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Saturday, June 29, 2013

day 29-goals for the next 30 days!

day 29 of the june blog challenge. this has been fun right? hope you all are learning a bit more about me based on my answers. so this the second to last day of the month is about goals. goals for the next 30 days. wow! phew lets see...
-to save at least $1000 in the next month
-to be more active on my online earning and learning sites
-to turn 29 peacefully-b-day is july 2
-to do well at work
-to say a kind word to someone at least once a day
-to skype with my love more often
-to see my love this month
-to exercise at least every other day
-to be more punctual...5 min early rather than 1-2 min early (pushing it)
-to get my room in a clean state and sorted
-to participate and link up with more blog hops and return back the follows from those that have followed me. thank you!
-to do the next month's blog challenge. july blog challenge!

**what are your goals for the next 30 days?

~eloquently rambling...

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