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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Randomness....

what do you do when you really do not have anything to write about? you write about random things of course! :) enjoy!
my day in a nutshell:
--meeting with my co-workers...that went well. got a lot done. not sure if i a better prepared now or just more confused. why is it so hard to get people to all be on the same page?
--drank 64 ounces of sweet tea today...yes, that was random. it was really sweet too.
--finally got lunch. if you want to eat super at your desk while trying to work. a sandwich will take 1 hour to eat, i promise.
--project deadline hanging over my head...oh boy. got to get to work on it.
--had nice compliments and someone that i helped with school etc. got me the some beautiful flowers as a thank you. they went all out...goodness. the office is smelling lovely. roses and lilly's my favorite :)
--had to block off some time to work on files...hope wed. can be the day!
--almost at my goal of 200 students. i am getting faster now at the process :) i still loath paperwork.
**ok, enough randomess, what is going on randomly in your life?

~eloquently rambling...


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