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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Coffee Chat and Currently...

happy Wednesday! so i missed yesterday with the coffee chat, so i will do it today along with a currently link-up too!

coffee chat time...i need it after today too!
Time out for Mom

so this week we are talking about what we are not...I am hair! yes, when i first saw this prompt the song by India Arie, "I am not my Hair"  came to mind. basically, it is reminding women that they are beautiful and unique. i currently have very short hair, as you can see from my blog header picture, and that is ok, i like it now. i figure, if i want longer hair, i will use a wig :) those around me like it either way and basically remind me as the song says..."I am not my Hair, I am not my Skin, I am not your Expectations, no no! I am the soul that lives within!"

*what is it that you are NOT?

the prompts this week are...dropping, making, wearing, kissing, keeping 

currently i am...

--DROPPING my old gadgets and Apple for new ones! i just got the nexus7 second generation and the nexus5 Google phone. bye bye Apple IOS, hello Android. got some good deals too on them!

--MAKING progress at work, in communication, and with my clutter in my space.

--WEARING a bright spring color green shirt and thin khaki pants

--KISSING the ability to save right now good bye as i have spent a lot this week alone :( technology is a mess.

--KEEPING my cool as it gets crazier and crazier this semester at the college and working with students.

*what is currently going on with you?*



  1. That is exactly the song I was thinking of (and singing in my head) when I wrote my post. Exactly the message I wanted to get across to the person who was trying to force their idea of what I should be. I should have just posted the video - would have saved time. LOL

    Your hair is fabulous for you - shows off those amazing cheekbones you got! I wish I could go short short - it would be so much easier. I did try once, and it simply was not flattering at all. I'm not too picky; but it was definitely not me. And you gotta be you, right? :)
    Oh no! Dumped the Apple line? haha You'll have to update and let us know how you like being free from IOS. I hear that the iphone 6 might be out in September.... I still have the 4 - I'll never catch up.

  2. I was tempted to make the move from Apple to Android, but I was too afraid to risk it. Once I find something I love, I tend not to take too many chances :)

    1. Randalin, the move is not too bad. but i was also on a Apple 3GS like the first one so at this point, anything would have been a welcomed upgrade!

  3. PS - just noticed you have a MA in Public Health....I work for Public Health in my region :)

    1. Randalin, yep! i am happy i got it, now i just need to find a job in the field. what do you do and is your region looking for people? does not hurt to ask.


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