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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Flood pics and Chatting!

Chat Away! happy Wednesday. the rain and flooding in Pensacola, FL (where I live) was no joke. lots of roads and bridges have been washed out. i am ok, and luckily no flooding in my home and the power stayed on! here are some of the pics from the event...


Rachael Reid Finch sent in this photo of a flooded room at PSC. Here are other areas that have been damaged ->
inside one the buildings on the college campus i work at.

Photo: Scenic Hwy between Summit and Langley is washed out… thank you Lindsay Bowman
one of the roads/bridges...40 foot drop! no one was hurt in this one thankfully, empty parked cars.

ok, here is the chat for the week:
Everyday Ruralty

1. Would you rather drive or be driven?
--i would rather drive short distances like to work or the shopping mall. i would rather be driven for road trips. i am good company and i stay up!

2. If you had your choice of a shiny new BMW with no conveniences inside, or an older model Ford or Chevy with everything one could want for comfort and convenience inside, which would you choose?
--the comfort and convenience Ford or Chevy and it may be better with gas too!

3. Do you eat many vegetables?
--yes! love them. i have a veggie with each meal. i even sneak it in with breakfast :)

4. If you could blink your eyes and make a change to your body, face, hair, or nails, what would you change?
--i would get rid of some more of my tummy and give myself wavy shoulder length hair :) i like most everything else.

5. Please finish this sentence. "Goody! Someone just gave me two hundred dollars and I must spend it doing something enjoyable today. I'm going to___________________."
--I am going to save it? pay off my month of school loans? ok...fine since i have to spend it, i guess i will fill up my gas tank and go shopping :)

hope you all are happy, safe, and dry :)


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Quiz about me and Coffee Chat

  happy Tuesday. let's back track to Monday Quiz about me and do the coffee chat today too...yea , it is all sorts of "Akward" today :-\
1. Today is International Astronomy Day - do you star gaze?  Have a favorite constellation?
A:--no, i do not really star gaze unless it is a big sky event, like comets, or meteor showers or eclipses. my favorite constellation would be "The Big Dipper". it is fun at times to try and find all the constellations on a full star night.

2. It is also Great Poetry Reading Day - share something poetic...
(* It's also Kiss Your Mate Day -but I don't think we need to discuss that *-*)
A:--haha! roses are red, violets are blue, i love to blog now how about you? ok, corney i know, but really i am not a poet and i know it! Hallmark does it best :)

3. Volunteering has been a big topic around our house lately - do you volunteer?  What kinds of volunteering do you enjoy?
A:--yes, i volunteer when i can. with working full time it is hard now. i help out at the blood bank, food drives etc. of course now to begin to volunteer is like applying for a JOB, i mean they want reference and all...ummm, remember, YOU ALL ARE NOT PAYING ME, why do you need all this?

4. April 30th is National Honesty Day - clear your soul - and be honest about something you've been holding in...
A:--ummm, i think i tell it as it is most time. i guess i could be more honest about my pet peeves? i am also pretty sad that in the past 2 weeks, well past week really there have been negative and racist comments made by people who should know better and of influence. just saddens me that we make steps forward and then end up going back to the 1850's in some of our minds. 
Tuesday Coffee Chat time! grab your cup and let's chat!
This week is about Awkwardness. Small Talk? How to Start a good Conversation?
 Time out for Mom
--i think i am ok at small talk. there is enough going on in the world and funny meme's to start them. to start up a conversation with someone i do not know, i usually bring up a topic about a current event or sports, or last nights popular show that i gets things going and flowing. with people i know, "Good Morning" or "Hello" usually does the trick,
Are you good at Small Talk?  Awkward Silences?   
What are your tips on how to be a good Conversationalist?
- See more at:
Are you good at Small Talk?  Awkward Silences?   
What are your tips on how to be a good Conversationalist?
- See more at:
Are you good at Small Talk?  Awkward Silences?   
What are your tips on how to be a good Conversationalist?
- See more at:
Are you good at Small Talk?  Awkward Silences?   
What are your tips on how to be a good Conversationalist?
- See more at:

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Social and Inspiration

happy Sunday! Time for Sunday Social and a little bit of Inspiration for the coming week ahead!

Sunday Social-link up if you like :) we are almost at 100 SS...whoa! but this one is #99 :)

Sunday Social

1. What is your biggest driving pet peeve?
--when someone says or post something on social media (and you phone buzzes while you are driving) about being upset, you ask them about it and they say...i do not want to talk about it. well, then why did you post or tweet about it then? ugh!!

2. What is your biggest blogging pet peeve?
--not leaving comments. i guess when i have really looked at a post, i always leave a comment about something. i do not like the word or number verification either and also once i get into a blog and all of a sudden they stop posting...or their last post was in December of 2013...come back i miss reading about your happenings!

3. What is your biggest shopping pet peeve?
--when i am in a hurry and i am stuck behind the person with the MASSIVE amount of coupons and another lane refuses to open. also i really do not like shelf clearer's. we all would like to partake in the great deal too!

4. What is your biggest general pet peeve?
--being ignored, especially in an office setting and we have to see each other each day b/c that is how the office is set up. no cold shoulder please. whatever was done should be water under the bridge by now.

5. What is your most irrational fear?
--swallowing pills/medication. i do it if i have to or there is no liquid or powder form, but i really hate it. i have this fear that the pill will get stuck in my throat and i will choke.

Sunday Inspiration...a little inspiration to end and start your week off right!

Photo: ''If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking'' Buddhist Proverb. Sensational Bliss loves you every day of the year! ❤


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sunday Stealing--TV Meme

happy Saturday! let's play along. we all watch some type of tv right?

1. TV Theme songs. Which is your favorite, and which makes you crazy enough to hit mute on the remote?--fav is the Sex and the City Theme Song and Law and Order SVU. i hit mute on the remote is the Full House Theme Song.

2. The Classics. What is your favorite Classic TV show?--The Cosby Show

3. What character from a Classic TV show would you like to be?--Claire Huxtable

4. Can you remember a line you liked from a Classic TV show?--ha yes! one of the kids said, but "Dad why do we have to be rich?" and Cosby then said  "who are we? we are not rich. you mother and i are rich, you my child have nothing!" 

5. Heroes. What show featuring those who protect your country (fiction or non-fiction) is your favorite?--Captain Planet was my favorite. when all the powers of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart combined he appeared.  

6. TV Cops. Who is your favorite (past or present) TV cop? Which TV cop do you think was the most crooked, or the most inept?--i liked Carl Winslow from Family Matters. he was kind of all kinds of cop in a way. 

7. You need to hire a bodyguard for yourself. Which TV cop do you choose?--Kevin Costner from the Bodyguard  

8. TV Doctors. Which TV doctor would you choose to remove your appendix? Which TV doctor would you not let touch you with a 10- foot pole?--Dr. House can operate and treat me any day. Please keep Dr. Izzy Stevens away from me! 

9. TV Moms. Which TV mom would you have liked to have had for your own? Is there a TV mom you would never want as your own?--i would like Claire Huxtable as my mom (other than my mom). i would not want any of the mom's from the show Strict Parents

10. TV Dads. Which TV Dad would you have most liked to have for your own dad? On the flipside, who was the TV Dad you’d have least liked to have had?--i like Danny Tanner as a TV Dad, again i would not want any Dad from the show Strict Parents or really even the Preacher Father's type shows

11. Comedies. How do you feel about sitcoms? Good, wholesome fun or saccharine inanity?--depends. they are hit and miss. i really liked Friends.

12. If your life was a sitcom, what would the title be?--my sitcom would be pretty boring. work, school, domestic work...yea, i guess the real normal housewoman.

13. If you went to a comedy club on amateur night, and they gave you some jokes and a microphone, would you go onstage?--probably. it would be fun.

14. Reality. Are you a fan of Reality TV? What’s your “can’t miss” reality TV show (or shows), or what reality TV show do you suppose the devil plays on the TV in Hell as punishment?--i like all of the Real Housewives...there I said it and any cooking show too. i am not a fan of the reality show "Sister Wives". 

15. If you were given a free ticket to be on any reality show, which one would you choose?--i would want to be on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. there are a few things i would like to tell some of those ladies. 


Friday, April 25, 2014

Follow Friday and Currently

happy Friday! it is time to get to Feeling Beachie with this link up! Enjoy!

 Feeling Beachie

The statements:

 I _____ except when________
  I can’t__________ when I ________
I used to ____________ but now____________
I If I could I would do ________ all day

My Answers:




I If I could I would do SWIMMING all day
now let's move on to another link-up and see what is going on currently...
 currently this week according to these themes: (making, eating, enjoying, hiding, noticing) i am...
currently i am...
MAKING strides to understand things
EATING a homemade salad with romaine lettuce, chicken, tomatoes, and peppers
ENJOYING the bit of quiet time and the increase in communication towards people i care about
HIDING my feelings towards a co-worker. it is easier than mixing the pot again and causing even more tension. it is probably all in my head too.
NOTICING how people can hurt or help you and either be on your side or not and how sometimes apologies are just not good enough for some people.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

3 on Thursday (TOT) Meme--Welcome!

  happy Thursday and welcome to my new and FIRST Meme... Three on Thursday or TOT Meme. See below, answer on your blog, link-up, and make a new friend. Hope you make this Meme part of your blog routine! Let's get started!

Three (3) on Thursday (TOT)

Welcome to the Thursday Meme called Three (3) on Thursday or hey...the TOT Meme! I am teaming up with WTIT who does the popular Memes such as Stealing Sunday and Saturday 9. Now, you can add this one to your list! 
3 on Thursday
There will be... you guessed it...THREE (3) questions each (ok, well most) Thursdays and all you have to do is answer them in your blog, link up, have fun, and make a new friend perhaps by leaving a comment...we all love a comment or two :). My answers will be on my blog Eloquent Rambles. Have fun and lets get started! 

1.--What is one things you would like us to know about you?
A:-- I really do like to blog and write. I like question and answer memes a lot. someone else has done the questions for me :)

2.--What is your favorite color and why?
A:--My favorite color, well really colors are pink, blue, and purple. I like them because of all the shades they come in and they are good on any skin complexion.

3.--Do you follow/believe in Horoscopes? What is your sign?
A:--Sometimes I follow Horoscopes, not sure if I believe in them though. My sign is Cancer as I was born July 2. Some of the things that I have read about how and what a "Cancer" is has been fairly accurate for me. What about you? 
Also, if you would like to link-up to another blog on Thursday's there is The Lovely Blog Hop with Her and Nicole :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Chatting Away!

happy Wednesday! let's chat with these questions and with Everyday Ruralty.
Tomorrow feel free to join me and link up with me and my new link-up called Three on Thursday Meme (TOT). 3 questions, your answers, make a friend!

Everyday Ruralty
Do you enjoy crossword puzzles, word finds, or any "word" activities?
A:--they are not bad. i am more of  a word find girl

What's on your dining room table right now?
A:--haha, place mats, dead flowers, pepper grinder, and my laptop

Do you like Italian food?
A:--umm, yea, who does not. i am a huge fan of lasagna.

Did you ever want a brother, twin, or sister, when you were a child?
A:--yes, i did and i have one now. a younger brother. of course as a girl i wanted a sister and told my mother to take the boy back, she got the wrong one and she told me.."well, that is all the hospital had to give me today". this was before i learned the real story about how children come into the world. 

How far away is the nearest grocery store? 
A:--the closest is 0.3 miles away...the Super Wal-Mart. hey, it works.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Laugh...

happy Tuesday. i am going to enjoy this coffee chat as i do love to laugh. this week we are talking about what made you laugh this week. haha, i have a good one! also, coming this Thursday, i will be hosting a weekly blog called "Three on Thursday Meme". answer, link-up, comment, and make a friend!

my dad can sure be the funny one! so, i had ordered some hemp seeds this week in 3 pound bag along with some other things. i showed my dad my order and such and he said, wow, that is a lot of stuff at one time. they he picked up the hemp seed packet and said to me..."humph, so you are bringing "dope" into the house" (you have to insert an African accent here for the real funny effect). i said "no of course not dad, you can eat hemp seeds, in this form it is nothing but food and had all 20 amino acids plus 10 grams of fiber per serving!" my dad then proceeded to say "oh, you and your mom. but you still mean to tell me that this is technically the "original dope"? anyway, if it has all those things, give me and i will eat "dope" with you all!". it was too much, we both just laughed for a really long time!

*what is your funny for the week?


Monday, April 21, 2014

Me on Monday and Link-up

happy Monday! i hope your weekend and Easter was a nice one. let's learn about each other this Monday and participate in a Monday Funday Link-Up!

Acting Balanced

1. This week is National Karaoke Week - do you do Karaoke? What is your "song"?
A--i do not do Karaoke, but i do not mind watching it. if i did have a song to sing it would be "get here" by Oleta Adams.
2. April 21st is Kindergarten Day - what did you learn in Kindergarten that you use today?
A--oh the days of Kindergarten. i learned how to share and make a friend. i tend to still use those skills today oh and how to write my name too :)
3. Any suggestions for what to do with leftover Easter Candy?
A--ah, the loads of leftover Easter Candy...just eat it! ha! well, most times if i can, i will give it away or since i work at a college, i just bring the rest to work and let the students pick what they want as they come in. another good idea is to find some recipes and cook with them like bake cookies/cakes etc. 
4.  Do you vegetable garden? What do you grow?
A--hmmm, my folks do and every now and then i will with something like basil or green onions. hopefully the weather will warm up soon when i can get back to it!
Monday Funday Link-up with Molly. check some other blogs out!


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Inspiration!

happy Sunday to all! also...Happy Easter. i have decided to make Sunday a light blogging day as it should be a day of rest right? yea it should. this one is quiet restful to say the least but got to get ready for Monday...eek! so i think i am going to try this little idea in my head called...Sunday Inspiration. we could all use a little inspiration and kind words to end the week and start the new one off right. i may make this a little link-up if you all like. who would link up with me? how do i get a link up started?

first off with the good and bad of this week...

Good this week: the accessories from my new phone such as a phone cover came in this week. yea! i am an Android gal now.

Bad this week: not really bad, but sad in a mom has left/is in Africa now. i do miss her. also, i am still trying to figure out how i ruined bread that i make all the time this week? it had a pungent sour/bleach like smell. made me sad as i was up early to make it. no one ate it of course as i do not want anyone sick. 

Some Inspiration...have a great end and start to the week!


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sunday Stealing and....New Meme?!?!

happy Saturday! hope it was a good one! are you all ready for Easter? are you sick of eggs yet? well, lets have some fun with an Easter Meme on this Sunday Stealing. Also...looks like I am all set to go with hosting a new Meme on Thursday's along with WTIT called Three (3) on Thursday!  now i just need to figure out how to get the link-up set up to work...hmmm?? anyway, on to the Sunday Stealing Meme!

The Easter Meme

What are your Easter traditions?--eat an Easter Dinner and Watch movies about Jesus on TV

Do you hard boil and decorate eggs?--no. durring my school age years yes, but now no.

How do you decorate your home for Easter?--not really, we do have the pastel colors out though in clothing and flowers/placemats when Spring comes around.

Do you make/buy special outfits for yourself and your kids on Easter?--no

What is your favorite Easter dish?--anything with HAM!! we do not eat Ham much in our home, but I love it. especially the nice big chunks!

When did you learn the truth about the Easter Bunny?--when he was hopping upright on two legs.

Do you spend Easter at home, on vacation, or with family?--depends on the year. usually with Family. This Easter my mother is overseas and my brother has finals week to prep for so quiet Easter this year.

First one up on Easter morning?--my father. he is always the first one up anyday. first in bed, first one up!

Go to mass or church?--i try to or i catch it on tv.

What are your favorite Easter hymns and/or choir arrangements?--He is Risen and Count your Many Blessings.

How many Easter egg hunts does your family usually participate in?--none

Do you make deviled eggs out of leftover Easter eggs?--no, but really, i am sort of sick of eggs right now.

Are you tired of eggs by the end of the Easter Season? --see previous answer...yes. but they sure do have some nice sales on eggs going on!

Are Peeps good or gross?--GROSS, but they are cute!

What company makes the best chocolate for Easter time?--any one that is on sale! Hershey's is not too bad.
Lots of candy or not?--not. i really just want HAM! 

What is your favorite Easter candy?--Jellybeans. i do get a taste for them this time of year.

Do you find plastic Easter grass hidden in places for months after Easter is over?--at the office yes. at

What’s your favorite color for fake grass?--pink, purple, and light blue

well, that is it! do not forget about Three on Thursday Meme hosted by me and Happy Easter!!


Friday, April 18, 2014

Fill in the Blanks!

Happy Friday! are you Feeling Beachie? I sure am (wish this cold weather and rain would stop). Let's fill in the blanks and have some fun today. i always enjoy hearing what you all come up with to fill in the blanks!

Feeling Beachie
The statements:

I ____________ require a lot _________
  Sometimes I ____ if ______
it is very unusual but I _____-/li>
Is it illegal to ______

My Answers:



Thursday, April 17, 2014

Currently and Update

happy Thursday! what a week it has been. i have not blogged since Saturday shame on me! :( so lots has been going on and let me update you briefly...

--mom is on her way to Africa. miss her already
--i am finally catching up on files...yea! 10 per day is my goal
--kind of hope students keep coming in to the college, enrollment is down
--i have been really tired, no sleep as busy helping to pack.
--communication is good this week...again!
--i am driving on a more regular basis now so that is nice.
--i need to get my nails done...mani/pedi anyone? have you heard of shellac nails?

themes this week:  clearing, digging, mixing, reading, watching

currently i am...

--CLEARING off my desk at home and work.

--DIGGING myself out of my endless files to update hole

--MIXING dates and times up in my head. oh by i need a vacation

--READING nothing really at the moment, but need to, i have SO many books on my e-reader

--WATCHING anything that is not reality tv right now. 

*what are you currently doing?


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sunday Stealing-Bonus Time

happy Saturday! hope it was a good one for you all. so far things are well...stretched. i have gotten all my gadgets in. i am now an Android club member, no more Apple. my room is now a storage room, and mother has not yet packed for her overseas trip and she leaves in less than a week...ahhh! well, let's relax with some Sunday Stealing-bonus time meme. i have been thinking to try and bring back an old one (talk is in the works) hope i can and it sure would be nice and a start. i think i can make time for it. would you all be up for joining another meme on Thursdays? 

What’s your favorite frozen treat on a stick?--fruit popsicle

What’s your favorite lollipop?--the really big ones that you can get at wal-mart for 50 cents!

When you passed notes during class in high school, who was mostly often the recipient?--mostly my girl best friend.

Who among your high school friends was the first to get his or her own car?--the rich girls...their daddies sure loved them!

Who’s the black sheep in your family?--not sure...who knows, it may be me? opps? :(

Who’s the family historian?--my uncle...mother's brother.

What was the last thing you sprayed from a spray bottle?--bath and body works body mist coconut lime.

What was the last thing you sprayed from an aerosol can?--room freshener in the restroom

When did you last make reservations for something?--a hotel room for a little mini vacay

What’s your next upcoming appointment?--for now, in June 2014

What store’s departure from your preferred shopping mall most saddened you?--Fredrick's of Hollywood

What’s good to eat at your preferred shopping mall?--the Philly Cheesesteak place.

What services (as opposed to goods) do you pay for at your preferred shopping mall?--the mini shopping carts/strollers for the little ones.

What’s a store you’ve never been inside at your preferred shopping mall?--Dick's Sporting Goods need for it at the moment.

What kind of store would you most welcome in your preferred shopping mall?--a dollar tree and Teavana tea store.

What did you most recently purchase at an office supply store?--the sale rack items of iphone/mp3 holders

What did you most recently purchase at a book store?--ummm, with the e-readers now was the last thing i bought.

What did you most recently purchase at a drugstore?--my prescription

What did you most recently purchase at a convenience store?--the big gulp/32 oz drink. my local convenience store has really good sweet tea.

What did you most recently purchase at a thrift shop?--shoes, jeans, dresses, and shirts...they were having a BIG 69 cent sale. all items of a certain color were 69 cents. 

*how is your Saturday/Sunday going?


Friday, April 11, 2014

Fill in 4 and Happies and Crappies Friday

 happy Friday! let's fill in the blanks

Feeling Beachie
The statements:

_________________is my way to____________
 My favorite ___________is _______________
I am nothing like ____________-/li>
 One thing I wish I could do better is ____________



I am nothing like MY MOTHER...AT LEAST I DO NOT THINK SO :)

*how would you fill in the blanks?
Happies and Crappies... no link up this time. just like doing these at the end of the week :)
Happies...hmmm, got some praise at work this week, a free purse, some great sales, communication went well and my eyesight after surgery continues to improve.

Crappies...a co-worker took what i said wrong and now things just feel weird, my mother is getting ready to travel for a couple months...going to miss her, my files are backed up, got to find a way to catch up...any tips, other than just do the files?


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Coffee Chat and Currently...

happy Wednesday! so i missed yesterday with the coffee chat, so i will do it today along with a currently link-up too!

coffee chat time...i need it after today too!
Time out for Mom

so this week we are talking about what we are not...I am hair! yes, when i first saw this prompt the song by India Arie, "I am not my Hair"  came to mind. basically, it is reminding women that they are beautiful and unique. i currently have very short hair, as you can see from my blog header picture, and that is ok, i like it now. i figure, if i want longer hair, i will use a wig :) those around me like it either way and basically remind me as the song says..."I am not my Hair, I am not my Skin, I am not your Expectations, no no! I am the soul that lives within!"

*what is it that you are NOT?

the prompts this week are...dropping, making, wearing, kissing, keeping 

currently i am...

--DROPPING my old gadgets and Apple for new ones! i just got the nexus7 second generation and the nexus5 Google phone. bye bye Apple IOS, hello Android. got some good deals too on them!

--MAKING progress at work, in communication, and with my clutter in my space.

--WEARING a bright spring color green shirt and thin khaki pants

--KISSING the ability to save right now good bye as i have spent a lot this week alone :( technology is a mess.

--KEEPING my cool as it gets crazier and crazier this semester at the college and working with students.

*what is currently going on with you?*