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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 31 happy, photo, and randomness

last day of the happy in August challenge. i like challenges and do not mind doing another one if there is one for September? i think i saw one about movies...that should be fun. i have been doing blog challenges now since May! wow! well, today i am happy b/c i have made it through the month of August. I am also happy that my area is finally shape and that i can give some things away. also happy that football season is here! wahoo! GO TEAM GO!!!

august photo challenge prompt today is dangerous! way to end the photo challenge right?

smoking is "dangerous" to your health!! (my Public health schooling is kicking in now!)

ramdomness-hmmm, why is it that often times you can tell when an engagement or marriage has ended often time by viewing facebook? they do not even have to tell just notice b/c some things are missing off their page now and their engagement pics or wedding pics are not longer in their colletion of photos. so sad, really. it breaks my heart everytime i see it happen. 

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  1. I hate smoking and I hate when people smoke around me because they are usually so careless. I don't want smoke blown right in my face or direction and I'm tired of people walking with their cigarette burning down by their side in large crowds. The smell just makes me gag. My friends who smoke try to be careful about the smell but it seeps into their clothes, hair and car. I am so ready for September it is my favorite month.

    1. Erica, i hate it too! i really dislike it when someone smokes around children. they are too young to say no or find another way home or to care for themselves. my co-worker smokes around her great-grandchildren and it bothers me to high heavens. she smokes in the car with them in it a 4 year old and an 8 month old. having the windows down do not help. that should be child abuse!!!


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