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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday Chats

happy Thursday! almost Friday. Let's have a chatty Thursday with my new friend over at Everyday Ruralty. i have been looking for a blog post to do on Thursday's so this may be it! love questions and answers! i am playing catch up too , so here it is for the past 2 :) enjoy and hope to meet a new friend!

Everyday Ruralty 

last week:
What is your favorite room of your house or apartment?
--a: the bathroom :) it is the only place where i can go and hide and you are guaranteed to be left alone for at least 3 minutes. 

What's your favorite topping for pancakes or waffles?
--a: syrup and/or fresh fruit and i prefer waffles.

Do you like dried fruit?
--a: i do not mind it. i like it now when it comes to baking.

Please finish this statement. "As soon as we have good spring weather, I'm going to_______."
--a: wear my sun dresses and soak up the sun.

Tell me a memory from your childhood.
--a: going to Disney world many many times
this week:
What's your favorite method of travel?
--a: i like by car. get to see things, stop off and take pics. i also usually get a good nap in too!

If you wear jewelry, are you more likely to wear silver or gold?
--a: i wear both equally i guess, but i do like "white gold". best of both worlds right?

How often do you wear sunglasses?
--a: all the time now, especially after my eye surgeries. plus i now get them at the Dollar Tree for you guessed it ONE DOLLAR (plus

Which would be easier for you to leave undone (for a short period of time), dishes or laundry?
--a: the laundry. i have a lot of clothes so i could, if it did not smell after a time, do laundry once a month.

On a scale of 1-10 (1-hardly any+ 10- house is full), how much clutter have you collected?
--a: that would be an 8. i gather a lot. not hoarder style, but a lot. i mean i can see my floor. college years you collect a lot! and my family is from Africa, so we get what we can when we can in hopes of boxing them up and sending them to Africa for those in need. hard at times b/c mail system is not great and it is hard to find someone who is going to Africa on a regular basis.
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