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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Blogtember and let's talk about Memories!
memories are great usually bring a smaile to your face. as for me there are a few memories i would like to relive and tha t i a good things right? 
1. i wold like to relive me living on my own again and coming in and out as i please and being able to spend more than a few hours of alone time with my love. ahhh, that will be a nice and a memory i am sure i will get back soon.

2. i would love to relive the memory of having 20/20 vision again. i suddenly became very blurry b/c i detached my retina and now i am getting ready to undego surgery. i hope to get the memory of seeing well, or at least not everything blurry again.

3. i would REALLY love to relive the memory of my time in Sicily, Italy. that was a great time. i was young and really mad that i had to leave all my friends to move (ahh, middle school days /being age 13) and digital cameras were not a common thing or readily available. oh if i was to go back now, the pictures i would take and the old and new memories i would have. 


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