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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 12- I am Missing you! and Social Sunday

day 12 in blogging each day in May is about what you miss. first off, i need to say...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to ALL the mom's out there. many of you mom's blog and do a great job at being a mom and thank you for sharing your kids with us all here in the blogging world. every time i see a photo of your children (pets included too) it really does make me smile :)
now on to what i miss: well, i miss my love SO much. i am looking forward to physically seeing him soon. he is a hard worker and does his best to provide for himself and me and i will be forever grateful. thank goodness for technology (facebook, skype, cell phones etc). i miss working with the kiddos. i really did enjoy being a day care/vpk teacher. maybe i will go back and hopefully the money will be right. it was kind of hard to make it on less than $8.25 an hour. really, educators of our youth should be getting MUCH better. i still miss and love the kids though. i miss what you could say is my "freedom". being that i stay with my family to help save up and i have, i am in the "thousands" with savings, i still do not like having to "check-in" and let you know that i am going to wal-mart or target or being told it is time to eat etc...but hey, at least i get to see them daily and i would miss them if i could not. i miss good tv. i have gotten into some of the reality shows, but i still miss tv that was on BEFORE reality shows became the in thing. that is all for what i miss for now. i am sure there will be more things that i will begin to miss as life goes on. ok, so what do you miss?

Sunday Social
now on to Social Sunday. i really do like having questions or things to blog about ready for me to go. saves me from thinking of what to write about. sometimes i just get a bloggers block :( here we go:

1. one year ago, i was with my love, working on my masters in public health, and graduated that same year. i also started working full time at the local college.
2. five years ago i was 23 and i was working with the kiddos at the local daycare, and graduated from Florida State University, i was also living on my own in tallahassee in a cute little studio. 
3. ten years ago i was still trying to find my way around the college world and my new freedom.
4. one year from now i hope to be living on my own again, planning a wedding, and working either my same job or a different one that will hopefully be a step up from where i am and/or going back to school for a PhD or med. school.
5. five years from now i hope to be married, have a couple of kids, have a house, and my love and i working our dream jobs.
6. ten years from now i plan to still be married to the same man, my love, my kids will be growing up, i will be in good health, still in my home and still working my dream job and my love working his.

~eloquently rambling...


  1. Sounds like many wonderful things to look forward to! :) Happy Sunday!

    1. Jen! yes it is! now if he will just call me we can get started with planning!

  2. Just found your blog!
    Now following!!
    Looking forward to keeping up :)


    1. thank you Christina for stopping by. i have added your blog to the list and made a few comments. hope you keep up the blogging. which college are you attending?

  3. I found your blog on Let's Get Social Sunday and started following on google friend connect. Hopefully all the things you miss will be back in your life permanently soon!

    Ashley @

    1. Ashley, thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comment. i will stop by your blog and check it out and follow.


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