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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Challenges galore!

well, it is September and i am doing another challenge. i am a glutton for punishment right? ha! this one is called. Blogtember and it starts today and goes on through the 30th of this month! i am doing the photo challenge too with FatMumSlim as well. enjoy!! this is post 300 too!


day 1 prompt: describe where and what you came from:

oh this is a good one. i am an african-america woman. the real deal so to speak ha! my parents and family are from Nigeria, but my brother and i were born and raised in America, mostly in the state of Florida. i have a lot of culture in me. as i have gotten older i have come to appreciate my mother and dad, we are very close now, and i have come to appreciate the food and music of my culture. i love the clothes, they are so colorful. i know how to work things out and fix it rather than run away. i think my love appreciates this trait in me. i am willing to compromise and admit my mistakes to make not only a better me, but a better "us". 



FatMumSlim Photo challenge prompt: lines

what pretty colors!

~eloquently rambling...


  1. How cool that you are first generation American! Have you ever gone back to visit Nigeria?

    1. Susannah, thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment. I have been back, not in a long time, over 10 years!


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