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Friday, April 12, 2013

Busy, Pig, Trip

huh? what does/could this mean. here she goes again with the crazy titles??... here is an explanation:

busy: this was a busy week. glad the weekend is here. so busy today that i had no time to blog this morning, i hope i can catch up on blog hops etc. or get this...even check on facebook until i got home. you know you are truly busy when you cannot even check facebook...whoa! is it ok that i want to crawl in bed by 7:45pm today and not wake up until oh say...noon?? just a thought!

pig: hahah, no, i was not at the zoo. though i would like to go. now that we have great cell phones and digital cameras's with tons of megapixels etc. i am sure will enjoy the experience much more. pig=i ate WAY TOO MUCH. i was so work i had the rest of my leftover lunch for breakfast and then for lunch i had 2, yes, TWO bbq sandwiches and some chips and an orange and then 3 diet cokes and water all before 4:00pm today. no the diet coke was not to make me feel better, it is b/c i am used to diet coke as i cannot stand the taste of regular coke. then i came home and ate some pasta as i could not wait for dinner to finish cooking. i will probably eat dinner too and then some tea and fruit. goodness, you are probably full from reading this..hahah. perhaps today my body is lacking some nutrients and i am eating everything in site to get those nutrients. who knows??
trip: i am going on a trip to work in Louisianna. should be fun and plan to learn a lot and bring back materials for the others. i am going with another co-worker. i may get to know her better, we shall see. i almost have a list of questions out and ready for the folks there to ask and get solid answers about. the thing is though, each school/college is slightly different in the way they do things. ugh. praying for safe travels. i should probably go ahead and pay off the credit card bill for the card i plan to use for the trip. would be nice to have money to spend right...opps :( happy friday!!!

~eloquently rambling...


  1. My husband can't drink regular coke either, it upsets his stomach

    1. Jen, oh no! keep it away from him. for me it is too sweet almost bitter.

  2. hi, i following the "meet and greet" blog hop. i would love for you to visit my blog and follow if you like it.

    new follower bev

    1. hello bev! thanks for stopping by! i hope all is well and i will head over to your blog!


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