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Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm uncomfortable when...

day 3 in blogging every day in may. this topic is about being uncomfortable. hmmm, let me count the ways...
 i am uncomfortable when...
--i really have to go the the bathroom but cannot b/c no one is in site or i am busy and cannot go.
--i am hot/the ac is broken
--there are bugs around me. i am not a fan of ANY kind of bug.
--i see a snake...yikes!!!
--people are starting at me...usually happens when i am eating at my desk b/c i really cannot get out for lunch
--i wear a 2-piece at the beach :( i should be better at it. i have worked hard for my body
--someone ask me A LOT of questions
--a guy ask me to be his friend. that is just a weird statement to make to a woman men.
--when a guy ask me for a do not ask, you just go in and do it! :)...that is how my love did it, he just went right in for the kiss and has had me ever since.
--when my mother even at almost 30 years of age tried to talk about men and intimacy...this has got to be the most uncomfortable of them all!
**so what makes you uncomfortable?

~eloquently rambling...


  1. I've seen a ton of my blogger friends doing this blog every day in May. I can't wait to join you. Hopefully tomorrow! lol

    1. NavyWif33, cannot wait to start reading them. at least we do not have to think up topics...HA!

  2. I have to completely agree with the last one!! It's so weird!!! I'm like mom stop it..!!!!

    1. hahahah! yes, indeed. please stop. my change the topic skills are on point when this starts to happen!


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