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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Inspiration!

happy Sunday to all! also...Happy Easter. i have decided to make Sunday a light blogging day as it should be a day of rest right? yea it should. this one is quiet restful to say the least but got to get ready for Monday...eek! so i think i am going to try this little idea in my head called...Sunday Inspiration. we could all use a little inspiration and kind words to end the week and start the new one off right. i may make this a little link-up if you all like. who would link up with me? how do i get a link up started?

first off with the good and bad of this week...

Good this week: the accessories from my new phone such as a phone cover came in this week. yea! i am an Android gal now.

Bad this week: not really bad, but sad in a mom has left/is in Africa now. i do miss her. also, i am still trying to figure out how i ruined bread that i make all the time this week? it had a pungent sour/bleach like smell. made me sad as i was up early to make it. no one ate it of course as i do not want anyone sick. 

Some Inspiration...have a great end and start to the week!



  1. maybe the yeast went bad? I had that happen once. And sometimes the weather can affect baking -- I know that to be the case in our climate. Certain days I do not bake.
    My mom just got back from Florida - the kids were excited to see grandma again. it may be related to the fact she always brings some kind of beach treasure she found. and souvenirs. My mom and I are not used to going more than a couple of weeks without seeing each other since I moved -- I can imagine how much you miss yours.

    1. There was no yeast in this bread. I think i was not supposed to bake with the hemp seeds or perhaps the coconut oil was rancid. but it did not smell that way...hmmm?

  2. Praise God your Mama arrived safely. Can't help with the bread. I haven't made it in a long time. Happy Sunday! Claiming the good end and happy beginning of my new week. Blessings!

    1. Yes, i am glad she made it back safely too and now i just wish she would start to feel better!


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