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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Currently and Update

happy Thursday! what a week it has been. i have not blogged since Saturday shame on me! :( so lots has been going on and let me update you briefly...

--mom is on her way to Africa. miss her already
--i am finally catching up on files...yea! 10 per day is my goal
--kind of hope students keep coming in to the college, enrollment is down
--i have been really tired, no sleep as busy helping to pack.
--communication is good this week...again!
--i am driving on a more regular basis now so that is nice.
--i need to get my nails done...mani/pedi anyone? have you heard of shellac nails?

themes this week:  clearing, digging, mixing, reading, watching

currently i am...

--CLEARING off my desk at home and work.

--DIGGING myself out of my endless files to update hole

--MIXING dates and times up in my head. oh by i need a vacation

--READING nothing really at the moment, but need to, i have SO many books on my e-reader

--WATCHING anything that is not reality tv right now. 

*what are you currently doing?



  1. I hate it when my mind won't let me sleep. I keep a note pad by the bed and hope that by writing it down I can clear my thoughts. Good luck with your files.

    1. RNT, thank you! yes, i got about 3 done...students all of a sudden started coming in and out.


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