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Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 10...How embarrassing!

hahah, this is going to be a good one. so we are all embarrassed at some point, well, would you believe my embarrassment sort of led to one of the many reasons why my love and i are together?? well, here is the story...
it all starts here: (see below)
so my love and i had been dating for a little less than a month at this time. we mostly would stay over at my place and watch tv and i would cook dinner etc. one date we had was a movie and then a dinner. so after the movie we went to Macaroni Grill for dinner. i was looking oh so cute in my dress and had on my heels too :) we walked in, i was ahead of him, and well, i guess there was a slippery part to their tile floor b/c i,, you guessed it..slipped and fell as i was turning the corner to follow the lady to our table. OMG! OMG! yes, i was SOOO EMBARRASSED! mind you, i had on a dress and i went face first to the TILE floor. ouch. lucky for me, my face did not hit the floor, but it sure felt like it did. i got right back up, and the FIRST things i said to my love (who by the way did not laugh, he was really concerned b/c well, i fell face first) was, OMG, did anyone see my underwear?!?! AND are all my teeth still in?!?! as i flashed him a look at my teeth grin. i mean come would i tell my parents how i lost my tooth/teeth??? he said no to everyone seeing my underwear and yes to my teeth all still being there. i had a swollen bottom lip though :( he held my hand to the table (hahah, obviously) and we proceeded to order dinner. he asked me if i was really ok, and i said, yes and thank you for not laughing and then we both laughed and then i kept saying i am sorry and then i cried. yes, i cried out of embarrassment really, not b/c of pain. oh wow, i thought for sure he was going to end up saying i am not for him b/c of my fall, but he did not :) and still has not and i have done some other rather silly least not falling again. so i got an ice pack from the restaurant, they were so apologetic...could be they were worried i would sue etc. we got our dinner at a discount and dessert on the restaurant. can't say we have been to macaroni grill again since (going on 4 years now), we stick to Applebee's or Chili's, but, every time we see the place, we laugh about it. it brings back memories and all i say is i am wearing sneakers or flats with a good grip on the sole the next time we finally decided to go back! (LOL!)  **ok spill with yours now!!!

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  1. Oh that is embarrassing! I can't say that has ever happened to me inside anyplace--close--but then I wear flats all the time!! I am glad that he was concerned rather then embarrassed--means he really is one of the good guys!

    1. MikiHope, yes, he is one of the good guys! we still joke about it and it is ok :) if i knew what i know now, totally would have gotten a FREE meal out it. LOL!


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