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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy and Photo days 8-10

what i am happy about and photo challenge days 8-10. i am getting to be a slacker :( i will be out of town starting later on today on Saturday, so...not sure how much blogging i will do and looks like I will miss Sunday! boo for that and not that great internet access where i am going. curious to know...can you update your blog from your Kindle Fire or your phone? hmmm?

happy day 8: this was a thursday. i was happy b/c it was my "friday"! and the end of 10 hour work days too! also my ring i ordered came in too!

happy day 9: i got to sleep in late and since no one was home i got to watch what i wanted on tv for a bit. i forgot about how great greys anatomy was. i sure did miss that show!

day 10- today (saturday)-i am happy b/c i am going on my trip today. it is not really a pleasure trip, but hope to have some fun with it all. i am also going to take care of a bill before i leave too!

bow on to photos:

day 8: peek-a-boo

day 9: 2'oclock

day 10: beverage--drink up!

**what about you?

~eloquently rambling...


  1. Blogger has an app that I've used from my iPhone. It isn't the greatest though.. Hope you have a nice time away!

    1. m and the m: i am back! it was nice. that is what i thought. phones do great things, but not the same as a computer. hope all is well.

  2. Hahaha that first picture is amazing!

    1. Jen...haha! yes, it does make me smile :)


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