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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Social and Sept. Photo challenge (1)

hello there are finally here! here we go! i may do some challenges again and daily photos, we shall see. but first let's catch up with Sunday Social!!!

1. favorite trip/vacation this summer: really did not go anywhere due to work. it was nice to see my uncle in Mississippi. even with Friday's off for the summer really did not go many places exciting. i did see my doctor and get a check-up!

2.favorite outfit/clothing for the summer: flip flops and dresses, long maxi or cute knee length summer dresses. so colorful!

3. what is one thing you wish you got to do this summer: i wish i went to the pool or beach. i do live right near them. it rained every weekend non-stop since July so could not go :( boo!

4. favorite song for the summer: hmm, did not listen much to music this summer. i have gotten into more of my parents homeland music more now so i have been listening to that.

5. favorite movie or tv show for the summer: i really liked the show Devious Maids. i really wish Hulu would catch up with episodes and not be so far behind. lately they have been all over the place. 


Sept. photo challenge (day 1) with FatMumSlim (really wish there was a link up your post thing on her blog for this!) prompt= together

him and i have been "together" for almost 4 years!!! (4 years on the 7th of November)

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  1. I wish I was able to get a check up this holiday, my boys had other plans!

    1. Ugochi! ha, the boys come first! i know they are well taken care of!

  2. I always try to do those photo a day challenges on Instagram, but I fail like halfway through the month.

    1. i am hot and miss with it really. just do what you can M and the M


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