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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 16-My Lot in Life

day 16 of blogging everyday in may is about lot in life. this will be short and sweet. maybe it is complaining maybe it is not. but any advice or words of wisdom and/or comfort will be appreciated. i know it comes from a good place.

so....well, starting off, i almost died when i was born. i had an APGAR score of 3 and the cord wrapped around my neck 2 times and i was a 9lb 2oz baby. they saved me...obviously so praise God.

then i got sick again my blood became poisoned from chicken pox. they saved me again.

then at age 2 i got diagnosed with asthma and i have had it all my life now. it is ok, i have learned to live with it and i keep an inhaler near by and exercise to keep my heart and lungs strong.

i have food allergies. no peanut butter, nuts or seafood. that is ok, i just eat other things and do not know what i am missing. i have become very vocal and NOT shy about asking "may i ask what is in this because i do have some food allergies?" hey the first protector of yourself is YOU! however, my love is sweet about this and he often will taste my food for me at a restaurant just to make sure, like if i get a salad with dressing on the side, he will taste the dressing to make sure it is nut and fish free :) if he is not sure it is a safe thing for me to eat, he will suggest i order something more basic to be on the safe side. good news is later on in life when i was 18 or so, i found out i can eat almonds and now almond butter and things with almonds in it are my BEST friends!!! mmmm... chocolate covered almonds!!!

how do i cope with all of this...i just do. it is really not that bad, it is my life that i have literally grown up with. i am thankful i am alive and i have the tools and born in modern times where these issues are simple to deal with. so what about you...what do you feel is your i guess you can say "bad" lot in life and how do you cope with it all?

~eloquently rambling...


  1. I can only imagine how frustrating it has to be to have allergies like that.

    1. yes it can be when i really want something like a cookie, cake or brownie and then i find out it has nuts in! :(


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