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Sunday, June 30, 2013

day 30-last day!-high and lows & Sunday Social

wahoo! we made it through another blog challenge. last day of the june blog challenge and yep, a new one starts in july, still debating if i will participate in it or not. i may and will just add a little note about my day for that day as well. we shall see. any 30-high and lows of the month:

-still have a job
-still in love
-good health check-up
-exercising more
-2% pay raise at work
-lost 3 pounds
-completed this blog challenge! wahoo!

-need to wear magnifiers to see the computer screen
-have files to catch up on on my desk
-room not organized yet
-have had more than one person mad at me this month
-missing my friends and my love

*what are your highs and lows for the month?

now on to Sunday Social:
Sunday Social
1. favorite movie of all time: the devil wears prada
2. favorite movie quote: "oh whenever i get hungry, i just eat a cube of cheese", ugh, i am just one stomach flu away from my goal weight"
3. best movie to watch for a girls night in: the devil wears prada and sex and the the city movie one and two, legally blonde and any tyler perry madea movie as you will laugh!
4. the best break up movie: well, i would just watch seasons 1-6 of sex and the city with ice cream, chips, and popcorn...but that is just me!
5. who would you want to play in a movie about your life: jill scott. love her and her and i would be close friends. plus her son is too precious!
6. which movie stars closet would you love to raid?: ok, she is not really a movie star but i want to raid the Kardashian sisters closets. love their fashion and shoes!

**ok, your turn now! until next week and next month that is all for the challenges and socials for now!

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

day 29-goals for the next 30 days!

day 29 of the june blog challenge. this has been fun right? hope you all are learning a bit more about me based on my answers. so this the second to last day of the month is about goals. goals for the next 30 days. wow! phew lets see...
-to save at least $1000 in the next month
-to be more active on my online earning and learning sites
-to turn 29 peacefully-b-day is july 2
-to do well at work
-to say a kind word to someone at least once a day
-to skype with my love more often
-to see my love this month
-to exercise at least every other day
-to be more punctual...5 min early rather than 1-2 min early (pushing it)
-to get my room in a clean state and sorted
-to participate and link up with more blog hops and return back the follows from those that have followed me. thank you!
-to do the next month's blog challenge. july blog challenge!

**what are your goals for the next 30 days?

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 27 and 28 June Blog Challenge

june is almost over. where did it go? looks like i am 2 says behind on everything so here we go again with catch up. i hope you all are liking these challenges and their questions. i like to have something to write about. i hope i am not missing blog hops...need to check on that. anyway...on to day 27 and 28 of the june blog challenge. oh in case you were wondering there will be another challenge in july too :)

day 27- problem you have had...
oh don't we all have problems. my main problem right now is getting my parents to see that my love is not a bad person and he is the best man for me! it is hard with the culture difference. my parents are African, however they have raised me and my brother here in America. we were both in America and went to school and most of our friends are American so naturally, i would be dating American men. i think they have missed that concept somewhere. my love is a great guy, hard working, no criminal record or kids. it is just him and i.  he is working on his degree and has taken steps to lose weigh and keep it off. i am unsure what the real issue is other than, they just do not want me to be with an American man. what do I do? anyway to reason with them? they have said they will not be at the wedding or support us, it hurts, but i have to remember i am an adult and well, in the end it is my choice. it will hurt to go down the aisle by myself to my love, but to me he is worth it and i pray that they will eventually come around. what do you think?

day 28-something you miss...
i miss my love. i miss him a lot. i wish we were in the same city. i also miss living in my own with no one's rules but my own. i stay with my parents. so nice of them to keep me...really it is. but when i was on my own... i could sleep as late as i want. clean when i want to, eat what i wanted when i wanted, watch what i want, go in and out as i would like without giving the where, when, why, how long set of questions etc. i just miss the quietness of coming back to the house and not hearing your name called 20 times in the hour. LOL. it will happen again sometime soon! **what do you  miss?

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

days 25 and 26

june blog challenge days 25 and we go with the catch up!
day 25: well, i really do not have any particular person  who fascinates me it is more of a group of people. they are celebrities. i am fascinated by them because their lives are interesting and crazy!!! i mean who does not love hearing about what they got into now and what they named their baby? too interesting. i love that they seem to have any fashion that they want. i know it is mostly for show and i would miss my life of being able to walk into wal-mart in peace, but i sure would love the huge house and endless trips, and fashion, and least for a little while :)

day 26: what person attracts you?
hmmm, people are interesting. a few things attract me to a person. if you have manners and at least take the time to say hello etc, i am willing to give you a chance. ha! i like honesty, i like (if you are a man) to be tall and handsome. hygiene is important, level of tolerance, being able to hold a good conversation, hard worker, nice, sweet, understanding, funny, willing to at least try something new (that is safe of course!) and God-fearing/have a faith in something. these are general qualities that i look for in a person.
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 24-Movies!

day 24 of the june blog challenge-movie time!

first off i must wish my big cousin a very happy birthday! many many more. he is in Nigeria so we are 6 hours apart time wise so i was up until midnight to reach him by 6 am. it was worth it! lucky man has the week off!! i sure hope he enjoys it.

ok, now for the june blog challenge of my favorite movie!...ready, set, action! it is The Devil Wears Prada. it is a girl flick, but then again it is not. it is entertaining and shows that yes the life of a model/fashion is glamorous but it is hard work and you must have thick skin to make it and i guess not like food either...haha! my favorite lines are: "i am one stomach flu away from my goal weight!" and "that's all" rahahaha.
**what is your favorite movie?
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

day 22 and 23 and Sunday Social, hot men!

i have got to stop playing catch up. not cool. ok, here we go! first off Sunday Social:
Sunday Social

1. favorite store to shop at: walmart, target, plato's closet...really anywhere that has a sale.
2. if you could afford any and everything, who would you get/wear: i like coach a lot for the accessories, but since now i am a working girl, i would shop a lot at coldwater creek and ann taylor...if money was not an issue of course and if my future hubby would let me :) (hint hint dear!)
3.must have closet staple: black pants and colorful shirts/different color shirts
4. favorite kind of shoe: flats and flip flops
5 best clothing deal: do gifts of clothes count? LOL. no there is a thrift store that the proceeds go to help the homeless provide food for them and shelter and often times, during the holidays they have a $0.69 cents sale and i stock up on clothes then. i think they even do an extra 50% off your total at the end. i have walked out with trash bags full of clothes (3-4 13 gallon size) all for less than $40.00. i also found a brand new coffee pot there on time for $0.69 cents too!
6. style i would love to try: a short dress with tights/leggings under it with heels. 

day 22 of the june blog challenge: past 2 year changes with me
i do not think i have changed too much in the past 2 years. i think i have become more frugal, love coupons and free sights to make and earn money, i cannot see as well close up, i have moved back home so i am doing more domestic work, i have become a working woman, i am look at life with a broader perspective and realizing how blessed i really am. as a person, i have become a little bit tougher and not as "oh i am sorry poor you anymore" in regards to oh look, i am a single woman, or single mother, there is no hope or help out there for me etc. i look at it as there are resources and people out there if you are really inclined to help yourself. i am not sure if this is a good or bad thing. i am still kind and loving and caring so that has not changed.

day 23 of the june blog challenge-5 yummy looking men (celebs)
i think these men are very attractive. their wives better watch out! hahah! 
president Obama
Denzel Washington
EJ Dimera from Days of our Lives
Boris Kodjoe
Singer Marques Houston
and of course no list of attractive men would be complete without one of my love. he is the most attractive to me and of course loves me and at least i can have him!
my love Mr. Joshua Jackson
 *ok all caught up for now and cannot wait to see who you think is hot and how you have changed and sunday social too!

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Friday, June 21, 2013

day 21, My Favorite

day 21 of the june blog challenge is about your favorite tv show. i have lots of favorites, but i will narrow it down to 3. my 3 are:
1. law and order svu
2. days of our lives
3. real housewives (of any city) NJ, OC, NY, ATL etc. 

--phew posted before the new day! happy weekend everyone!

*what are your favorite tv shows? 

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