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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

if it is is Sunday Social! i am writing this through uy burry vision and one week and counting until my eye surgery! here we go!

1. what is the name of your blog?-Eloquent Rambles

2. what do you love most about blogging?= i love writing and the blog hops and link ups

3. why did you start blogging?=just something fun to do and i was reading other blogs and said, "hey, i can do that!

4. what do you want to tell somebody who is just entering the blog world?=that you do not have make a blog post everyday!

5. what is the biggest blogging learning experience you have had?=that not everyone will comment on your blog and also i have learned how to take myself off of being a no-reply e-mail blogger, so now i get comments via e-mail and such. yea!

6. what are 3 blogs you love?= oh i just love you all. but i do love blogs that: 1. post regularlly, 2. talk about food, and 3. give me challenges or questions to answer.  i also love these 3 ladies as they were my first 3 blogging friends: Jen @ Adventures of our Army Life Lesiure@ NavWif33 and Alex@ Munchkins and the Military.

~eloquently rambling...

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