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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 7-I am afraid of...

hello day 7 of blogging everyday in may. lets talk about fear/being afraid. i am afraid of a lot of things now that i am thinking about is my list, but no worries...nothing to fear (hahaha!)

 i am afraid of...
-heights, snakes, very deep water, all bugs/insects, spiders (things that crawl basically, except babies, i love babies :), i am afraid of the Lord (that is why i try to follow the commandments), death, being lost, failing/failure, being fired, being stranded in an unsafe area, that i may never get married and have children, of loosing my family too early...the list goes on and on i am sure, my fears come and go with time and age..i think the one that always be constant is snakes and bugs.
    ---what are you afraid of...come on don't be scared to share (hahah!)

~eloquently rambling...


  1. I don't like very deep water either, something about the unknown at the bottom freaks me out.

    1. same here Jen! You hit it right on the head! it is the unknown and i am not a fan of being bitten either.

  2. Losing my family too early also frightens me. And at the same time I'm afraid of something happening to me and leaving my family behind.
    You'll get married & have babies!!! (:

    1. Awww, thank you M and the M :) I am afraid of something happening to me too. you are healthy and strong and will be ok!


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