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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I am back!!!

hey bloggers...did you miss me? i was gone for a while, but i am back now. i am not going to play catch up, i am just going to start from here. glad to be back. i have missed reading all of your post. here we go with the August happy blog challenge and photo of the day challenge.

here is a writing about 6 foods you should eat:

happy: i was happy today b/c i found some really great things at the dollar tree today. love that store. also i am happy b/c i sent out my love's b-day gift out today. i also got some really cute costume jewelry at buy one get one free :)

photo challenge day 14: trash

looks like some creativity with trash!

how have you all been? what was your happy today and photo today?

~eloquently rambling....


  1. Aren't those dollar stores awesome? There's always a thing or two (or three or five) that I always need and pay more for elsewhere.

    1. they sure are awesome! i like the cleaning supplies and drinks. and now their frozen food section is quite neat too!

  2. Replies
    1. Jen, thank you! it is good to be back!


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