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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 31 happy, photo, and randomness

last day of the happy in August challenge. i like challenges and do not mind doing another one if there is one for September? i think i saw one about movies...that should be fun. i have been doing blog challenges now since May! wow! well, today i am happy b/c i have made it through the month of August. I am also happy that my area is finally shape and that i can give some things away. also happy that football season is here! wahoo! GO TEAM GO!!!

august photo challenge prompt today is dangerous! way to end the photo challenge right?

smoking is "dangerous" to your health!! (my Public health schooling is kicking in now!)

ramdomness-hmmm, why is it that often times you can tell when an engagement or marriage has ended often time by viewing facebook? they do not even have to tell just notice b/c some things are missing off their page now and their engagement pics or wedding pics are not longer in their colletion of photos. so sad, really. it breaks my heart everytime i see it happen. 

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happy and photo day 30

happy in august-i am happy b/c t is friday. i am also happy b/c i have finished my HUGE pile of files for work and ready for the new Grant year to start Sept. 1 :)

photo challenge with FatMumSlim: prompt-cluttered

yep, this is how i feel my room and sometimes life is! ahhh!

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Social, Happy, and Photo!

ok, i am late with this but hope to get all this posted before midnight. here we go:

Sunday Social-being a kid ;)
Sunday Social

1. what do you miss most about being a kid?- i miss being able to climb trees and do things with ease. as i have gotten older, i am not that flexible or limber anymore :(

2.dd you have a nickname growing up?- yes i did it was Obs (aubz) and of course obi-wan-kenobi as my name is spelled Obi but pronounced like the Auburn tiget Aubie.

3. what was your favorite thing to do at recess?- play dodgeball and the girls and i would pretend we were  a girl band and sing all the popular songs like the Spice Girls and TLC

4. what did you want to be when you grew up?-a doctor and a mommy. 

5. did you participate in any school activities?- i did. soccer and science groups and fairs and reading clubs.

6. what was the funniest thing you did as a kid that your parents still remind you of?- haha! on my 9th b-day i ate so much pizza at pizza hit for my b-day that i had a really bad tummy ache, my tummy stuck out and my dress ripped in the zipper part int he back b/c it was too tight from stuffing my face with pizza and cake. NEVER again. they still joke with me about it, especially if we eat pizza or i eat too much and get a tummy ache. good times!

August happiness challenge: today i am happy that my love got home from North Carolina today safely, my tummy is feeling better, and i actually got to relax a bit today.

August photo challenge: prompt-culture

look at all the beautiful cultural clothing from my families homeland of Nigeria.

**how was your day/weekend?

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Hey Bloggers... where have you been?

happy and a photo we go.

Happy in August: been busy a lot so not able to post as much. still trying to be happy none-the-less. so...i am happy today for it being friday! i am happy i got to see 2 great students today and they brought me a sweet card and candy! wahoo! i also got beautiful dark pink roses from another student. they all made me smile. thank you! also i got my payment fro writing with bubblews today. fun site to write anything you want and get paid for it. just sign up and start wrting easy as that. no test to take, no waiting period. cash out is at $25.00 and it takes me about 2 weeks to do so and i am really not trying that hard. if you are interested click here to sign up and join. if you join, let me know so that i can connect with you and view, like, and comment on your post. each view, like, dislike and/or comment gets you money!! sign up with this link: 

when i think of yellow i think of this:

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Monday, August 19, 2013

happy and photo day 19

happy: i am happy today b/c i have been chatting it up with my love, my cousin got engaged, i have been seeing SO many cute first day of school pics, and there have been a lot of BOGO deals at Publix. wahoo! what a day! but a fairly good and happy one!

i sure have been LOST in this book series:
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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy and Photo day 18

happy: i am happy today b/c it is my love's birthday! happy b-day my love. you are now the BIG 3-0 and now can be refereed to as Mister...haha! happiness, blessings, and my continued love and support always! here is the birthday boy!!! awwww :)

for the photo challenge prompt of who you talked to guessed it! i talked to the birthday man today (see pic above). it all just worked out nicely today with what i am happy for and who i talked to today and that makes me pretty happy too!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I am back!!!

hey bloggers...did you miss me? i was gone for a while, but i am back now. i am not going to play catch up, i am just going to start from here. glad to be back. i have missed reading all of your post. here we go with the August happy blog challenge and photo of the day challenge.

here is a writing about 6 foods you should eat:

happy: i was happy today b/c i found some really great things at the dollar tree today. love that store. also i am happy b/c i sent out my love's b-day gift out today. i also got some really cute costume jewelry at buy one get one free :)

photo challenge day 14: trash

looks like some creativity with trash!

how have you all been? what was your happy today and photo today?

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy and Photo days 8-10

what i am happy about and photo challenge days 8-10. i am getting to be a slacker :( i will be out of town starting later on today on Saturday, so...not sure how much blogging i will do and looks like I will miss Sunday! boo for that and not that great internet access where i am going. curious to know...can you update your blog from your Kindle Fire or your phone? hmmm?

happy day 8: this was a thursday. i was happy b/c it was my "friday"! and the end of 10 hour work days too! also my ring i ordered came in too!

happy day 9: i got to sleep in late and since no one was home i got to watch what i wanted on tv for a bit. i forgot about how great greys anatomy was. i sure did miss that show!

day 10- today (saturday)-i am happy b/c i am going on my trip today. it is not really a pleasure trip, but hope to have some fun with it all. i am also going to take care of a bill before i leave too!

bow on to photos:

day 8: peek-a-boo

day 9: 2'oclock

day 10: beverage--drink up!

**what about you?

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 7 of Happy and Photo

day 7 of happy and photo (links in previous posts)

i am happy b/c i finally talked to my good friend Sonia (Sonia with an "I") today. it was SOOO good to hear from her. that game of phone tag is over :)

photo challenge prompt: a sign

i think this is one that we can all relate to: which one will you choose?

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 6 of happy and photo

August happy: i am happy as i resolved an issue with a friend, a client brought me in lunch from honeybakedham ( she works there), and i am closer to my goal of assisting 300 students.

August photo-prompt: something that means a lot to you:
people and their thoughts mean a lot to me. i guess that is why i enjoy blogging! share your ideas, stories, and it all. such unique people you all are. thank you for being you!

~eloquently rambling...

Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy and Photo day 5

wahoo! day 5 :) an August Happy Post: today i am happy b/c i called into my loves sports radio show and got through and did not make a fool of myself in doing so. ha! i also had veggie sushi for lunch and got 10 files done today. yep, happy girl here!

August Photo challenge: prompt=Early

i got and had an "ear;y" lunch of this:

mmmm, it was good. i could totally get another one...maybe pay day!

~eloquently rambling...

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Social

here we are again. before Sunday is up, as it is Sunday Social! link up by clicking on the pic below:

Sunday Social

1. 3 items you cannot live without on a daily basis (other than food, water, shelter, clothes)--hmmm, my phone, my wallet (although it has no money it, but it does have a credit card or two!), and some type of purse.

2. all time favorite book and why? "Their Eyes Were Watching God" by Zora Neale Hurston. i wrote a paper on this book and made an "A" in high school english class with my great comparison between her life and a "pear" tree. she wanted to have children "fruit" and also their was rape involved under the pear tree and rape and pear have the same letters in it. it was a sad story but i made it work and got the grade!

3. something you want to accomplish before the end of 2013--a better job, a graduate school, and to move out of parent's home.

4. if i could go back and re-live any year in my life what would it be?-- the time in 2009 when i met my love. it was magical!

5. what do you wish people knew about you without you telling them?--that i usually get what is said to me the FIRST time around. i really do not like having the same thing repeated to me more than twice. i know how to ask a questions if i am stuck or confused. thank you!

**what are your answers?

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