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Thursday, June 20, 2013

June blog Challenge-Catch-up

attempting to catch up with everything including the june blog challenge. short and sweet answers, her we go!

day 17: highs and lows of the year
got a job
still in love with my love
have health insurance
can save a little now for a car
parents are healthy and mom may be retiring soon
brother, even though he is autistic is doing really well in college and is a junior majoring in finance
will turn a new year this year come july...the big 29
lost some weight
really got into freebie sites and couponing
started really blogging :)
car troubles a lot this year
family members have passed away
not too many openings in my field of study for a job
have lots some friends for various reasons
my body is not acting like it is too healthy-been sick a lot and my eyesight is changing and  have been feeling really tired lately yet i am not with child.
have not had too much time to organize my room :(
**your lows and highs of the year?

day 18 i believe
i believe in...miracles, family, friends, love, God, myself, in people, the right to make your own choices about your life and body, in the truth and honestly, in facts, in life, being happy and i believe in YOU! **what do you believe in?

day 19: disrespecting parents
the answer to this is always...NO unless you want your life ended. when you can provide for yourself financially, then maybe you can have a say or two...maybe.  now on to today june 20

day 20: importance of education
i have posted about this before and it is hit or miss. i think now it depends what you are studying. if you are a science or math person...yes, generally getting an education in that area will serve you well. it is not like before this is for sure. education used to mean something, not just a way to get a job. now it is a way to get a job. i am going to college so i can get a job and get paid really well. well, now it does not seem to matter if you go to college or not, the pay is the same. i think they have now made pay less and benefits better in a way. so now, do we say that i am getting an education so that i can get a job that will give me benefits? who knows. regardless, an education is something that cannot be taken away from you, so it is always a good thing to have an important. and who knows, it may be handy again someday.
**what do you think?

yea!! all caught up now! now lets see if i can keep it up!

~eloquently rambling...


  1. I am glad that you are all caught up. I think we need to stop buying into the myth that having a college education means you will get a job. The only people getting rich these days are the universities. I think we need to go back to old fashioned tech schools.

    1. Paula, thanks! i agree. we are heading that way. jobs are in the skills not what you can read and write.

  2. Nice you're caught up. Like you I think the education is something that can never be taken away. Congrats to you on working for it.

    1. Sandy, thank you! yes, if you can get one, why not go ahead and do so. it can only help.

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    Thanks, Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design


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