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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 3 of Happy and Photo

day 3 of the August Happiness challenge and the August Photo challenge. click the BOLD links to be re-directed.

August Happiness: i am happy today because my love has gotten the "umph" he needed to call his AFL game even though he did not make the final 2 for the Jacksonville Jaguars. i am still not sure what they were looking for that he did not have. i am happy today because my aunt and uncle are here to visit. have not seen them since Christmas time and there is lots of yummy food to eat so that makes me happy too! that is the nice/happy things about guest, the food always seem better than a normal dinner night...haha!

August photo: skyline: now take your pick on which "skyline" interpretation is the best. enjoy!

city skyline

nissan skyline...the car

the movie in 2010 guessed it skyline!

**what make you happy today and what is your pic about the prompt: skyline?

eloquently rambling....


  1. You've got a lot of love and joy in your happiness post today, Lovely!

    1. I sure do/did. and the food was yummy and my loves team won too, coming back in the 4th quarter!


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