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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

days 25 and 26

june blog challenge days 25 and we go with the catch up!
day 25: well, i really do not have any particular person  who fascinates me it is more of a group of people. they are celebrities. i am fascinated by them because their lives are interesting and crazy!!! i mean who does not love hearing about what they got into now and what they named their baby? too interesting. i love that they seem to have any fashion that they want. i know it is mostly for show and i would miss my life of being able to walk into wal-mart in peace, but i sure would love the huge house and endless trips, and fashion, and least for a little while :)

day 26: what person attracts you?
hmmm, people are interesting. a few things attract me to a person. if you have manners and at least take the time to say hello etc, i am willing to give you a chance. ha! i like honesty, i like (if you are a man) to be tall and handsome. hygiene is important, level of tolerance, being able to hold a good conversation, hard worker, nice, sweet, understanding, funny, willing to at least try something new (that is safe of course!) and God-fearing/have a faith in something. these are general qualities that i look for in a person.
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  1. I posted yesterday, but the linky wasn't up til later, so am now catching up with those who linked. I'm weird, cause I hate all the news about celebs...It irritates me. Quess we ofset each other there.

    1. hey Sandy, guess we do. that is ok. to me they are intersting :) i watch 30 min of tabloid news with entertainment tonight so that is enough for me.


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