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Friday, August 23, 2013

Hey Bloggers... where have you been?

happy and a photo we go.

Happy in August: been busy a lot so not able to post as much. still trying to be happy none-the-less. so...i am happy today for it being friday! i am happy i got to see 2 great students today and they brought me a sweet card and candy! wahoo! i also got beautiful dark pink roses from another student. they all made me smile. thank you! also i got my payment fro writing with bubblews today. fun site to write anything you want and get paid for it. just sign up and start wrting easy as that. no test to take, no waiting period. cash out is at $25.00 and it takes me about 2 weeks to do so and i am really not trying that hard. if you are interested click here to sign up and join. if you join, let me know so that i can connect with you and view, like, and comment on your post. each view, like, dislike and/or comment gets you money!! sign up with this link: 

when i think of yellow i think of this:

~eloquently rambling...


  1. I just joined! It might take me a minute to figure it out. But my user name is alejandrafr (:

    1. M and the M! ohhh yea! great and thanks! i am sure you will love it. you can write about can also just copy and paste your blog posts (just mention it is from your blog no need for the link to your blog as they do not like links on their site). i am heading over to connect with you right now! i am oksummer

  2. I hope you have an amazing weekend! :)


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