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Sunday, June 23, 2013

day 22 and 23 and Sunday Social, hot men!

i have got to stop playing catch up. not cool. ok, here we go! first off Sunday Social:
Sunday Social

1. favorite store to shop at: walmart, target, plato's closet...really anywhere that has a sale.
2. if you could afford any and everything, who would you get/wear: i like coach a lot for the accessories, but since now i am a working girl, i would shop a lot at coldwater creek and ann taylor...if money was not an issue of course and if my future hubby would let me :) (hint hint dear!)
3.must have closet staple: black pants and colorful shirts/different color shirts
4. favorite kind of shoe: flats and flip flops
5 best clothing deal: do gifts of clothes count? LOL. no there is a thrift store that the proceeds go to help the homeless provide food for them and shelter and often times, during the holidays they have a $0.69 cents sale and i stock up on clothes then. i think they even do an extra 50% off your total at the end. i have walked out with trash bags full of clothes (3-4 13 gallon size) all for less than $40.00. i also found a brand new coffee pot there on time for $0.69 cents too!
6. style i would love to try: a short dress with tights/leggings under it with heels. 

day 22 of the june blog challenge: past 2 year changes with me
i do not think i have changed too much in the past 2 years. i think i have become more frugal, love coupons and free sights to make and earn money, i cannot see as well close up, i have moved back home so i am doing more domestic work, i have become a working woman, i am look at life with a broader perspective and realizing how blessed i really am. as a person, i have become a little bit tougher and not as "oh i am sorry poor you anymore" in regards to oh look, i am a single woman, or single mother, there is no hope or help out there for me etc. i look at it as there are resources and people out there if you are really inclined to help yourself. i am not sure if this is a good or bad thing. i am still kind and loving and caring so that has not changed.

day 23 of the june blog challenge-5 yummy looking men (celebs)
i think these men are very attractive. their wives better watch out! hahah! 
president Obama
Denzel Washington
EJ Dimera from Days of our Lives
Boris Kodjoe
Singer Marques Houston
and of course no list of attractive men would be complete without one of my love. he is the most attractive to me and of course loves me and at least i can have him!
my love Mr. Joshua Jackson
 *ok all caught up for now and cannot wait to see who you think is hot and how you have changed and sunday social too!

~eloquently rambling...


  1. I'm a Target lover through and through haha.

    1. Jen! welcome back my friend. i have missed your comments. I love Target too!

  2. Boris Kodjoe.....he's so fiiiiiiiiine....

    1. oh yes he is! thanks for stopping by!

  3. President Obama is a very good looking man, though he's so tired looking always now compared to before office. He's had so much to deal with, so much stress, it's really aged him. Denzel is also a hansome man, I don't the others.

    1. Sandy! 2 our of 5 is not bad! LOL. the other ones are actually more in my age group too! hahah! the office of the presidency will sure do that to you...make you age!


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