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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Post #606 and Review Time!!!

hi readers! looks like i have become a product reviewer. it is not that bad. i think i am going to do a 2 in one review post about 2 great products... organic rosehip oil and organic seaweed powder. here we go and remember, these are my own opinions and most of these products can be found via Amazon or by clicking the picture that will take you to the product link. thank you for this opportunity. 

this organic natural seaweed poweder is great for the skin. it helps to hydrate and keep the skin soft and moist. it was easy to use and it came off as a paste once water was added. i used it on my legs and they feel great. plan to use some on my face as a seaweed face mask. have you used seaweed products before?

ohhh la la! The joys of rosehip oil. this is the new thing in skin care. rosehip oil is said to have many antioxidents that are good for the face and skin. it is a bit of a natural fat that keeps your skin plump and slows down the progression of wrinkles. i really liked this product because it smelled like roses to me and it has a dropper so it was very easy to add to my face lotion and apply. great deal for it too on Amazon. have you used rosehip oil products before?


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