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Monday, April 21, 2014

Me on Monday and Link-up

happy Monday! i hope your weekend and Easter was a nice one. let's learn about each other this Monday and participate in a Monday Funday Link-Up!

Acting Balanced

1. This week is National Karaoke Week - do you do Karaoke? What is your "song"?
A--i do not do Karaoke, but i do not mind watching it. if i did have a song to sing it would be "get here" by Oleta Adams.
2. April 21st is Kindergarten Day - what did you learn in Kindergarten that you use today?
A--oh the days of Kindergarten. i learned how to share and make a friend. i tend to still use those skills today oh and how to write my name too :)
3. Any suggestions for what to do with leftover Easter Candy?
A--ah, the loads of leftover Easter Candy...just eat it! ha! well, most times if i can, i will give it away or since i work at a college, i just bring the rest to work and let the students pick what they want as they come in. another good idea is to find some recipes and cook with them like bake cookies/cakes etc. 
4.  Do you vegetable garden? What do you grow?
A--hmmm, my folks do and every now and then i will with something like basil or green onions. hopefully the weather will warm up soon when i can get back to it!
Monday Funday Link-up with Molly. check some other blogs out!



  1. Great idea for leftover chocolate - bake with it!

    1. that is great, but you have left over chocholate? how? that is the first to go!

  2. most of what I have left over is random candy that the kids get from school... oh well, I like your idea of sending it to the college with hubby... maybe his students will finish it off!

    1. Heather, yes, they should. College students seem to love Candy for some reason!


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