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Sunday, May 26, 2013

day 26-online reading and Sunday Social

day 26 of blogging each day in may is here! i cannot believe that i have made it this far! wahoo! go me and go other too who are doing it. so we are talking about today what we read online and lets discuss. i am going to leave the link for you to check out and lets talk about it via commenting on this post. 

as many of you know from my previous post, i am thinking about going back to school. not sure what type of school, but since i have a masters, it will probably be a doctorate degree. so with that said, what is your opinion of online schools? i went to a traditional school for my undergrad, then on to an online school for my maters. not sure which route to take for a doctorate? here is an article that list the pros and cons of online schools. are certain degrees more acceptable taken online verse at a traditional school. i am still waiting on the day when they have medical school online (i hope that really does not happen as doctors deal with people's lives and only so much can be done via online) however, it would not surprise me and many schools are already offering nursing degrees online so who knows. is the link for the article:

on to Sunday Social now :)
Sunday Social

best summer memory as a kid: 
going to disney for the summer and my birthday's i am a summer/july baby.
favorite summer drink:
ice cold diet soda/coke and sweet tea
favorite summer tv show:
now it is Real Housewives of New Jersey (really real housewives of anywhere). RHONJ starts june 2, 2013
best outdoor summer activity:
going to the pool or beach with lunch/snacks
summer vacation essentials:
money...hahah! big hat, sunglasses, water, tea or coke in my to stay hydrated! oh and a gps, we got places to go this summer! wahoo!

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  1. Hola! Just stopping by to say thanks for linking up with Soul Food Monday-Inspirational Link Up. Appreciate the love and support. Happy Memorial Day!

    ~SimplyyMayra :)

    1. thank you for the sweet message! hope to be a frequent person on your soul food blog hop!


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