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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May and Me in 250!

happy may! new month and new beginning! so i am going to try this blog everyday in may challenge and see how it goes. click on the picture/ icon to find the list. i like to have topic to write about so i do not have to think about one. today is day 1

day 1: 250 words or less about we go

--i was born july 2, 1984. yes, i am almost 29, the real 29, my first time at 29 hahah! i have a brother who just turned 22. i am rather close to my family and my parents are both from nigeria. they have lived in america for over 30 years each and i was born in fort lauderdale florida. i am a florida girl. i am what you call a navy brat, and have been to many places in the US and the world, but always made it back to florida :) i enjoyed living in Sicily...oh how i wish i had a digital camera back then. i graduated from florida state university...go noles and i have completed a master's degree in public health. i am in a relationship with the love of my life and have been for over 3 years. i do not have children yet, but i love kids. i currently work as a counselor/student services specialist at a state college. i have really picked up blogging, but 2013 is my real true year of picking it up. i love cheesecake, chocholate, chips, beef jerky, different native foods, and sweet tea. i am a sweet girl and will answer just about any question you have, read your blog and make a new friend. ---so what 250 words describe you?

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