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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 21-Blast from the Post Past!

day 21 of blogging everyday in may. a blast from the past. here are the links to some of my past post that i actually kind of really really like. feel free to read and go hmmm, or laugh at them. comment too if you like :) enjoy! 
-post about how i use crisco...on my skin!!
-all about good teachers. not always about the A.
-2012 in review a to z.
-how safe are we America?

**my, and i am sure the nations, thoughts, prayers, and hope for a feeling of normalcy again, are with those in Oklahoma.
Photo: Our hearts are breaking this morning as we watch the devastation from the tornado in Oklahoma. Our thoughts and prayers are with you! #prayforoklahoma 

~eloquently rambling...


  1. Replies
    1. thank you Jen! me too...for now at least!

  2. I feel so bad for the people in Oklahoma. Thanks for posting the picture and letting people know that prayers are needed! Have a great Wednesday!

    1. Me too NavyWif33. I feel terrible too. What devastation. We truly are blessed right now to have a roof over our head :)


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