6:45am, but then it hits me. i usually get a breakfast sandwich (sausage, egg and cheese etc.) with either sweet tea or iced coffee.

do you drink coffee? if so, how do you take it?: speaking of coffee: i am off and on with it. if i take it, it is with flavored liquid coffee creamer and 2 splendas, i really prefer iced coffee; either vanilla or caramel flavored and LARGE!!!
**lets get social y'all!

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

New shops, work, and beach.

hey all! happy saturday!!! wahoo for the weekend. so i am back from a financial aid event at the school. i sure hope we hit our much needed numbers...prayers and well wishes that we do :) it was nice to see my co-workers over the weekend, but ehhh, for weekend work.
we got new stores in our town! wahoo! little Pensacola, FL is starting to become more than just the white sand beaches :) we now have stores like Marshalls, DSW, Fresh Market, Ulta, Sephora, and Stein Mart, and all in one shopping area. got some lunch from Fresh Market, that was nice and yummy too. i felt healthy eating there...hahah! enjoyed a little bit of just looking around at the shops (since i was on that side of town) before heading back out in traffic to head on home. then i stopped in good-ole Target and that is where i really did some shopping :) ha! i guess you go where you know. well, welcome new stores, hope to be shopping there and more often soon!
this is actually a pic of pensacola beach.

the shopping area where is all began!!! Ahhhhh!!!
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Friday, April 19, 2013

Much Better!

today was much better than yesterday! wahoo! so work went well, fairly laid back. had nice words said to me most of the day today by all. had some laughs too. my love and i are back on track and he has a game to call in a few hours! i wish him nothing but the best and a strong voice.

today a whole city (Boston) was basically on lock-down today in search of ONE man. wow! America, this is sad! i want to feel safe in this great nation. i hope he is found soon; a city cannot stay locked down forever in search of an individual. i am confident Boston will find him. America is the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!! getting ready for a weekend event. 3 hours at the school on a lovely! :) how was your friday?

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bad and Mad day :(

oh wow! i not only surprised myself, but my love today too. to be honest i am quite surprised he did not dump me today. i was mean, but he was too and it was warranted from me i say to be mad. long story short...we were arguing over an issue from his past dealing with one of his ex's and well, somehow it escalated and all sorts of things were said such as: i am insecure, i do not trust him, i was doing the same thing and was mad at him for working with the lingerer football team etc. so then i said, well fine since you are so mad and we have gone to name calling etc. maybe we do not need to be with each other and i hope something bad happens to me so that you will forever regret not saying nice things to me...and then i hung up on him b/c well, we were both yelling and i was done. forward now. we calmed down and said we are sorry and we are OK :) i am still letting him call me b/c well, i think he is still upset. his words and replies to text etc. are not the same. appears that things are still on his mind. i love him, but i do not have to like him at the moment. it is not like me to yell and i sure did today :( have you ever gotten SO mad at someone you love that you did not act like yourself at all?
this was probably my face on the other end too...opps :(
ROFL, ok, that is funny. but you know you  this sometimes goes through your mind  when mad...don't lie
to despite the little rift in the period is on too, i had to stay at work until 7pm for an event, i left my phone charger and keys at home and had to drive back during lunch to get it and was almost late for my next event etc. phew. what a crazy day! i hope friday is much better than thursday! how was your thursday?

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Back, Trip, and Boston

back and trip: oh my blogger friends, i missed you. i missed a day of blogging not b/c i was on a trip, which i was, but i could not figure out how to blog/post from my kindle fire :( if any of you know how, please let me know. well, i am back now and it was a good training. i learned A LOT about the true process of school loans and how to pay them back. this was useful for me b/c i have loans to pay back and i am making payments and will be for 10 years w/interest. ugh! if any of you would like to donate to my "loan foundation" LOL, please feel free too!seriously, it comes down to this...DO NOT TAKE ONE OUT, unless you have to. loans should be a LAST resort. apply for scholarships, pell grant, anything, but loans should be a no!

Boston: our hearts go out to the folks in Boston. we have now gone to marathons and places where large groups of people meet...what to get the most impact? makes me so mad!! what a sad and tragic event. lately i have been asking myself, are we really safe in America? it seems like some tragic event takes place on a monthly basis. what is going on America? how can we fix this? it is also sad that it seems like the only time Americans really get together and help out each other is during a tragic event. this should not be the case. we should be helping and kind to each other on a regular basis, not during tragedy. i think if we all began to tolerate people and really just leave people alone that we do not like and not plot ways to get rid of them, we would be a much safer and better other news, i am glad to be back and hope your Tuesday went well and your Wednesday is going great!

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Trip and Holy Water

today is the day i am off for a trip. i will be taking a training course for work. well wishes and safe travels welcome :) my first work trip. i hope there will be more either with this job or my future job. at least i have a room to myself...yea!!! now on to the holy water. we all gathered together to pray last night before today and mother had some holy water so her and dad placed some on our forehead in the shape of a cross. in a way i do feel extra protected, i know the Lord and his angels will watch and protect me from evil people and danger.

on another note, my love just called his 4th national championship game win for one of the teams he announces for. so this is ring # 4 for him now! wow and yea! very happy and proud of him and i hope this will continue to open the doors for opportunity for him and i guess too that would mean him & i :)  i keep telling him, i am now due for my own ring, preferably with a diamond in it or at least let me hold one of your 4. he laughs...but little does he know i am really serious!!! happy monday!!

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Social # who knows for me right now...

today i am participating in the Sunday social blog hop over here at "A Complete Waste of Makeup" and it is all about Twitter this week. well, guess what, this gal here is not on twitter so i will answer the questions as if i was. am i missing something should i be on twitter? i have come up with some good hastags, just never really got the hang of tweeting or found the use of it. #notsurewhyishouldtweet.  well here we go!
1. when did you join twitter?: i have not joined twitter...yet. am i missing something? i glance at other people's twitter account, does that count?

2. favorite non celeb to follow: it would be my love. he has a twitter account, but he is not on it too much, but when he is and i catch the tweets, it is interesting. 

3. favorite celeb to follow: hehehe, if i was on twitter, i would follow Kim Kardashian. her life is just interesting and she has some good fashion clothes wise. i would probably follow her sisters too!

4. have you ever had a celeb respond to a tweet?: since i do not have twitter...NO :( but i have had one like and leave me a short comment on facebook :)

5. favorite store brand to follow: when/if i get twitter, it would be bath and body works and coach. also anyone that has a sale and also a good coupon site one too.

6. three tweeps you should follow: hmmm, i would say 3 of your favorite celebs, or shows/news. or just surprise 3 random folks and start following...#LOL

in other sunday news: prepping and packing for the trip tomorrow and doing loads of laundry. it is STORMING BIG TIME over here, so indoors with the windows open to let this crisp cool storm breeze air out the house/room. i can smell my febreze air freshener now :)  happy sunday!

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Speedy Saturday

hello there saturday! you came and went so fast and i was up early for you too :( today consisted of a 3 mile walk, a stop off at CVS for some water (3-24 packs) and laundry detergent (3 that do 30 loads each) only came out of pocked $0.04 (yes 4 cents), love my app called Shopkick, you can sign up HERE!!!!. you get points for walking into your favorite stores, and also for scanning items. you do not have to buy a single thing or scan, you can simply walk in and then walk right out. some featured stores are Target, Best Buy, Old Navy, American Eagle, Macy's and CVS. check it out, great app and it is for iphone and android as well.

then we did some grocery shopping. the line was not too long so that was good. i think i hit ALL the redbox's in my area in search of the movie "Lincoln" but no luck. they were all out. perhaps next weekend.

HELP here! i am packing for my trip. 3 days 2 nights. what should i NOT forget to pack? usually i always forget my pajama's, so thus i end up sleeping in my clothes :( but this time that is the FIRST thing i put in my bag :) so what are some common things you forget to pack that you can help me to remember to pack? thank you!

just took a refreshing shower, got some beef jerky and chocolates and made pizza for everyone. looks like it a pizza and movie night! hope your saturday went well!
hahah! i wish :)
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Friday, April 12, 2013

Busy, Pig, Trip

huh? what does/could this mean. here she goes again with the crazy titles??... here is an explanation:

busy: this was a busy week. glad the weekend is here. so busy today that i had no time to blog this morning, i hope i can catch up on blog hops etc. or get this...even check on facebook until i got home. you know you are truly busy when you cannot even check facebook...whoa! is it ok that i want to crawl in bed by 7:45pm today and not wake up until oh say...noon?? just a thought!

pig: hahah, no, i was not at the zoo. though i would like to go. now that we have great cell phones and digital cameras's with tons of megapixels etc. i am sure will enjoy the experience much more. pig=i ate WAY TOO MUCH. i was so work i had the rest of my leftover lunch for breakfast and then for lunch i had 2, yes, TWO bbq sandwiches and some chips and an orange and then 3 diet cokes and water all before 4:00pm today. no the diet coke was not to make me feel better, it is b/c i am used to diet coke as i cannot stand the taste of regular coke. then i came home and ate some pasta as i could not wait for dinner to finish cooking. i will probably eat dinner too and then some tea and fruit. goodness, you are probably full from reading this..hahah. perhaps today my body is lacking some nutrients and i am eating everything in site to get those nutrients. who knows??
trip: i am going on a trip to work in Louisianna. should be fun and plan to learn a lot and bring back materials for the others. i am going with another co-worker. i may get to know her better, we shall see. i almost have a list of questions out and ready for the folks there to ask and get solid answers about. the thing is though, each school/college is slightly different in the way they do things. ugh. praying for safe travels. i should probably go ahead and pay off the credit card bill for the card i plan to use for the trip. would be nice to have money to spend right...opps :( happy friday!!!

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's OK Thursday

it is that time again! it's ok thursday. join the fun/hop at "A Complete Waste of Makeup" blog. have fun and for's ok to join a blog hop :) here is one to join: ultimate blog hop party hosted by click HERE to join the party through april 12, 2013.

it's ok...
--that people do not show up with the items they need even though i have told them what they need
--that i am not getting enough sleep
--that i am drinking copious amounts of sweet tea
--that i have not caught up with any of my shows
--that i have over 5 different soaps to use in my shower and all are almost finished, but not really finished
--that i will have to share a room with a co-worker, when i was hoping that it was just going me in a room.
--that i do not like odd numbers...that is why i always respond to my blog to keep the numbers even!
--that i have so many snacks and drinks in my office space. you have to be prepared for a lock down, food shortage, or hey, even an apocalypse you know...

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

nice weather today. wish i was here: 

going to attempt to make this this weekend, my last pinterest attempt was a FAIL :( hopefully this one will not be a fail:

i need to catch up on this this weekend:

~eloquently rambling....

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Liebster Award #3 and Ultimate Blog Hop Party

thank you  Munchkins and the Military for nominating me for my 3rd Liebster Award! 3rd time is a charm right? these are always fun, but is is getting harder to find bloggers with less than 200 popular bloggers you! also do not forget about the ultimate blog hop party hosted by click HERE to join the party through april 12, 2013. here we go:

the famous RULES!!!: 
Answer the 11 questions asked.
Leave a link back to the blogger that nominated you.
Nominate 11 bloggers with fewer than 200 followers and let them know they've been picked...(below)
Write 11 new questions for them to answer...(below)

1. Where would you like to live for the rest of your life?-i like florida. close to everything and all the great getaways and the beaches.
2. What are the first websites you check when you get onto the computer?-facebook,, and my e-mail webpages
3. What inspires you to blog?-everyday life and random topics that pop in my head.4. Are you a cat or dog person? Why?-i do not have a pet, but if i were to have one it would be a dog. it may actually force me to get out more and exercise. i am out early and come home late so no pets as i do not think that would be fair to the animal. i like other people's pets :)5. Do you have any strange or interesting hobbies?-hahah, does blogging count? i like to hunt for sales and freebies. i like to use coupons :)6. What would your ideal weekend consist of?-any weekend with my love. i do not see him everyday so any weekend with him is ideal. movie, lunch date, time at the beach. 7. Describe the best trip you've ever taken.-the 3 years spent in Sicily was the best. oh if i had a digital camera back then! :(8. What is your favorite recipe to cook for yourself?-pasta dishes. quick and easy :) and of course...desserts!!9. What were your thoughts on your spouse/significant other, the first time you met them?-he is cute, but why is he not eating much of his food? we met at a mutual friends b-day party held at TGIFridays.10. Out of all of the household chores, which is your least favorite?-i do not like to take out the trash. i will collect it and get it ready, but i do not like taking it to the dumpster.11. If your TV had to get stuck on one channel for ever, which channel would you choose?-hahah, feels this way already at the house tv is always on one channel :) it would be ABC. i would get news, shows, award shows, etc. all on that station.

my nominees-no particular order...
1. Roxanne @ living healthy and happy
2. Lisa @ sorority life to army wife
3. Jennifer @ our blog (i follow back)
4. Hollie @ modern colors
5. Sara @ med school wife
6. Tammy @ something to think about
7. Ashley @ ash ann pow
8. Diana @ pictures and a thousand words
9. Janine @ the dirty blonde
10.Jessie @ blogging while single and over 30
11.Mrs. Blimes @ the life and times of mrs. blimes

my questions:
1. what is your favorite color?
2. what is your biggest fear?
3. can you swim?
4. if you could prevent one thing from EVER happening to you, what would that be?
5.where favorite place to shop?
6. what is your favorite app/computer tool?
7. what is the one thing you love and dislike about your job and/or your spouses job?
8. if someone gave you $1000, other than taking care of debt/bills, what would you do with it?
9. what is your favorite restaurant?
10. how do you feel about women's issues/rights?
11. would you want to tour europe or the caribbean isalnds?
**cannot wait to see the responses! have fun and congrats!!!!

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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Blog Hop/Party of ALL Blog Hops!

OMG! ALERT!! bloggers, this event (see pic above) is one you do not want to miss! click on the pic/banner and browse around and join the party! i just came across this when over at this blog: should be loads of fun and who knew there were thousands, no... MILLIONS of blogs out there. one good blog leads to another! you still have a week to join the party and link up your blog and check out others and make some new blog friends. i have already made a few and this is my FIRST ultimate blog party (ubp) :) cheers! enjoy the party! random thought: i really want some pasta salad....hmmmm. happy monday!

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Social-Pinterest!

today i am participating in the sunday social blog hop over here at "A Complete Waste of Makeup" and it is all about pinterest (click on the link to join and find out more :) if you are not on pinterest you should be. so many great ideas and it is just relaxing! but i warn you, if you are hungry, stay away from the food pins!!! here are my favorite pins in the following categories! lots of pics so enjoy!

**if you would like to follow me on pinterest here is my link/page: thank you!

favorite outfit pin: love the basic simple colors
so cute for a night out!
favorite food pin: mmm, must make! this did it for me. so fatty, but i am sure will be delish!
OMG...just gained 5 pounds looking at this! looks SO good...(wipes drool)

favorite wedding pin: it says "you do not have to pick sides...sit wherever you'd like. we are about to be one family anyway!
Sit where you like...we are about to be one family anyway!

favorite diy/craft pin: it is Listerine mouth wash and shaving cream. takes off dead skin cells off feet. good for flip flop season!
takes the dead skin right off. All you need is shaving cream and Listerine. I'll have to try this one! Great to know for flip-flop season.

favorite quote/lyric/pin:
Long distance love

random pin that i love:-not sure if i would be brave enough to do this...stand in the middle? but what a view!
NORWAY, Kjeragbolten

So cool - but I would NEVER be brave enough to stand there!!

~eloquently rambling...

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cold and Busy

what?! what kind of title is this? LOL! here we go: cold=Lowes came by to deliver our new standing freezer. it  is nice, cold and...working. the other one broke down after 8+years. it is "stainless steel look". from afar, one cannot tell the difference so it was a good buy and on sale too! busy=the delivery men came, went to the health food/organic food store, worked out doing circuit training boxing, and now re-arranging the house. phew! my love is in Denmark....admit it, you are thinking of the country Denmark aren't you?? no, he is calling a baseball game in Denmark, South Carolina. hope he is having a good time and enjoyed the LOOONNNGGG bus ride from Jacksonville  fl to there :) good luck dear! ready to shower and eat and hope i can do all this before 11:00 pm today! how is your saturday? i am also at the weekend meet and greet blog hop here: . add your blog to the hop and check it out!

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Never Have I Ever

hey all! i am over here also at this lovely neat blog: doing this cool blog hop called "Never Have I Ever"... goodness, i have a lot!
Never Have I Ever 
-- been to Antarctica. silly question, but can people even go there and how do they get there?
--eaten seafood...yep, you guessed it...allergies, to ALL seafood. but get this, i can swim in the ocean? weird i know.
--eaten peanut butter...again, goes back to allergies.
--gotten into a physical fight with anyone. i think i can fight and kick your butt, but hey, lets keep this one at a "never had i ever"
--been married. i hope and know this will change soon (that one was for you my love) but for is true.
--been a fan of the Florida Gators. (another one that my love will cheer for!)...i am a die hard Florida State Seminoles fan! GO NOLES!!!
--had a sister :( i got a brother and momma has no more...just us two :)
--broken a bone! yea, lets keep this one also as a "never have i ever".
**that is all for now! what are some of your "never have i ever's"? post some below and/or add your blog to the blog hop and check out others!

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday Thoughts...

hmm, a day full of recruiting and walk-in appointments :) so far so good. all the ladies are back, so it should be a good day. i feel generally good today and hope this feeling will continue for a LOOOONNNGGG time! in the mean time, i need to get back to reading so that i can FINALLY finish reading "50 Shades of Grey". it is good, but sometimes when i lay down in bed, all i want to do is sleep. i think i am the last woman in America to read the story. oh well, such is life. will get back to it tonight! have you ladies...and men too i suppose (tehehe) read the book? what do you/did you think? i hear they are making a movie out of the book and keeping most of the scenes so maybe a NC-17 rating...hmmm? who knows? happy thursday!


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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

most of today has been like this...
so i ate this for lunch...mmmm
while catching up and doing this...phew!
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Liebster Award #2...Wahoo!

thank you for thinking of me and nominating me for my SECOND liebster award Lisa over at this neat blog-Sorority Life to Army Wife :) finally getting around to these and i love them so, here we go!! i got a third nomination which i plan to post on wednesday :)
**first off the RULES:
1. Answer the 11 questions asked.
2. Leave a link back to the blogger that nominated you.
3. Nominate 11 bloggers with fewer than 200 followers and let them know they've been picked. 
4. Write 11 new questions for them to answer (they are after my AMAZING answers!!
The Q's & A's
1. First three movies in your Netflix queue?-i do not have netflix :( but my 3 first movies are wanted, why did i get married 1&2, and legally blonde. 
2. Where is your dream vacation?-anywhere in Europe, mainly Italy or Sicily. oh and then there is the Caribbeans. 
3. How long have you been blogging?-i have been blogging since 2010 off and on but officially "full-time" ,aka regular post, (lol) since January 1, 2013 :)
4. Sweat pants, yoga pants, or something else?-sweatpants :) i feel that i have a bit of a tummy (thought my love would disagree on this issue) so sweat pants hides them well. 
5. Do you prefer road trips or all-inclusive vacations?-when i was in my late teens and early 20's  (lol) road trips all the way! now that i am getting closer to 30 (oh boy!)...all inclusive vacations. but really, any vacation will do :)
6. What TV show is your guilty pleasure?-i have TOO many! anything on Bravo TV...sums it up right? also i love Law and order SVU and House Hunters.
7. Home-cooked meals or take-out?-home cooked meals :) i like to cook so it does not feel like a chore for me.
8. If you could time travel, where and when would you go?-i would want to travel back in the past  to when we had dinosaurs. i really want to see a "real" one up close...i think!
9. What is your favorite Disney movie?-Mulan and the classic...Cinderella :)
10. Do you write blog posts ahead of time?-no; not on a regular basis. this one to answer these questions...yes :)
11. What do you like most about your significant other (if you have one)? 
Single? What do you look for in a significant other?-gosh, i like everything about my love. if i had to pick it would be his never ending patience and constant words of encouragement and lack of doubt in my abilities. the same holds true on my end for him. i love you honey! 

**i just went down my blog roll on both sides (found many of you via blog hops :)...and, the nominees are...
1. Aunt LaLa
2. Meagan Tells All
3. Epic Mommy Adventures
4 .Hunny, What's for Dinner?
5. From the Kitchen of Mama Harris
6. Proper Honey
7. Thoughts of a Christian Girl
8. Meet the Browns
9. Today was a Fairytale
10. Sanity Overrated
11. The Kitchen-Sink Chronicles

**my questions for you: 
1. what is your middle name (if you have one)?
2. what time do you usually go to sleep?
3. what is your favorite quote?
4. what is your favorite breakfast food?
5. what is your favorite smell?
6. how many pairs of shoes do you think you have? :)
7. other than your phone, if you could have only one item, what would it be?
8. what is your favorite vegetable?
9. what do you consider a perfect day?
10. what is your favorite shower/bath item?
11. other than a family member/spouse, who is a role model to you?

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Monday, April 1, 2013


wow! full time blogging for 3 whole months now and at post 170! hello there post 170 :) hello to monday too! spring break was nice. i will say, i do not feel as i got much of a break or rest, but then again i did. lots of cleaning, cooking, driving, doctors visits, gym workouts etc so i am a bit tired but SO ready for monday and really to get back to work. i do feel refreshed and head ready to focus on work so that is good. hello work :) room is almost done :) i am not only cleaning, but sorting, rearranging, organizing, throwing away and giving away items so it is a work in progress but i can see my floor! hello floor :)

well, we must say goodbye to march guessed it, hello april :) hope you bring some warm weather with you and not too many pranks on this here april fool's day, but i do hope you get a few extra chuckles! tehehehe! have a great monday everyone...and that is no joke!! :)
gotta love Tom and Jerry! just right for April Fools!
~eloquently rambling...