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Friday, September 6, 2013

I may be going blind!!!...and photo challenge

hmmm, these challenges sure know how to ask the right questions at the right time. todays blogtember question is: a story about when you were afraid. whoa!

i will have to say that this story begins now. i am currently afraid about my left eye. i am hoping there is nothing wrong with it and it will soon either quickly or overtime heal and get back to seeing correctly. i went to the ER in July and took some antibiotics halfway into my 10 day dose, my left eye became really blurry and very difficult to see out of. the weird thing is, this antibiotic has no eye problem side effects. but it is such a coincidence. my eyes were fine a week earlier before my ER visit and i had a full eye exam and all checked out well. i am scared. it has been almost 2 months and nothing had cleared up, although, it has not gotten worse. when both eyes are open, it is okay. when i shut my left eye and look out my right, it is ok. when i close my right eye and look out my left ...PROBLEMS!!! i hope the retina specialist can figure out what it is and offer a method that will work. i do not and cannot go blind!!! i will find out next week. please keep me and this issue in your thoughts, prayers, and send positive vibes. thank you! **what do you think it could be?

FatMumSlim photo challenge: getting ready

also doing this blog hop with "Feeling Beachie" and filling in blank with the 4 questions!

1. life happens
2. i hate when you get all cozy under the covers in bed and realize you forgot something like to turn off the fan. i am too comfy sometime to get up!
3. the bravest thing i have ever done is stand up for my brother against some of his college teacher and the vice president at the school. you cannot and will not stop a child from learning because you as a teacher happen to not like him. i was successful with it!
4. i like my iced coffee with cream and sugar
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  1. Great post. I guess if I had to choose a time when I was really scared it would have to be when my dad had open heart surgery, I was terrified, so scared I was literally sick. Ugh not good. I hate being cozy and then having to get up for something too lol

    1. oh wow! i would have been scared too. as of now i cannot say that i have had to be around when someone was going under for something majot.

  2. I hope you find out what is going on with your eye, and everything is okay. I will say a prayer for you.

    1. Betty, thank you for your sweet message and prayers! i will keep you posted.

  3. it is funny, I don't drink coffee with sweetener but when it is iced, I need to make it sweet! thanks for joining my fill-in hop!

    1. Hilary, thank you for the comment. it was a fun hop. hope to do the next ones too!


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