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Sunday, January 18, 2015

What is your Favorite...???

hi readers. it is has been a while since i have done a meme or blog hop. i need to get back to that. but i hope you all have liked the product reviews and have gotten a chance to try some of them. but back to the memes now...Sunday Stealing here we go!

  1. Place--Italy
  2. Person--Anyone that loves me
  3. Color--purple
  4. Food--fruit
  5. Smell--citrus
  6. Book--self motivating books
  7. Movie--The Devil Wears Prada
  8. Music artist--Michael Jackson
  9. Thing to do when bored--get on the computer
  10. Genre of literature--mystery
  11. Magazine--Cosmopolitan
  12. Texture--soft
  13. Time of day--afternoon
  14. Day of the week--Saturday b/c of all the sales and sports on tv
  15. Thing to learn about--anything medical
  16. Thing about yourself--my patience
  17. Lifehack (a time saving, efficiency technique for life)--cleaning with peroxide and alcohol. it kills the germs, fairly natural and basically non-toxic.

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