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Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 13-A Public Apology

so here goes my list of who all i am giving an apology too:
--my love: i am sorry that you have bad days sometimes and sometimes i feel like i do not know the right words to say to make it better. but i do listen and offer what advice i can and i do love you :)
--my parents: i am sorry i am still in the house with you. believe me i am working just as hard to get back out on my own, but thank you for having me :) i do the chores, cooking, cleaning, shuttling so i am being helpful.
--my blogger friends: if i miss to reply to your comment you left for me, it is not intentional, i just missed it, but when i find it, i reply :)
--bank account: i am sorry that when i feed you with money, i usually take it away again rather fast due to bills and other expenses. i will one day leave you full and happy for an extended period of time.
**that is all for the apologies for now :)

~eloquently rambling...


  1. I bet your parents love having you! My youngest sister just moved out and my mom is so sad about it.

    1. yes, they will be sad once i leave and they realize how much i really did do :) not just blog all day! LOL!


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