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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 8-Proud/Satisfying Moments!

day 8 of june blog challenge is all about the moment you felt most satisfied. well, i my so called young life and since i am not yet married, or have children my satisfying moments have centered around finding emplyment and graduation. i had a rough time with college for some reason. i eventually graduated and did well, 3.4 undergrad gpa and 4.0 graduate school gpa, but it was not easy. i did change my major more than once and studied endless hours for a masters, b/c anything less than a B (yes that includes a B-) is not acceptable and considered failing!!! yikes. but i am satisfied that i was able to avoid that. then i got a job and although i will always want better ie, in my field of study, i  am happy and grateful b/c so many are not as lucky. so i guess you could say, overall, i am ok. i am proud of myself and those that are close and important to me are proud of me too! 
**ok, what is your satisfying/proud moment?

june 15, 2012 graduation
community event at work!

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  1. You have every reason to be proud!!

    1. thank you! so do you! what a neat life you have had thus far!

  2. Congrats to you, what a lovely picture of you in all the colors to in your scarf...can't remember what those things are called. Cool background with the stream, makes me want to sit under a tree and hear the rambling brook.

    1. Sandy, thank you! it is actually a dress and i like it too. seems to fit the background well.


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