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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Late Post...Booo!!

oh my goodness. it is so late. it is almost time to post for a new day, but got this one in on time! phew! i am also over here at Munchkins and the Military as a guest post. my first one ever! posted some fun facts about my home state of Florida. what are some fun facts about your state? now for a quick run down of today...
--went to work...was busy, yet i felt lazy :(
--had to run lots of errands during, not much of a lunch
--got to work on eating less fast food...but it is SOOO good.
--found some great sales and dollar general. they have a "last chance" section and i scored some lipstick and lipgloss for 50 cents and some face cleaner and toner for $2.00 and some 12 oz of dove body wash for $1.00. pretty good if you ask me :)
--filled up the gas tank...that never gets old or cheaper
--went to wal-mart...yea, that may be the explanation of this LATE post. i blame wal-mart and its 3 registrars open out of the 35 they have!
--chatted with my love before he called the baseball game. he is in St. Augustine...(oldest city in FL and really in the U.S.). i like St. Augustine.i would not mind having my wedding there...hint hint...wink wink.
--wish me luck with the hs seniors tomorrow.going to try and get over 400 of them interested in college, if they are not already, and have them come in to see me to work on their fafsa forms. it is a free service we provide and we make sure it is as correct as possible. why would you not take advantage of such an offer? any tips on how to get them in to see me??? help!!! hope your tuesday went well!
~eloquently rambling...

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