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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Peacful pics

Blogtember is all about pics this day. i really need some peaceful pics to help get me through this time and i hope they will help you all out too!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Blogtember and let's talk about Memories!
memories are great usually bring a smaile to your face. as for me there are a few memories i would like to relive and tha t i a good things right? 
1. i wold like to relive me living on my own again and coming in and out as i please and being able to spend more than a few hours of alone time with my love. ahhh, that will be a nice and a memory i am sure i will get back soon.

2. i would love to relive the memory of having 20/20 vision again. i suddenly became very blurry b/c i detached my retina and now i am getting ready to undego surgery. i hope to get the memory of seeing well, or at least not everything blurry again.

3. i would REALLY love to relive the memory of my time in Sicily, Italy. that was a great time. i was young and really mad that i had to leave all my friends to move (ahh, middle school days /being age 13) and digital cameras were not a common thing or readily available. oh if i was to go back now, the pictures i would take and the old and new memories i would have. 


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Monday, September 16, 2013

A Letter and Q and A

another week of Blogtember is here and here is my letter to you!i decided to write a letter to the readers:

dear readers,
thank you for reading along with me. than you for listening to my ups and down, highs and low, happies, and crappies. you really did not have to, but i am so glad you do. thank you for listening to things about me and my love and putting up with all the constant challenges i have taken on and your sweet and kind comments that i get from time to time. i have gotten better at at ;east reading all your blogs and i am getting better and leaving a comment at the blogs i stop at. thank you also again for your kind words about my upcoming eye surgery. i am scared and nervous about it. the eye is a sensitive and crazy area. i will say, i do wish that the one person who i really want behind me and supporting me would show me a little more compassion and more gentle with his words about this time. i know he is going through a lot, but so am i, but we need to stick together. i have not heard from him yet today and hope that wull change soon. my heart hurts when i do not hear from him, but you all sure make the difference when these feelings arise. thank you SOOO much and i hope you all keep reading, commenting, and posting. i also hope to meet some new bloggers too!!

all my best,

~Eloquent Obi

i am participating in these questions this week. i am starting to be more a part of blog hops and link ups when i can. these questions are from Acting Balanced blog and "Monday Quiz About Me"

1. September 15th was Chicken Lover's day - what is your favorite way to prepare chicken?==baked chicken drumsticks
2. It is 99 days until Christmas... what are you planning to ask Santa for?==a new computer and/or a car and continued blessings with my relationship
3. How long should company stay?==depends on where they are from. overseas guest 2-3 weeks, guest from the states 1 week max. i say this b/c i am usually the one displaced from my room first!
4. What do you consider to be a long trip?==a long trip is anything more than 3 hours to me.

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

if it is is Sunday Social! i am writing this through uy burry vision and one week and counting until my eye surgery! here we go!

1. what is the name of your blog?-Eloquent Rambles

2. what do you love most about blogging?= i love writing and the blog hops and link ups

3. why did you start blogging?=just something fun to do and i was reading other blogs and said, "hey, i can do that!

4. what do you want to tell somebody who is just entering the blog world?=that you do not have make a blog post everyday!

5. what is the biggest blogging learning experience you have had?=that not everyone will comment on your blog and also i have learned how to take myself off of being a no-reply e-mail blogger, so now i get comments via e-mail and such. yea!

6. what are 3 blogs you love?= oh i just love you all. but i do love blogs that: 1. post regularlly, 2. talk about food, and 3. give me challenges or questions to answer.  i also love these 3 ladies as they were my first 3 blogging friends: Jen @ Adventures of our Army Life Lesiure@ NavWif33 and Alex@ Munchkins and the Military.

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

6 word saturday!

6 word Saturday is here: here we go! i am dealing with this:

eye surgery for a detached retina 

in other blogging news today...i am just really tired. i wish my love's ex would just leave him alone. olive garden lasanga pan and salad and bread sticks were good. wish my mom would not feel so bad about my eyes. there was really nothing that she could do earlier or sooner. i hoppe they fix it and i just want to know that i have support and love through all this b/c at times i do not. i hate the feeling of being ignored. ok, today is just a sad day and i really do just want to sleep. hope your saturday is going better. perhaps i will link up with a few blog hops and feel a bit better. your writings do cheer me up!

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Friday, September 13, 2013

A self portait and eye update!

hello all! this is an easy blogtember post! yea! you all ready for an oh so cute selfie of me? well here it is. and also i will give you all an update on my eye appointment. not the best news, but at least i know!
ok is my self-portrait with no make-up on! oh no!

now here is an update on my eye: i went to the retina specialist and wow! my left eye is a mess. no wonder i was having such a hard time seeing out of it. my poor right eye is doing the same thing, but it is not as bad. it looks like it is also seeing for both eyes, poor thing. i have detached my retina in my left eye and i have to have surgery to repair it. i hope this will help restore some sight in my eye. more than ever i need all the love, support, advice, and prayers/good vibes i can get! i am nervous about it, but so glad there is a bit of a solution and they could schedule the surgery so quickly for the 23rd of September.
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blogging & Social Media and my eyes

blogtember challenge today is about blogging and social media and how it has changed your life. but first let me tell you all that i should be getting some answers to and about my eyes today as i have an appointment with the retina specialist. i hope it is nothing that is not fixable. i guess i will find out soon enough.

ok, now to blogtember and talk about blogging and social media.
blogging had helped me be a better writer. i express myself more and i am meeting new people. social media for me right now is hit and miss. i enjoy it b/c i am connected with a lot of people family wise and i have my friends on there too. it has it's downside b/c lately i have been having fights on f\acebook with my love on there from mean messages back and forth, to the adding one minute and then removal of our relationship status and pictures the next etc. ugh!! right now, social media is not my friend, but cannot let ONE person ruin it for others that really care about me. we keep saying we will and can work it out. i am waiting for it to happen. maybe there is something i need to work on. what do you think? overall, social media and blogging are great. i love a good blog hop and connecting with others!

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Let's go Shopping!!!

before we head off shopping via some links, let us first take a moment and remember/never forget 9-11-2001. wow 12 years ago today and we have never been the same as a nation. lessons learned, never forget!


on the blog challenge for Blogtember is all about shopping! here are a couple links to my favorite places to shop. i normally do not shop online. i am a try my clothes on in the fitting room kind of girl. but when i do shop online for electronics, gadgets, misc. things and the occational clothes, i shop at or NoMoreRack. great deals and great service. i also tend to have free gift cards to these places so it makes shopping easier.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I hit Rock Bottom to get here now!

today with the Blogtember Challenge, i am goign to tell you about a distinct moment when my life my case for the better:

i hit rock bottom when i was in school. no i was not in drugs, or violence or anything like that. it was academic trouble. i did not cheat or break any honor codes. i just was not getting this bio-statics class in my masters program. ahhh! i struggled with the class and felt like there was no help. in graduate school anything less than a B is failing...yes, even a B-. i now see why they say sometimes it is easier to go to medical school than it is to go through graduate school. at least in medical school you can make all C's and still be a doctor. i hit rock bottom when i made my first C in that bio-stats class and had to re-take it. the funny thing is i made A's in my other 2 classes. my GPA was still over a 3.0, but in grad school that does not matter as you have a C. well, i re-took the class again and did not pass it the second time around either so that meant i could not continue with the program at that school. i was sad, hurt, felt stupid etc. it was hard. so, i got a job to finish out my apt. lease and moved back home. i took a little mental break b/c well, at this point i needed it. and also had to find a school that would accept me. my family was really helpful with this and we had lots of talks and stragey planning and even discussion if a master's was right for me. i decided it was. it was only one class that was beating me, not all of them. so i found a school:                               American Military University                           
and finished my master's there through their online program. what a turning point that was. i not only got my Master's in Public Health finally, but i did so with flying colors, graduated Summa Cum Laude (4.0 GPA) with honors AND, this gal that once made a C in bio-statics made a perfect 100% (A+) in the class this time around. i think that fall of being told i could not attend the school i was at before because of that one C, really got me to shape up. also being around less distractions by being at home helped too. the major lesson i learned is ok to take a break, regroup and go for your goal/dream again. there is always a way! now i know i can do anything and i have the capability of making A's no matter the course level. it is a good feeling to have back. my confidence in academics is back!!!

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Monday, September 9, 2013


hey all! Blogtember challenge week is back now! here we are again and this time we are doing a quick personality test and sharing your results. here are mine. i have done these before and i am always an Extrovert, what can i say, i like people, but the other letters tend to change i guess depending on where i am in life. in the past i have been and ENFJ. so it looks like i am going back and forth between being Sensing or Sensitive and Nurturing. what do you think? if you would like to take the personality assessment, here is the link:

Extravert(11%)  Sensing(1%)  Feeling(25%)  Judging(56%)

You have slight preference of Extroversion over Introversion (11%)
You have marginal or no preference of Sensing over Intuition (1%)
You have moderate preference of Feeling over Thinking (25%)
You have moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving (56%)

in other news, my aunt is here safely from Nigeria. 6 weeks of awesomeness with her. lots to do. i hope she at least gets to rest. my room is finally lets hope it stays that way!

oh yea! another link-up! i love link-ups! and this one is all about food too! so my sweet blogging friend and new mommy over here at: Never The Same Spice Twice has an all about food and kitchen stuff linl up! here is a Pinterest inspired recipie that I would just love to try. i mean you cannot go wrong with BACON right?!?! feel free to follow me on Pinterest too:

 Beer-Candied Bacon
 Beer-Candied Bacon: just bacon, brown sugar & beer.

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Challenge Break and some News!

oh look here...a little blog challenge break! well, here is what has been going on since i have no question to answer today really. i am getting ready for my aunt to come in. she is coming in all the way from Nigeria. she is in flight as i type. she will be here for 6 weeks! i have lots planned. she is staying in my room so, i am now in rush mode to clean it and i hate it! ugh, so much stuff and i am tired just looking at it all. but she will be here tomorrow, so...back to work!

in other news, my love and i are fine. we got over our fight. it was a really big one and it almost was the end of us, but glad we are taking it one day at a time and working it out. work is going well and i am getting better at joining blog hops and going to other blogs and leaving a comment. you all do write so well. i need to go catch up on that too! to all that stop by, thank you! that is it in a nutshell. how is your weekend coming along?

my first time doing this link-up. here are my 6 words for this Saturday...

"my aunt is coming to America!"

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Friday, September 6, 2013

I may be going blind!!!...and photo challenge

hmmm, these challenges sure know how to ask the right questions at the right time. todays blogtember question is: a story about when you were afraid. whoa!

i will have to say that this story begins now. i am currently afraid about my left eye. i am hoping there is nothing wrong with it and it will soon either quickly or overtime heal and get back to seeing correctly. i went to the ER in July and took some antibiotics halfway into my 10 day dose, my left eye became really blurry and very difficult to see out of. the weird thing is, this antibiotic has no eye problem side effects. but it is such a coincidence. my eyes were fine a week earlier before my ER visit and i had a full eye exam and all checked out well. i am scared. it has been almost 2 months and nothing had cleared up, although, it has not gotten worse. when both eyes are open, it is okay. when i shut my left eye and look out my right, it is ok. when i close my right eye and look out my left ...PROBLEMS!!! i hope the retina specialist can figure out what it is and offer a method that will work. i do not and cannot go blind!!! i will find out next week. please keep me and this issue in your thoughts, prayers, and send positive vibes. thank you! **what do you think it could be?

FatMumSlim photo challenge: getting ready

also doing this blog hop with "Feeling Beachie" and filling in blank with the 4 questions!

1. life happens
2. i hate when you get all cozy under the covers in bed and realize you forgot something like to turn off the fan. i am too comfy sometime to get up!
3. the bravest thing i have ever done is stand up for my brother against some of his college teacher and the vice president at the school. you cannot and will not stop a child from learning because you as a teacher happen to not like him. i was successful with it!
4. i like my iced coffee with cream and sugar
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

3 months off/ Photo Challenge

Blogtember Challenge question: if you could take 3 month off from life currently, what would you do? hmmm, i think this is a fairly basic answer, i would go and travel (this is also assuming that money was not an object). i would travel the continents, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe. I would also catch up on a lot of sleep too and get some serious studying done for either my next move in academics for a PhD or medical school. wow! my 3 months is jam packed!! what would you do with 3 months off??

FatMumSlim Photo Challenge: prompt-alone


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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Challenges galore!

well, it is September and i am doing another challenge. i am a glutton for punishment right? ha! this one is called. Blogtember and it starts today and goes on through the 30th of this month! i am doing the photo challenge too with FatMumSlim as well. enjoy!! this is post 300 too!


day 1 prompt: describe where and what you came from:

oh this is a good one. i am an african-america woman. the real deal so to speak ha! my parents and family are from Nigeria, but my brother and i were born and raised in America, mostly in the state of Florida. i have a lot of culture in me. as i have gotten older i have come to appreciate my mother and dad, we are very close now, and i have come to appreciate the food and music of my culture. i love the clothes, they are so colorful. i know how to work things out and fix it rather than run away. i think my love appreciates this trait in me. i am willing to compromise and admit my mistakes to make not only a better me, but a better "us". 



FatMumSlim Photo challenge prompt: lines

what pretty colors!

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