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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Peppermint Oil Talk

hi readers! do any of you use essential oils? which one is your favorite? have you used or do you use peppermint oil? i have a product that i got a chance to try through Tomoson. the opinion of this product is my own. overall great product and perfect for these cold months and cold season too. i love the dropper that automatically comes with it too! it is a huge bottle of peppermint oil. it is in tact and had a strong peppermint smell. it is great for my sinuses and headaches too. i was surprised that a big size bottle  (4oz) would have such a strong smell and quality and be in tact. most times when we get essential oils, they are in a small bottle less than 1 oz. how do you use your essential oils? this can be purchased on amazon at a great price. click the picture for more info! stay healthy my readers!


Sunday, January 25, 2015

A to Z about me

hi readers! here is a bit about me in an A-Z kind of way. join along with Sunday Stealing Meme. 
A. What are your favorite smells?--citrus, roasted almonds
B. Can you go a whole day without caffeine?--i can, but do not like it.
C. Who knows more about you than anyone else?--my mother
D. What song did you last listen to?--"love them all" by K-Michelle
E. Do you wear socks to bed?--when it is cold or my heels are cracked and i have put shea butter on them i will
F. Can you change a car tire?--no...but that is what AAA is for right?
G. If you could choose one color to wear for a whole year, what color would you choose?--black
H. Do you cook often?--yes, at least 5 times a week
I. What’s your least favorite season?--summer...only because of all the bugs and gnats that come out 
J. Can you sew?--i can sew a button back on, but that is all. 
K. What is your favorite fruit?--mardarin oranges
L. Are you health conscious?--yes
M. Do you think you’re very conscious of the feelings of others or more self oriented?--i feel for others more than myself at times.
N. Do you curse a lot?--depends who i am around, but :)
O. Do you remember lyrics easily?--yes, or at least a phrase
P. Can you roll your tongue?--yes
Q. Is there a certain food you often crave for no reason?--fruit medley from Publix and chicken wings and the occasional...i really want a piece of cake moment. 
R. What was the last book you purchased?--a how to lose the last 10 pounds book from Amazon.
S. Where was your last vacation?--Destin, FL
T. Last movie you watched? Did you enjoy it?--Mandela
U. Think of your oldest friend. If you met them now do you think you would still become friends?-- oh yes!!!
V. Paris, London and New York… which one would you live in, which would you visit for a day, which would you visit for a fortnight?--New York for a day, Paris for a forthnight, and London is where i would live---no language barrier really in London :)
W. Do you usually sleep with your closet door open or closed?--shut but not locked
X. Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how did it happen?--no
Y. How do you like your eggs?--omelet or scrambled. 
Z. What was your last argument about and who with?--my mother and it was about my future plans and goals....mother's always think about that.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

RIP Aunty :(

hi readers. i come to you today with sadness. my aunt passed away (my mother's younger sister) and she was not even age 60 yet. it has been hard for the family as she is in Africa and we all either saw or spoke to her less than 2 months ago. there has been lots of phone calls overseas etc, so it has been busy, yet sad. i am doing my best to find other things to keep and stay busy while in prayer. they are working on the funeral arrangements via international calls. may her sweet and funny soul rest in perfect peace. Amen!

on another note--how do you like the new blog design. i thought i lost all my blog post, but i found most of what i could and did a little clean-up and design change too. hope you like it. thanks for reading and the sweet comments, prayers, and words of comfort and advice. 


Sunday, January 18, 2015

What is your Favorite...???

hi readers. it is has been a while since i have done a meme or blog hop. i need to get back to that. but i hope you all have liked the product reviews and have gotten a chance to try some of them. but back to the memes now...Sunday Stealing here we go!

  1. Place--Italy
  2. Person--Anyone that loves me
  3. Color--purple
  4. Food--fruit
  5. Smell--citrus
  6. Book--self motivating books
  7. Movie--The Devil Wears Prada
  8. Music artist--Michael Jackson
  9. Thing to do when bored--get on the computer
  10. Genre of literature--mystery
  11. Magazine--Cosmopolitan
  12. Texture--soft
  13. Time of day--afternoon
  14. Day of the week--Saturday b/c of all the sales and sports on tv
  15. Thing to learn about--anything medical
  16. Thing about yourself--my patience
  17. Lifehack (a time saving, efficiency technique for life)--cleaning with peroxide and alcohol. it kills the germs, fairly natural and basically non-toxic.

Post #606 and Review Time!!!

hi readers! looks like i have become a product reviewer. it is not that bad. i think i am going to do a 2 in one review post about 2 great products... organic rosehip oil and organic seaweed powder. here we go and remember, these are my own opinions and most of these products can be found via Amazon or by clicking the picture that will take you to the product link. thank you for this opportunity. 

this organic natural seaweed poweder is great for the skin. it helps to hydrate and keep the skin soft and moist. it was easy to use and it came off as a paste once water was added. i used it on my legs and they feel great. plan to use some on my face as a seaweed face mask. have you used seaweed products before?

ohhh la la! The joys of rosehip oil. this is the new thing in skin care. rosehip oil is said to have many antioxidents that are good for the face and skin. it is a bit of a natural fat that keeps your skin plump and slows down the progression of wrinkles. i really liked this product because it smelled like roses to me and it has a dropper so it was very easy to add to my face lotion and apply. great deal for it too on Amazon. have you used rosehip oil products before?


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Do you Use Mud??

hi readers!! do you use mud? more specifically Dead Sea Mud? here is another product review from a product that i got to try (thank you this is an all-natural detoxifies and purifier that comes from the Dead Sea! ohhh, fancy right?  the minerals in this product are great! lots of magnesium too! helps with skin clarification of acne and complexion. it is also great for sore muscles aches and pains. have yourself a little spa day at home with this product!! the opinions of this product are my own. click on the picture for more info about this product. 


Got Cellulite?

hi readers! if cellulite is an issue for you, this product may work out for you. i tried it and it is nice and easy to use and my skin does look better and feel firmer too. this is solely my opinion of this product that i received to test. i hope it works out well for you click on the picture of the product for more information.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Soothie Suckers--Feel Better!

hi readers and post 603! it is review time again. this time i am going to tell you about Soothie Suckers! they are great for the little ones and come in many flavors. they are perfect to give your little one when they say they are not feeling well. they freeze well and have some vitamins and minerals to help your little one get better. i tasted it too and it was not bad. it tasted like a sweeter Gatorade. click on the picture to go to the link to find out more. they often have great deals and CONTEST going on so check them out. thank you to Tomoson for allowing me to test this product for a review.



Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pretty Face

hi readers! i hope your new year is going to a great start. check out this product below. if you like facial products this one is for you! i like that it is a pretty bottle it is foam which makes it easier to use and add to your lotions for your face. lots of good antioxidants and vitamins for your face and skin. click on the picture to get to the link to see and learn more about the product. stay beautiful!


Face the New Year with Beauty

hi readers! i hope your new year is going to a great start. check out this product below. if you like facial products this one is for you! i like that it is a dropper bottle as it makes it easier to use and add to your lotions for your face. lots of good antioxidants and vitamins for your face and skin. click on the link to see and learn more about the product. stay beautiful! 


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Vitmain D Soft Gels

hi readers! review time. here is a great Vitamin D soft gels that are easy to take and no after taste. sometimes the sun is not enough to get all the vitamin D you need for strong and healthy bones. these soft gels can help! they can be found on Amazon and you get quite a bit for your money 120 soft gels!! also they are 100% pure and natural and the max amount of 5000 IU that you can get without a prescription. my vitamin D count sure did go up after taking these to normal range and i was well below normal before i started. hope they work out for you!!


Friday, January 2, 2015

A bit late...

hi readers! i am a bit late on this...just came back, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!! i cannot wait to see and read what 2015 has in store for you all. may it be filled with opportunities, success, love, family and friends! welcome to the year 2015!!