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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 19 and Sunday Social

happy sunday! we have made it another week. so day 19 of blogging each day in may is here and it is also sunday social! if you have not been able to tell by now...i kind of like having my topics to write about given to me. before we start, today i fell in the bathroom :( i hit my head and back. it hurts, but the pain is going down...slowly. it has been a few hours since the incident. if i am not feeling a bit better by early this evening, i may have to make a trip to the ER. ok now on to the blog topics:
day 19 of blogging each day in may is about..BLOGS!!! here are my 5 favorite and why. there are of course more than 5 as you can tell from my side bar list. i do try and hit at least 10 of them from each side each day. what are your 5 favorite blogs? i hope i am one of them...hehehe! no particular order ENJOY!:

1. Jen @ Adventures of our Army Life-Jen's blog is about her everyday life as an Army wife. ohhh, look there i made a rhyme (LOL). she always has a nice word or two to say too!

2, Leisure @ Navywif33-another blog about everyday life as a Navy wife...another rhyme! Leissure is not only a neat name, but she is very helpful, my first sponsor and is down to earth. if she knows something, she will share it with you. i hope your PCS is going well.
3. Alex @ Munchkins and the Military-if nothing else, check out this blog for the cute kids pics :) she is also a cruise master and full of hints and tips. she was also the first person to let me do a guest post!

4. Jessie @ Blogging While Single and Over 30-neat blog and Jessie has great hair too! i think the main thing that attracted me to Jessie's blog was the is catchy. i have been a fan ever since and she gave me my first Liebester Award too!

5. Sydney @ The Daybook-overall good blog with lots of followers. her pictures and fashion are nice and she has a cute as a button baby boy that makes a lot of blog debuts.

Sunday Social time over at: A complete Waste of Makeup-another catchy title here too!
Sunday Social

1. Favorite Surprise: surprise visits from my love or other friends. if you are ever in town, please feel free to stop by, not need to give me a heads up, i would LOVE to see you! the look on my face is priceless!

2. Flowers or Chocolate: i prefer flowers. do not get me wrong, i LOVE chocolate  but b/c of my love for it, i always have a stash on hand or in my desk, purse etc. now flowers on the other hand...ohhh swoon!! i do not get them often so when i do, it is a treat! now, chocolate covered strawberries... may take over the flowers :)

3. Favorite summer time activity: swimming at the pool and with the job i am currently at, having Friday's off over the summer :) wahoo!!!

4. Summer Vacation Plans: not really. but i know i will be in Mobile for a dr. appointment and may see my uncle and aunt in Mississippi for a day or so.

5. Favorite summer holiday: July birthday of course. followed closely (literally) by the 4th of July.

6. Dream Vacation: one month or so touring Europe with my love. Italy, France, England, Germany, Spain, Belgium etc. a e European cruise would be nice too! camera is ALWAYS ready!

~eloquently rambling...


  1. Yikes! You are hardcore to make sure to get your blog posts done after taking a fall. I hope you feel better and thanks for a few new blogs to read. :)

    1. thank you Seoul Sold! i try. i hat to sit down for a bit anyway so what better was to keep my brain active than to blog and answer questions. thanks for stopping by!


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