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Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 31..A Vivid Memory

whoa! look who just blogged for 31 straight days...this gal here and in "eloquent" fashion of course. so today is the LAST day of blogging each day in may. congratulations to all who have done the challenge too and for those of you who continued to stop by to read :)

so a vivid memory huh? well i have several so lets begin:

1. i remember when i used to come home from school and watch "Xena the Warrior Princess" that show was a good one. and i wanted to be able to fight like her. yea for the 90's! now reality tv has taken over. 

2. i remember when my little brother was born on April 23, 1991...again yea for the 90's! he is on the left :)

3. my last memory is that of my love! i was SO happy to see him earlier this week and we actually got a few good pics...finally. each moment with him i truly and vividly do remember as if it was yesterday.


**what are some of your vivid memories? happy friday!

~eloquently rambling...

Thursday, May 30, 2013

day 30...Letting Go!

day 30 of blogging everyday in may. wow! a whole 30 days of straight blogging. oh wow! if i miss a few days you all will understand right? so today lets talk about "letting go". what does this BROAD term mean to you? most often we use this term in the sense of relationships when then end. different meaning for different people. here is my take on it:
"letting go" means just that...letting go. no more worries. no more feeling bad, no hard feeling. forgive, but not forget. move on with your live. take the lessons learned and use them to become better. go on by yourself. let go of the hand you have been holding. it is hard, but doable and most times will only make you stronger. here are some pictures (thanks google) that help explain "letting go"


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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 29...Music Me

day 29 in blogging everyday in may is here! 2 more days left. so today is about music. music is nice, it is fun, you can dance to it, relax with it, have a romantic night with it (i am leaving it at that for this one). so here are 5 of my favorite songs. lets see if i can hit a few genres:

1. i really like Adele and her song "Someone Like You". when i my last break-up this song helped a lot. no hard feelings, i came out better in the end.
2. the song: "I just want to be a Rockstar" by Nickelback love it. it is catchy and hey, we all want to be rich right driving 15 cars and hang out at the coolest bars/
3. Michael Jackson's song "Thriller" is a classic. you know you all tried to do the dance.
 4. Charlie Wilson's Song "You are" is a sweet song. one of the first songs my love posted on facebook to me. i think this will be one of my wedding song.
5. This is an OLD song, but i love it: "Butterfly Kisses" by  I am either going to walk down the aisle with my dad to this song or use it as the daddy daughter dance or you know what...maybe both. This song till this day makes me cry. so sweet!

**what songs do you like that speak to you? enjoy the links and thanks youtube!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

day 28-only pics...

day 28 of blogging each day in may is here and it is all about pics! so i will leave you just a few words b/c today is going to be a good day!! my love is coming over today and i am ecstatic! it is our summer visit and then back to hard core working until we meet again! here are our pics:
it is me! nerdy me
me and my love in ATL
me and my love and our friends first child/baby girl
in front of some water...we sure do love some water!

**cannot wait to see him (in less than an hour now!!) and to see some of your pics! how do you cope with missing your love?

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Monday, May 27, 2013

day 27...Dear Readers

day 27 of blogging each day in may...dear readers:
first off, happy memorial day and thank you to all the vets and current military members for your service and for keeping us free. we are free because you are brave! 

now on to the letter:

dear readers,
thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my blog. i hope you enjoy it as there are other blogs you could be reading and commenting on. thank you for making the blogging world a fun, interactive, informative, kind and even safe place. i hope my post make you think, laugh, learn something, invite others etc. i enjoy reading your blogs too and many of them i do leave a comment or two on each time. i am THRILLED when i get a reply or comment back so...THANK YOU you comment happy readers. also, thank you for all the tutorial on how to NOT be a no-reply blogger. i was once on of those and it sucked b/c i swore that no one was reading my comments and i was being ignored. not anymore so again, thank you! i hope you all have a great rest of the week and continue to stop by to read and comment and i will do the same. you all rock and keep on inspiring others to perhaps start their own blog as you have for me. happy blogging!

warm regards and best wishes,

~Eloquent Obi

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

day 26-online reading and Sunday Social

day 26 of blogging each day in may is here! i cannot believe that i have made it this far! wahoo! go me and go other too who are doing it. so we are talking about today what we read online and lets discuss. i am going to leave the link for you to check out and lets talk about it via commenting on this post. 

as many of you know from my previous post, i am thinking about going back to school. not sure what type of school, but since i have a masters, it will probably be a doctorate degree. so with that said, what is your opinion of online schools? i went to a traditional school for my undergrad, then on to an online school for my maters. not sure which route to take for a doctorate? here is an article that list the pros and cons of online schools. are certain degrees more acceptable taken online verse at a traditional school. i am still waiting on the day when they have medical school online (i hope that really does not happen as doctors deal with people's lives and only so much can be done via online) however, it would not surprise me and many schools are already offering nursing degrees online so who knows. is the link for the article:

on to Sunday Social now :)
Sunday Social

best summer memory as a kid: 
going to disney for the summer and my birthday's i am a summer/july baby.
favorite summer drink:
ice cold diet soda/coke and sweet tea
favorite summer tv show:
now it is Real Housewives of New Jersey (really real housewives of anywhere). RHONJ starts june 2, 2013
best outdoor summer activity:
going to the pool or beach with lunch/snacks
summer vacation essentials:
money...hahah! big hat, sunglasses, water, tea or coke in my to stay hydrated! oh and a gps, we got places to go this summer! wahoo!

~eloquently rambling...

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 25-The things I have been told.

day 25 of blogging each day in may is about what you have been told that you will never forget. for me hahaha, that i has been a lot in my almost 29 years on this earth. i will give you some good and bad ones.

good things i have been told:
"i think you are beautiful regardless if you have long hair or short hair. i love you for you"-my love
"you can do anything, you are a smart woman. you just need to set your mind to it and do it. we are always here to help and encourage"-my parents (they are still wanting me to go on with school either med school or a PhD program. i am still thinking and looking!)
"i am proud of you!"-my love
"it is okay Obi, i will protect you from the bugs"-my brother. and he still does! thank you!

bad things i have been told:
"you have poor time management"-my mother (i have gotten better)
"i do not think this is going to work out with us anymore" -my is okay, because i have moved on to better things, but these words hurt from anyone/former significant other.
"you cannot play with the barbies b/c they are white and you are black"-yes, i still remember this vividly from my childhood years (i was about 6 or 7 years old). racism and kids can be mean. i also remember her neighbor who was playing with us say:  "it is ok, you can play with my barbies, they like everyone!"

**what have you been told that you will always remember?

~eloquently rambling...

Friday, May 24, 2013

day 24...worst traits of me...oh boy!

day 24 of blogging each day in may. almost done. it is actually not as hard as i thought it would be so this is good. so my worst traits....hahah, this should be a good one. i am glad that it is only limited to 3 :) so today is my day off. i have a 4 day weekend and right now, what am i doing besides blogging and researching about my next move in life...watching the "real housewives of new jersey" marathon before they come back again on June 2, 2013 and viggling it! wahoo! on to my 3 worst traits.
1. i WORRY a lot about most things :(
2. i PROCRASTINATE (this is slowly getting better)
3. i can LOOSE CONFIDENCE in my self easily if things are not going well, but in the end i tend to bounce back, but i still get really stressed and sick sometimes b/c of it. 

**ok...what are your 3 worst traits? just b/c you have them does not mean you are not a good person and i still like you :)
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 23...School did not teach me this!

day 23, of blogging each day in may. wahoo! so lets talk about learning. not all of it has to be done in school now. there are quite a few things that i have learned outside of school. outside of the know. here is my list: school did NOT teach me:
how to be lady
how to love a man
about patients with others or myself-this is different from sharing with others
how to make people like you or even the importance of networking
how to hunt for freebies...LOL!
how to blog...another LOL!
about the REAL world, that can be full of hate and rejection
how to cook, clean, be domestic etc.
about it is ok to be alone and not lonely

school teaches us a lot about academics but not really about life. it is the hope that what you learn in school will help shape how you deal with life. so what are some things that school did NOT teach you?

~eloquently rambling...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 22-All about Rants!!!

teheheh, well it is post # 22 for day 22 in blogging each day in may. this has been fun and i hope i can find some things to blog about after this month of being given things to blog about. so it is all about rants and i have a few things that are just getting on my know.  here we go; brace yourselves now!

1. people who want to go back to school and they complain that it is TOO MUCH trouble to go through the financial aid process. are you kidding me? for less than 2 hours of your time (if you did it yourself) you could qualify for up to $5,645 for the year of FREE/GRANT money to go back to school and it is TOO MUCH trouble for you to do? think of it this way: you are basically being paid $2822.50 an hour. and in reality, if you come in to see me and i basically sit down with you and do it for you, it is not even your time that you are taking up, it is mine. so again, i do not see how this is too much trouble. either way, you as the student wins.

2. when i am driving and the person in front of me stops or slows down to make a turn...ummm, using your indicators would have been nice. at least let me know you are about to turn. safe driving right?

3. how do places that are supposed to serve food to millions of people should have their basic items in stock ALL the time. such as dunkin donuts should not run out of biscuits and/or donuts. subway should not run out of bread. kind of defeats the purpose of your restaurant. hmmm, i would like a donut from dunking donuts and/or subway and i get to the drive through and oh no, "sorry, we are out of donuts/bread right now, we are in the process of making some more". how does this make sense?

*ok rant away folks...i am listening.

~eloquently rambling...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 21-Blast from the Post Past!

day 21 of blogging everyday in may. a blast from the past. here are the links to some of my past post that i actually kind of really really like. feel free to read and go hmmm, or laugh at them. comment too if you like :) enjoy! 
-post about how i use crisco...on my skin!!
-all about good teachers. not always about the A.
-2012 in review a to z.
-how safe are we America?

**my, and i am sure the nations, thoughts, prayers, and hope for a feeling of normalcy again, are with those in Oklahoma.
Photo: Our hearts are breaking this morning as we watch the devastation from the tornado in Oklahoma. Our thoughts and prayers are with you! #prayforoklahoma 

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Monday, May 20, 2013

day 20-I am struggling! Ahhh!

day 20 in blogging everyday in may is about struggling. rofl. well, when i look at the world in general, i wonder am i really struggling? i have food, shelter, water, in a safe nation etc, so what is there really for me/us to struggle about. think about that for a minute or two.(insert jeopardy song here). ok, so now here are my struggles...

1. i am struggling to find a job that is equal to my education level. i do not think this is too much to ask. i have a masters and i am making less than $30,000 a year. yes, it is a job, i am pleased with it, but would love to work in my field and have a chance to move. perhaps one day soon. are others feeling this too? you have a degree or are working towards a degree and well, nothing the job market for you over $10 an hour unless you are a doctor? any tips, advice, where to look, which job search engines are really best? thanks for helping me out with this "struggle".

2. i am struggling with my shoes right now. yes, my shoes. if i did not know it was monday, i do now! my shoes, both the right and left foot, just broke these were the shoes I got while we were stationed in Sicily too! boo, so sad. had to go get a new pair. this is where clearly this is a first world problem. #firstworldproblems. 

ok, so what are your struggles?

~eloquently rambling...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 19 and Sunday Social

happy sunday! we have made it another week. so day 19 of blogging each day in may is here and it is also sunday social! if you have not been able to tell by now...i kind of like having my topics to write about given to me. before we start, today i fell in the bathroom :( i hit my head and back. it hurts, but the pain is going down...slowly. it has been a few hours since the incident. if i am not feeling a bit better by early this evening, i may have to make a trip to the ER. ok now on to the blog topics:
day 19 of blogging each day in may is about..BLOGS!!! here are my 5 favorite and why. there are of course more than 5 as you can tell from my side bar list. i do try and hit at least 10 of them from each side each day. what are your 5 favorite blogs? i hope i am one of them...hehehe! no particular order ENJOY!:

1. Jen @ Adventures of our Army Life-Jen's blog is about her everyday life as an Army wife. ohhh, look there i made a rhyme (LOL). she always has a nice word or two to say too!

2, Leisure @ Navywif33-another blog about everyday life as a Navy wife...another rhyme! Leissure is not only a neat name, but she is very helpful, my first sponsor and is down to earth. if she knows something, she will share it with you. i hope your PCS is going well.
3. Alex @ Munchkins and the Military-if nothing else, check out this blog for the cute kids pics :) she is also a cruise master and full of hints and tips. she was also the first person to let me do a guest post!

4. Jessie @ Blogging While Single and Over 30-neat blog and Jessie has great hair too! i think the main thing that attracted me to Jessie's blog was the is catchy. i have been a fan ever since and she gave me my first Liebester Award too!

5. Sydney @ The Daybook-overall good blog with lots of followers. her pictures and fashion are nice and she has a cute as a button baby boy that makes a lot of blog debuts.

Sunday Social time over at: A complete Waste of Makeup-another catchy title here too!
Sunday Social

1. Favorite Surprise: surprise visits from my love or other friends. if you are ever in town, please feel free to stop by, not need to give me a heads up, i would LOVE to see you! the look on my face is priceless!

2. Flowers or Chocolate: i prefer flowers. do not get me wrong, i LOVE chocolate  but b/c of my love for it, i always have a stash on hand or in my desk, purse etc. now flowers on the other hand...ohhh swoon!! i do not get them often so when i do, it is a treat! now, chocolate covered strawberries... may take over the flowers :)

3. Favorite summer time activity: swimming at the pool and with the job i am currently at, having Friday's off over the summer :) wahoo!!!

4. Summer Vacation Plans: not really. but i know i will be in Mobile for a dr. appointment and may see my uncle and aunt in Mississippi for a day or so.

5. Favorite summer holiday: July birthday of course. followed closely (literally) by the 4th of July.

6. Dream Vacation: one month or so touring Europe with my love. Italy, France, England, Germany, Spain, Belgium etc. a e European cruise would be nice too! camera is ALWAYS ready!

~eloquently rambling...

Saturday, May 18, 2013

day 18-Childhood Memories and some pics!

day 18 of blogging each day in may! wahoo! so far so good. i cannot sleep right now so let's talk about my childhood. (thank you for having images!). my childhood was a good one. i did often think my parents were too strict and still are but i was allowed to do things i just could not stay out super late like they could. now, once it is 11:00pm it is time to go in and sleep. not a spring chicken anymore. i had all i need and never wanted for anything and for the most part it still holds true now. i am fortunate in this area. ok now more about my childhood.

i LOVE to travel! being a military child/"military brat" that is what you do. you move...ALL THE TIME it seems. the travel bug bit me and i still have it. i guess b/c i was sick as a child, my parents really could not leave me with a sitter or someone when they went on trips for fear that something fatal could happen to me so...i literally went EVERYWHERE with them. i am now always the first one ready to go on a trip, even if it is to the next town. a few of my favorite places have been disney world, atlanta, europe (italy and sicily) africa, and of course any of the 50 states. the USA is a great place to travel. what this has taught me is to be adventurous and try new things and foods. also to be nice and to respect others. i only hope that i am able to take my love and our future family on as many trips as i have been grateful to go on and many more and create our own memories! thank goodness for the digital camera! wahoo for NO film! one can snap to their hearts content! *what is your favorite childhood memory? p/s: how do you like the new look of my blog?

~eloquently rambling...

Friday, May 17, 2013

day 17-favorite pic of me :)

day 17 of blogging each day in may! hey that's me! i love this pic b/c i am in one of my better shape days and it was a beautiful day outside. it is almost model like too. my hair is great too. i was doing a little collection of sports pics for my love who announces for a sports team in jacksonville, the jacksonville sharks and there colors are red, black and white. he loved them and this one happens to be one of his favorite pics out of all of them. there season is in full swing so... go team go! happy friday! 
*note: you may see some design and blog changes with layout and colors soon....but it is still me!

~eloquently rambling...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 16-My Lot in Life

day 16 of blogging everyday in may is about lot in life. this will be short and sweet. maybe it is complaining maybe it is not. but any advice or words of wisdom and/or comfort will be appreciated. i know it comes from a good place.

so....well, starting off, i almost died when i was born. i had an APGAR score of 3 and the cord wrapped around my neck 2 times and i was a 9lb 2oz baby. they saved me...obviously so praise God.

then i got sick again my blood became poisoned from chicken pox. they saved me again.

then at age 2 i got diagnosed with asthma and i have had it all my life now. it is ok, i have learned to live with it and i keep an inhaler near by and exercise to keep my heart and lungs strong.

i have food allergies. no peanut butter, nuts or seafood. that is ok, i just eat other things and do not know what i am missing. i have become very vocal and NOT shy about asking "may i ask what is in this because i do have some food allergies?" hey the first protector of yourself is YOU! however, my love is sweet about this and he often will taste my food for me at a restaurant just to make sure, like if i get a salad with dressing on the side, he will taste the dressing to make sure it is nut and fish free :) if he is not sure it is a safe thing for me to eat, he will suggest i order something more basic to be on the safe side. good news is later on in life when i was 18 or so, i found out i can eat almonds and now almond butter and things with almonds in it are my BEST friends!!! mmmm... chocolate covered almonds!!!

how do i cope with all of this...i just do. it is really not that bad, it is my life that i have literally grown up with. i am thankful i am alive and i have the tools and born in modern times where these issues are simple to deal with. so what about you...what do you feel is your i guess you can say "bad" lot in life and how do you cope with it all?

~eloquently rambling...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

day 15-a day in the life of moi

day 15 here in blogging everyday in may :) so here is my typical day.


wake up at 5:25am, shower, get dressed etc.
6:40am leave the house for work
7:00am at the office seeing students-some are nice, some are a handful and blame you for EVERYTHING that is going wrong.
somewhere in between the students etc, i find time to blog :) and talk to my love etc.
1:30pm lunch time-my only break it
2:30pm-5:00pm-more students
then i go home-hey family :)
try to exercise if i can
cook or reheat leftovers for dinner
catch up on e-mails and such on the computer/quiet time/prayers
go to sleep...hopefully before midnight and ready to do it all again the next morning.
 --yep, i am tired most days... are you from reading this? LOL!

~eloquently rambling...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Happy 10!

hello day 14, in blogging each day in may. so 10 things that make me happy...oh here we go :)
1. my love makes me happy.
2. my family makes me happy. love you mom, dad, and brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. friends
3.  food makes me happy-real food, sweets, chips, chocholate
4. blogging makes me happy.
5. phone calls make me happy.
6. the water/beach makes me happy.
7. babies/kids make me happy :) i love babies, so waiting to be blessed with one or more.
8. helping others make me happy
9.  be safe and comfortable make me happy.
10. knowing that the Lord loves me makes me happy.

**what makes you happy? happy tuesday!

~eloquently rambling...

Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 13-A Public Apology

so here goes my list of who all i am giving an apology too:
--my love: i am sorry that you have bad days sometimes and sometimes i feel like i do not know the right words to say to make it better. but i do listen and offer what advice i can and i do love you :)
--my parents: i am sorry i am still in the house with you. believe me i am working just as hard to get back out on my own, but thank you for having me :) i do the chores, cooking, cleaning, shuttling so i am being helpful.
--my blogger friends: if i miss to reply to your comment you left for me, it is not intentional, i just missed it, but when i find it, i reply :)
--bank account: i am sorry that when i feed you with money, i usually take it away again rather fast due to bills and other expenses. i will one day leave you full and happy for an extended period of time.
**that is all for the apologies for now :)

~eloquently rambling...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 12- I am Missing you! and Social Sunday

day 12 in blogging each day in May is about what you miss. first off, i need to say...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to ALL the mom's out there. many of you mom's blog and do a great job at being a mom and thank you for sharing your kids with us all here in the blogging world. every time i see a photo of your children (pets included too) it really does make me smile :)
now on to what i miss: well, i miss my love SO much. i am looking forward to physically seeing him soon. he is a hard worker and does his best to provide for himself and me and i will be forever grateful. thank goodness for technology (facebook, skype, cell phones etc). i miss working with the kiddos. i really did enjoy being a day care/vpk teacher. maybe i will go back and hopefully the money will be right. it was kind of hard to make it on less than $8.25 an hour. really, educators of our youth should be getting MUCH better. i still miss and love the kids though. i miss what you could say is my "freedom". being that i stay with my family to help save up and i have, i am in the "thousands" with savings, i still do not like having to "check-in" and let you know that i am going to wal-mart or target or being told it is time to eat etc...but hey, at least i get to see them daily and i would miss them if i could not. i miss good tv. i have gotten into some of the reality shows, but i still miss tv that was on BEFORE reality shows became the in thing. that is all for what i miss for now. i am sure there will be more things that i will begin to miss as life goes on. ok, so what do you miss?

Sunday Social
now on to Social Sunday. i really do like having questions or things to blog about ready for me to go. saves me from thinking of what to write about. sometimes i just get a bloggers block :( here we go:

1. one year ago, i was with my love, working on my masters in public health, and graduated that same year. i also started working full time at the local college.
2. five years ago i was 23 and i was working with the kiddos at the local daycare, and graduated from Florida State University, i was also living on my own in tallahassee in a cute little studio. 
3. ten years ago i was still trying to find my way around the college world and my new freedom.
4. one year from now i hope to be living on my own again, planning a wedding, and working either my same job or a different one that will hopefully be a step up from where i am and/or going back to school for a PhD or med. school.
5. five years from now i hope to be married, have a couple of kids, have a house, and my love and i working our dream jobs.
6. ten years from now i plan to still be married to the same man, my love, my kids will be growing up, i will be in good health, still in my home and still working my dream job and my love working his.

~eloquently rambling...

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 11: Me in 10!

hello day 11 of blogging everyday in may. whoa!! you only want me to use 10 words to tell about me...ok here we go:
what are 10 words that describe you? what is one word that you would add to describe me?

~eloquently rambling...

Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 10...How embarrassing!

hahah, this is going to be a good one. so we are all embarrassed at some point, well, would you believe my embarrassment sort of led to one of the many reasons why my love and i are together?? well, here is the story...
it all starts here: (see below)
so my love and i had been dating for a little less than a month at this time. we mostly would stay over at my place and watch tv and i would cook dinner etc. one date we had was a movie and then a dinner. so after the movie we went to Macaroni Grill for dinner. i was looking oh so cute in my dress and had on my heels too :) we walked in, i was ahead of him, and well, i guess there was a slippery part to their tile floor b/c i,, you guessed it..slipped and fell as i was turning the corner to follow the lady to our table. OMG! OMG! yes, i was SOOO EMBARRASSED! mind you, i had on a dress and i went face first to the TILE floor. ouch. lucky for me, my face did not hit the floor, but it sure felt like it did. i got right back up, and the FIRST things i said to my love (who by the way did not laugh, he was really concerned b/c well, i fell face first) was, OMG, did anyone see my underwear?!?! AND are all my teeth still in?!?! as i flashed him a look at my teeth grin. i mean come would i tell my parents how i lost my tooth/teeth??? he said no to everyone seeing my underwear and yes to my teeth all still being there. i had a swollen bottom lip though :( he held my hand to the table (hahah, obviously) and we proceeded to order dinner. he asked me if i was really ok, and i said, yes and thank you for not laughing and then we both laughed and then i kept saying i am sorry and then i cried. yes, i cried out of embarrassment really, not b/c of pain. oh wow, i thought for sure he was going to end up saying i am not for him b/c of my fall, but he did not :) and still has not and i have done some other rather silly least not falling again. so i got an ice pack from the restaurant, they were so apologetic...could be they were worried i would sue etc. we got our dinner at a discount and dessert on the restaurant. can't say we have been to macaroni grill again since (going on 4 years now), we stick to Applebee's or Chili's, but, every time we see the place, we laugh about it. it brings back memories and all i say is i am wearing sneakers or flats with a good grip on the sole the next time we finally decided to go back! (LOL!)  **ok spill with yours now!!!

~eloquently rambling...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 9-A moment in my day...

my consist of this on a daily least monday-friday:
i help students fill this out on a daily basis

so i just do this (see above)

while drinking copious amounts of this (see above)

while trying to sneak a few minutes to chat with my love in btwn FAFSA's
**what of your moment in your day? happy thursday! at least this week i have friday off...hope to go to the zoo with my brother. he has been asking to go for a while now :)

~eloquently rambling...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 8-Some Advice.

would you like some advice? well day 8 of blogging everyday is may is going to filled with it. here are a few pieces of advice that i have found to be helpful. now i just need to stop being a fool and practice the good advice :) these all come from
to me these are all true and worth remembering. also, i have had to practice this a lot more working with people now my mother has always said..."if you do not have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all" AND "not everything said or done needs a response, you do not have to answer to everything or everyone". which one is your favorite and what advice do you have? happy wednesday!

~eloquently rambling...