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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Currently this Wednesday

happy wednesday! what is going on with you "currently"? share with me and also link up with Harvesting Kale to read other and perhaps make a new blog friend.

my mini list of "currently's"

currently i am...
--watching this madness on the Fort Hood shooting...again. 
--feeling really sleepy
--doing laundry
--writing this blog
--helping mother slowly pack for her trip out of the country
--wondering how someone was able to sign me up for a training without me knowing in my payroll account? strange it was. glad my boss said something about it. perhaps it was an April Fool's Joke? i fixed it and as long as my pay is not messed up, i am fine.

themes--reading, feeling, racing, using, smelling...

currently i am...
--READING the CNN news feeds on my phone and facebook
--FEELING really good about things, great conversation, but i am also feeling tired too
--RACING to finish up at least March's files on my desk...almost at 200 students!
--USING natural deodorant that i made with coconut oil and baking soda...not bad, still getting used to it.
--SMELLING mildew and/or mold. box got wet from the car and now it is in the laundry room...ugh and yuck!

*what are you currently doing?*



  1. Having to read about another shooting is making my heart ache, prayers for you and all involved :( Crista @ Hands and Hearts More Than Full xo

    1. yes it is sad. it almost makes you wonder when it will hit your city.


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